Ford’s surgery to repair Lisfranc injury


Raiders coach Dennis Allen said wide receiver Jacoby Ford’s surgery went well. He also revealed for the first time that Ford suffered the dreaded Lisfranc injury.
“It’s a hard injury to come back from,” running back Darren McFadden said.
McFadden speaks from experience. He suffered a similar injury last season and missed the final nine games.
Allen said the Raiders were hopeful of Ford recovering from the injury he suffered Aug. 17 against the Arizona Cardinals without surgery. However, his foot didn’t respond to treatment and rest as well as hoped.
“As I understand it, anyway, it’s the Lisfranc that he had last year,” Allen said. “It’s the same exact injury. They expected it to get better, and it didn’t get better, or at least it wasn’t good enough for him to do that job that he’s going to have to do. We all felt like surgery was the best option.”
Allen said Ford is going to be out for an extended period.
“They said the procedure went well,” Allen said. “And again, we’ll see how long that means.”
McFadden said he is symptathetic toward Ford, knowing full well how difficult it is recovering from the Lisfranc injury. McFadden didn’t require surgery, yet he missed more than half the season.
For those asking, McFadden’s injury happened at the Coliseum. Ford’s happened in Arizona. So, no need to blame the Coliseum playing surface.
“It’s just a good thing that he was able to go out there and catch it early,” McFadden said, “so he could be able to get it corrected and try to work on getting back.”

— Middle linebacker Rolando McClain missed practice today as a result of an ankle injury he suffered Monday night against the San Diego Chargers. Running back Taiwan Jones also missed practice. In his case, it was because of a ribs injury he suffered Monday.
“It’s not as bad as last year, but we’ll see,” McClain said, when asked if he intends to play Sunday.

— Speaking of Jones, Allen said the battle for the primary backup spot behing McFadden remains wide open between Jones and Mike Goodson.
Goodson received two carries against the Chargers. Jones became a non-factor after he fumbled the game-opening kick and mishandled a pitch from fullback Marcel Reece on a reverse.
“It’s still a battle there,” Allen said, “and it will probably be a battle throughout the remainder of the season. That’s really kind of the way we like it. Competition brings out the best in everybody.”

— Allen held out wide receiver Denarius Moore from the Chargers game in hopes of having him healthy for the long run. Sounds as if that was a prudent move, based upon the reviews Wednesday.
“He looked like Denarius of old,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “He made a couple phenomenal catches (in practice). His burst was there last week, it’s just more conditioning, really getting in practice. There’s a totally different type of shape.”
Palmer said the Raiders the the “smart” thing by holding out Moore and giving him added time to recover from the hamstring injury that forced him to miss most of training camp and all four exhibition games.
“It was a very smart move by the staff and the training guys to hold him out and let him really get his lungs right and get his game tempo, game speed right,” Palmer said. “And he’s back this week. You can tell.”
Moore made it seem as if he doesn’t have any doubt about making his 2012 debut.
“I’m very excited,” Moore said. “I’m back with my teammates. I’m ready to rock.”
Don’t count on Moore returning punts Sunday.

— The Raiders worked out the following players Wednesday morning: defensive end Brandon Bair, defensive tackles Kade Weston and Bryce Davis and long-snappers Nick Guess, Swanson Miller, Kyle Nelson, Ryan Pontbriand, Travis Tripucka and Ryan Senser.
Ultimately, the Raiders signed Bair and Guess to their practice squad.
Allen said Guess will be the long-snapper against the Dolphins on Sunday if regular long-snapper Jon Condo (concussion) is unable to play.
“We would anticipate, if (Condo) isn’t able to go, that he would come in and take that role,” Allen said of Guess, who was an undrafted rookie out of Tennessee that signed with the Chargers in the offseason.
Allen said it might be as late as Saturday before there’s any definitive word on whether Condo is healthy enough to play. Condo is being evaluated by team doctors on a daily basis, and he has to pass a series of tests before he gets cleared.
Guess watched the game Monday night and had an inkling his phone might ring Tuesday, either from the Raiders or Redskins.
“I was definitely thinking about getting a call, absolutely, because the Redskins snapper broke his arm and then this happened to Jon,” Guess said. “I was definitely hoping to get a phone call. I didn’t know. I’m a rookie, so I don’t know how this process work. After I saw the hit, I just felt bad for Jon because I know it was just like a freak accident.”

— Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said Wednesday that McFadden is the one back in the NFL today that can withstand the kind of workload that used to be commonplace for running backs in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.
Palmer said there’s a fine line and that there’s a way to be smart about how many times McFadden touches the ball in a game. Against the Chargers, McFadden rushed 15 times and caught 13 passes. He also had five other passes thrown his way.
“You don’t want to overuse him,” Palmer said. “But I would rather throw him the ball 10, 15 times than have him run the ball 35. If they’re going to let us throw it to him, that’s OK with us, and if they’re going to take him away that means somebody’s open downfield.”
McFadden said he will take whatever comes his way and that he is durable enough to hold up with a sizable workload over the course of a long season.
“I just leave it to the coaches,” McFadden said. “If my number is called upon, I’m going to go out there and run the ball or catch the ball, whatever they decide. I just leave that to the coaches and go with whatever they decide.”

— McClain and defensive tackle Tommy Kelly are from the south, so they aren’t as concerned about the heat and humidity forecast for Sunday’s game in Miami.
“It don’t really matter,” McClain said. “Tennessee my first year was like being at home. Then we played Miami last year, and it felt like home to me. It’s just hot. It’s not like you died or anything. It’s just a little sun. Drink some water, you’ll be fine.”
Palmer said Allen already has addressed the issue, instructing players on how to hydrate properly and how to deal with the conditions mentally.
“It will be a factor,” Palmer said. “Just like we use the dirt when we play on it at home as an advantage, because other guys don’t play on it, they use the heat as an advantage for them.”


Steve Corkran

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    So what do the experts think of RGIII? Well i seems that agree with me he is the wave of the future. Check this out and pay close attention to what our beloved raiders Madden and gannon have to say about him.

    One of the best points to be made here though is what dilfer says, when he points out that the redskins have taken a part of the baylor offense and married it to their playbook. This confirms a few things that i have stated here before and people tripped all over themselves arguing about it with me.

    1.) You can run a spread option based offense in the nfl. You need to adapt it to fit into your passing scheme wco, or vertical.

    2.) Spread option qbs can play in the nfl and are very difficult to stop, because of the diversity in their games and the way it opens possibility with a play book and formations. The nfl needs to stop making these guys play wr, db, and safety.

    3.)NFL do scout college offense to incorporate elements into their own offense, and also so they can figure out how to stop it on defense.


    as a matter of opinion i hope RGIII and Cam continue to have success, so we may see more of these guys make it into the nfl. I would love to see us do what carolina and washington have done with pryor. i think we could also have one of these space aged attacks.



  • Raider Riff

    DJ Johnny Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 11:26 am

    That’s right. I’ll take a win at ANY score against Miami as we could attribute not blowing them out to still getting our feet wet with this “New System”, but if we lose???

    We’re done.

    Just weird that this season could be over and we jsut started 3 days ago.


    So if we win 13-12. We have a couple fumbles. Some more dropped passes. Botched special team play. And some more stupid penalties.

    You are ok with that? You will feel comfortable going forward?

    If we are 2-0, then yeah, Im with you. But we are 0-1. Coming off a loss we should have won. In dire need of a confidence boost. We need a Cable-Denver-59pt special in the worst way.

  • DJ Johnny Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 11:22 am

    A 5 yd. pass to a receiver who has someone draped all over him on a 3rd and 9 does not give us a chance at success.
    That’s pretty much my concern in a nutshell. And, I don’t think that kind of play-calling from Knapp is going to change.

  • DMAC

    RGIII is the truth, but people should get off his nutz, unless your a Skins fan.

  • Palmer had 46 pass attempts, 2 were over 20yds. None completed.

  • goldenstate

    I want my Running back to lead the NFL in rushing yards not Receptions. 15 carries is not going to cut it. Toltal rushing attempts for the night 18. What a joke!

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Jerry jones on RGIII shaking in his boots

    “well, I was very impressed,” Jones said on 105.3 [KRLD-FM] The Fan’s New School show. “He certainly showed a lot of poise. They had him game-planned really well to do the kinds of things that he does good. His athletic ability, his speed, all of that is something that I don’t look forward to the Cowboys competing against for a lot of years.”

  • Marks hair

    I dont think da hires knapp if he had job earlier in the yr.. next yr he’s gone

  • raiderinparadise

    @ Raider Riff

    Hey look, I agree with the Streater fumble, the FG on the 1yd line before half, taiwans fumble off his face and blocked punt, TK’s offsides …. game changing plays …. I was there, it was painful.

    You can also thro win the Bartell injury and Pat Lee, i guess he held his own, but that was an issure too.

    These are all excuses and execution errors.

    I just really can’t understand DMC’s 2.2 a carry … 15 carries is a solid amount of touches … the ZBS is a touchy subject with me, thats all.

  • Marks hair

    Redskins talk? Every day….? Why come to a raider blog?

  • Raider Riff

    KoolKell Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 11:37 am
    Palmer had 46 pass attempts, 2 were over 20yds. None completed.


    Credit SanDiusky’s scheme for that one.

    And the two dropped passes that were perfect throws.

    And the fact that despite the fact that the underneath throws were there, the OLine couldnt hold up long enough for us to get in a rythmn to cause SD to bring their safeties in.

    Not Knapps fault.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    I want the playbook reworked to marry in some of the spread option game tailored for pryor. I dont care if its the clemson version, the baylor version, or even toledo just get it here now!!!!

    This offense matched with the speed we have on offense would be nealry unstoppable. we certainly have more team speed than the redskins and carolina is close. By the way did any one catch louis murphy hauling in a 51 yard bomb from newton?

    This is where we need to go, and i hope either knapp does it or we get the guy that will do it. So far i am really unimpressed with our limited version of the offense, and the square pegs trying to run it. This is a 199os version of the wco….yawn

  • Marks hair

    Riff. The point to a fire sale is to get worse. To get the top pick a couple of yrs in a row.. and to collect as many other picks as you can. As i said its all about a franchise qb and a passrush..

  • DMAC

    I forgot the long pass attempt to Streater. CP3 made a nice throw and Streater dropped it.

  • DMAC

    Gotta run peoples
    Go A’s!
    Go Dubs!
    Go Cal Bears! (fire Tedford)
    Go Raiders!

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Tampa bay has also followed the trend and their offense to some spread option game. The difference is there passing game is a vertical seam heavy attack, reminiscent of norv turner. They look to run down hill with power blocking then throw it deep on the outside or in the seams. The spread looks held the defense for a second and created giant passing lanes and seams in the defense. freemans underrated athleticism is enough to command respect when he uses play action. He owned carolinas defense and looked like a reborn player returning to form from a year ago. Biggest improvement eliminating the throws from his back foot and stepping up into the pocket.

  • DutchRaider77

    @Raider Riff
    You weren’t disappointed that Reece wasn’t more involved in the passing game? Heck with all the receivers down, I wouldn’t minded seeing DMAC, Reece and the Beer Truck (for blocking) all on the field at the same time…

  • raiderinparadise

    I flew all the way from Hawaii and used up all my miles to watch a loss, guess thats the pain i feel.

  • AmysInCharge

    Miami 34
    Oakland 6

    The Raiders without doubt will be 0-4 at the bye, and you can bet it wont be Palmer starting the Falcons game,…When the Raiders head to LA you can bet the new majority owners wont keep that big dummy Reggie around. When you look at it the way I do, going 1-15 isnt so bad. I see nothing wrong with supporting the Niners, I am a huge Harbaugh fan and I hope they win it all this year, and I see no reason why they wont, they are easily the best team in the NFL…so join me, support Harbaugh, its real football over there, not what the Raiders are doing, which is laying down. Having lunch today in a cool spot in Placerville, Cosmic Cafe,…take care now.