Raiders eyeing long-snapper


Travis Tripucka just Tweeted that he is headed to Oakland, presumably for a workout as a potential replacement for injured long-snapper Jon Condo.
“Oakland California, here I come!” Tripucka said in a Tweet. “Another opportunity. Couldn’t be happier! Raider Nation better be ready for the lunchmeat.”
The Raiders practice Wednesday begins at 11:10. The team has not released any information about Tripucka on whether he is working out today or if he signed a contract.
Tripucka, the son of former Notre Dame star basketball player Kelly Tripucka, spent time with the St. Louis Rams during the offseason after being wooed there by former Raiders special teams coach John Fassel.
Condo suffered a concussion Monday night against the San Diego Chargers. He won’t be able to play this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins unless he passes a series of tests and gets cleared by team doctros.
Tripucka played at the University of Massachusetts. He was waived by the Rams on Aug. 27.


Steve Corkran

  • purvisman

    Steve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL
    Denarius Moore is practicing. Coach Allen said he is very hopeful that Moore will play Sunday. ///////////Aren’t we all.

  • Grrrrrrr

    DJ Johnny Says:
    September 12th, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    You guys say “rebuilding” to exempt Reggie from any responsibility if the 8-8 team he took over does not do anything this yr.

    Shoot, he’s got a free pass w/ u guys.

    Does it make u feel better to say we’re “rebuilding” cuz it eases the sting of losing?

    Why is everyone so quick to absolve the new regime from any responsibility of taking this team to the playoffs when they were so close last yr.?

    Must be nice for Reggie to not have to worry about any expectations from the fan base.

    “Awww Reggie, we understand…Al Davis left you with such a mess with those 2 consecutive 8-8 seasons. After all, you had to get rid of a few unproductive players and all. Yeah we know you still have the best running back in the league and your all pro DE and MOST ALL of the same starters who were a defensive stop away from the division…We feel for you Reg. Al Davis left you with nothing but crap. You don’t have to worry about us giving you any pressure”.

    Where was all the understanding when Hue Jackson as 1st yr. head coach had his QB go down as well as his best player and top receivers…and was left with a crappy DC that he did not have the luxury of choosing, and yet he STILL managed 8-8?

    “It’s ok Reggie..you are rebuilding that horrific mess of a team”.

    Yeah, what a “mess” he’s inherited.

    Reggie loves u guys cuz u don’t expect schytt from him.
    You’re not really inheriting an 8-8 team if you have to cut several of your best players to get under the cap. Routt and Wimbley aren’t pro bowl players, but they were top10 on the Raiders. Hue managed 8-8 partially because the division was incredibly weak last year (Also because he is a very good OC).

    As much as I love them, this team has two very good kickers, one great RB who is often injured, a couple of above average starters and absolutely no depth at most positions (e.g. QB, RB, OL, TE, LB, CB). Added to that are first-time HC and DC, and a journeyman OC (although I think Knapp takes more criticism than he deserves).

    Frankly, I think the team needs to be blown up. I’d trade anyone over 25 for picks and start fresh… BTW, why do think every new player is on a 1y deal?