Barksdale spotted walking to his car

Beat writer Jerry McDonald spotted offensive tackle Joseph Barksdale carrying several items to his car while I was on the practice field a few minutes ago.
Word of this sight came a few minutes after a Raiders spokesman said Barksdale still is on the Raiders 53-man roster, even though a report Tuesday night said the Raiders waived Barksdale.
It’s possible that the Raiders simply are waiting until later this afternoon to make the move official, thereby pushing back the window for when teams can claim Barksdale off waivers.
Either way, we should know more this afternoon.
What is certain is, wide receiver Tori Gurley is with the Raiders, and he is practicing today. The Raiders signed him to their practice squad earlier today.
Gurley is wearing No. 19. The Raiders now have access to Gurley and Travionte Session on their practice squad if they need immediate help at receiver.

— Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey (concussion, neck strain), right offensive tackle Khalif Barnes (groin), cornerback Shawntae Spencer (foot) and defensive tackle Richard Seymour (knee) are not practicing today.
It remains uncertain whether Heyward-Bey, Barned and Spencer will be able to return from their injuries in time for Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.
Seymour likely is being given the day off to rest his chronically sore knee.

— Tight end Brandon Myers is practicing today, only three days after he suffered a concussion against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
That makes sense, given coach Dennis Allen said Monday that seemed to be doing well on the heels of receiving a helmet-to-helmet hit at the end of a reception.
No word yet on whether Myers has passed the league-mandated tests for players that receive a concussion. However, it appears as if Myers is well on his way to recovering in time to play against the Broncos.

— Wide receivers Juron Criner (ankle) and Rod Streater (eye) are practicing at what appears to be full strength.
That’s good news for the Raiders, with Heyward-Bey a long-shot to make it back in time for the Broncos game.
Criner wasn’t active for the Steelers game. Streater got poked in the eye.


Steve Corkran

  • Marks hair

    This should help. Im sure tarvers been campaigning for Carter.. he knows how to use him.

  • backstageatapuppetshow

    Do you guys think Reggie plays CHESS?


  • DJ Johnny

    110.PurpleDrank81 Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:18 pm
    Actually I’ve heard Mike Silver does post on this blog and you are correct that National Writers do know of this blog… I actually had a Twitter conversation with Rich Eisen and he new all about this blog

    Did he ask about Beeech Dawg?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Great signing, how many posts on this post, before cork or mcd posts re carter signed?

  • Raider Riff

    Nyraider Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:28 pm
    L.A. Raider Dave Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:18 pm
    @ nyraider
    If Plax is a no brainer, why have 31 other teams passed on him. No, lets not let our youth develope, lets go get this has been name you recognize. You think we should be desperate enough to sign a fool dumb enough to tuck a gun into his sweatpants and shoot himself. Just what the Raiders need, more idiot players. Your the NO BRAINER.
    streater is an undrafted rookie FA which means every gm passed on him too. yet he started for us. Based on your logic your calling management/coaches idiots. Criner is a late round draft pick, which means all gms passed on him in the early rounds. Plax catched Tds, yep he had 8 of them just last yr, something no raider has done since 2005. i get the concern about attitude but he isnt a long term investment and can help us this year, especially in the red zone.


    Plax is an insurance risk.

    It’s not that he cant play, its just that the insurance and pension costs of a player of his age and baggage is really high. Thats why teams move on from the older guys like Plax and TO even though they can contribute. And it is also why teams will usually get rid of most players before they reach their 4th year. Pensions kick in.

    This is a little known factor that most fans overlook when wondering why teams go young.

    The fact is, most teams would benefit from having more vets on the team. From a football standpoint, a ton of 1st thru 3rd year players are a liability compared to a vet team. But a vet team is expensive. And its why making it to that 4th season is so important. Once you do that, its a lot easier to stick around.

  • PurpleDrank81

    Eisen is Beeech Dawg….. Lol actually there both pretty goofy so I could see itr

  • omoran

    When REGGIE open the RAIDER’s offices, the COMPUTERS are Trembling and the lights turn ON and OFF!

  • Marks hair

    Hurray for REGGO -He is Fu##ing the first new born

    I dont know what this is, but it feels nice….

  • DennisAllensVisor

    Id expect Clayton to be the cut when Curry comes off the PUP.

  • elraidmanhattan

    Reggie tweaking team best he can in season limited but just juggling and checking players that could possibly help. It is not like he is dumping starters. I like it, get as many looks as possible.

  • Raider Riff

    Alex7 Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    do you disagree or just not understand that many (including our gm, likely) feel the Raiders aren’t trying to “win now” but instead “evaluate/build long-term”?


    I disagree. I have it on a most certain source that Reggie thinks this team can go deep this year.

  • DennisAllensVisor

    If we can hold the fort down until Curry, Bartell & Spencer get healthy we might be in good position to make a run.

  • MiamiRaider78

    omoran Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    When REGGIE open the RAIDER’s offices, the COMPUTERS are Trembling and the lights turn ON and OFF!

    Floppy disk computers


  • RaiderRetribution

    We’ve had no pass rush vs mediocre OLines at best all three weeks.

  • alex7

    have I not paid enough attention to that position, or has Shaughnessy not done anything worthwhile all season?

  • DennisAllensVisor

    Tollefson might look better in a limited role.

    Been a dud so far.

  • elraidmanhattan

    Team can win the division, this is clear it is up for grabs, not one team stands out from the rest, if we can just have the necessary cohesiveness we can be good, I think the coach inspires.

  • nyraider

    Alex7 Says:
    September 26th, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    do you disagree or just not understand that many (including our gm, likely) feel the Raiders aren’t trying to “win now” but instead “evaluate/build long-term”?
    i feel Reggie wont hurt the team LONG TERM. It doesnt mean he cant bring in help in the short term , especially with Ford and DHB on the shelf. Plax may hinder streaters development, but who cares? Streater isnt the future.Look at the numbers louis murphy put up rookie year, its one thing if he drafted a WR in the 1st round and then brought in Plax. Why bring in Andre Carter then? lets have a young guy from the practice squad get his time based on your logic.
    Plax would be a short term fix that has no negatives long term unless you think streater and criner are the next Rice and Clark.

  • omoran

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  • omoran

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  • HueKnewButHisEgoGrew

    Just found this article some chick wrote about last Sunday’s game. Sounds like she had a good time.