McClain back at practice, Huff still at CB


The Raiders received some much-needed positive news, and they received it in the form of middle linebacker Rolando McClain returning to practice today.
McClain suffered a concussion against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. He missed practice Wednesday. At this rate, it appears as if McClain is in line to start against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday.
If McClain suffers a relapse, it’s likely that Travis Goethel would start in middle, flanked by Miles Burris and Philip Wheeler.

— Cornerback Coye Francies also is practicing today. He, too, suffered a concussion against the Dolphins and was prohibited from a return until he passed the concussion-related tests.
Francies is one a handful of backups in line for some playing time in certain situations, given injuries to starters Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer — Bartell is on short-term injured reserve, Spencer is out with an injured right foot.

— Right offensive tackle Khalif Barnes also is not practicing today. He still is nursing a sore groing that he injured against the Dolphins.
Willie Smith worked at Barnes’ spot, and he is expected to start against the Steelers. Smith started three games for the Washington Redskins last season.

— Michael Huff is taking some reps at cornerback in practice again today. It’s looking more and more likely that Huff will see considerable time at cornerback Sunday, perhaps the most he has played at any point during his seven-year Raiders career.
Makes sense, given Huff has experience at the position, in college and on occasion with the Raiders. It should be interesting to see how he holds up against top-flight receivers such as Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.
If Huff plays cornerback, look for Matt Giordano to slide into Huff’s free safety spot. Giordano played quite a bit of safety for the Raiders last season, and he played well most of the time.

— Still no official word from the Raiders on whether Sunday’s game is sold out. All indications are that the game is sold out, based on the difficulty of fans finding tickets on-line and through ticket brokers.


Steve Corkran

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  • I think a lot of the dumbass trolls, are attracted to the costume images they see of Raider fans on TV. Because they definitely aren’t football fans.

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  • shutdown

    Re: McClain

    Pardon me, but I can’t get any enthusiasm worked up over McClain’s return. Even though he may be better than whoever else we have to replace him, he simply reminds me yet again of the first round blunders of Al Davis over the years. What a sorry excuse for a judge of talent Al became over the last couple of decades. I don’t say that with glee, but I know his stubbornness was the cause–he WANTED to pick people others might have expressed concerns about as first rounders so that IF they succeeded, he could gloat. (and no, I don’t want to hear that everyone thought Jamarcus should have been our number one because they didn’t–oh, yeah, the ESPNers of the world, the media meisters, maybe, but behind the scenes people tried to “educate” Al that Jamarcus was not pro-ready, that he was indeed a physical specimen of the sandlot variety.