Halftime: Broncos 10, Raiders 6


Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 24-yard field goal with 22 seconds left in the half as the Raiders capitalized on a horrific decision by the Broncos and went into halftime trailing by only four points.

The Broncos wasted a scoring opportunity on an ill-advised fake out of field goal formation on fourth-and-1 from the Oakland 36-yard line.

Coming as it did when Manning was 17 of 22 for 196 yards and Willis McGahee was gaining yards on the ground, the idea of having Matt Prater take a pitch from the holder and throw a pass was over-thinking at its best _ or worst.

Oakland took possession, and with Carson Palmer hitting Denarius Moore with a 37-yard pass into Denver 13, had a chance to tie the score.

The Raiders could not make Denver pay in full, however, getting to the 6-yard line with a third-and-3, a drive that ended when Palmer threw incomplete to David Ausberry at the goal line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • fingers

    It’s gonna be a long 2 weeks… Season….

  • JB

    Manning is simply running a seminar here on how to do it right.

  • Marks hair

    Nothing like cutting a good oline and running back just for “knapp” the great oc…..

  • DJ Johnny

    This is such a joke…I can’t believe we could be THIS bad.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Denver would be smart to pull Peyton right now, because if he remains in the game and i’m Tarver … i’m sending players to tee off on him!

    #nothing to lose

  • Marks hair

    This is knapps last oc job… figure it out dummies…

  • morilla

    Not blaming the loss on 55. Just saying he sucks.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Clear out TK and Seymour’s contracts and that’s almost $20MM in cap space right there….plus Wimbley and Routts contracts…..thats another 15 to 20MM

    Probably Lechler’s too…another 4MM

    Raiders will have a 1st round draft and most of the rest of their picks.

    They will have the ammunition to fix the o-line, find a situational pass rusher, get a linebacker and beef up the D-Line.

  • AmysInCharge

    Wannabe Rocker,…nobody on the Faiders knows how to tee off. #TheNinersDo

  • fingers

    Nobody within 7 yrds of decker

  • RaiderRockstar

    Willis breaks 100

  • J Hill

    What’s clear to me is that the o-line, as its constructed today, can’t run this model.


    Oline is a mess.

    RT spot, LG, and RG.

    Scheme my arsse!

    Now the defensive “scheme” is terrible. This soft zone is giving up WAY too many points.

  • IH1978

    GM Reggie reminds of the big black dummy in the Green Mile

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post

  • DJ Johnny Says:
    September 30th, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    This is such a joke…I can’t believe we could be THIS bad.
    Pat Lee and Michael Huff are our starting CBs. Yeah, we could be that bad.

  • DJ Johnny

    Only reason i’m still watching is to see if we hold em under 50 pts.

  • RaidingTexas

    AmysInCharge Says:

    Oh wait one more thing,..you all happy with the GM you been pining away for?…LMAO…Big Dummy Reggie,..LMAO


    You’re an example of why women need to stay the fk out of football. Overreacting b!tch. He’s got four games under his belt. Go get overly emotional over a soap opera or a bieber song, you stoopid hoore.

  • IH1978

    All on the defense today. They suck huge cok. Cal offense could put 30 on them

  • AmysInCharge

    Post 313…I think youre thinking of old Kell. 😉

  • 0ak r8rs

    Seeing why Hanson got cut. Apparently Reggie didn’t realize he could do anything except cover a d@mned receiver. Another great pick up off the scrap heap.

    I wouldn’t care as much if this was advertised as a gutting and a rebuild. The only hit was when Reggie opted for the 85% black out rule. I was nervous when that happened, showed a lack of confidence in the team, even tho nobody was coming out and saying it. At least if I knew we were gonna suck, as usual, it would have been easier to take. Now I gotta take sh!t from everyone I know for the embarrassment of being a raider fan. At least when we knew we were gonna be pathetic they would leave me the hell alone.

    I’m ashamed to be a raider fan. I’ll still sit here every week and watch this mess, like I have for the last 20 essentially wasted years. But this team just makes me wanna puke. They r such a humiliation. I used to be able to say ” well at least I’m not a Jacksonville fan or a brown fan”. Not anymore. We r the worst team in the NFL and maybe Division 1 NCAA as well. We might be able to compete in D2. As long as we don’t have to travel to the east coast……………

  • VaRaiderNation

    well Nation, no coverage, no pass rush, no halftime adjustments, dmac bottled up, FCK THIS, im going to get drunk. Obviously s lot of this falls on our coaches for this, but bottom line, our players have to EXECUTE. There will be some on here who will be happy about this…my one and only response to you trolls…FCK YOU, eat sh!t and die. Our day is coming Nation, just apparently not this season. To all my TRUE Raider fans. Keep the faith, wear your Silver and Black with pride no matter what, I know I will. I’m out Nation, cant watch another second of this disaster.

  • DJ Johnny

    I knew there was a reason I was nervous about this game.

    We ARE the orst teamin the league.
    I’m still a fan..always will be, but rght now I wishwe could just quit the season.

    This might get so ugly we end up being one of the worst in league history…and i hate to see that.

  • r8eray

    They need to get Palmer out the game!!!

    The game is OVER!

  • IH1978

    Every piece of the Raiders team licks monkey balls except Seabass, and he’ll probably beat the $ht out of some hoe or get a DWI next week

  • Dwaiders

    It’s real freakin simple people. This coaching staff sucks reeeeeeal bad. You can’t go from the way they played last year with that coaching staff to the way there playing now without something going wrong in a major way. That thing is coaching mark Davis screwed up big time. No matter how much y’all hated hue this team was coached way better and i mean way better last year that is a fact. This is pretty much the same damn team. What really bothers me is the locker room there is no pride I wish there was some fighting going on people calling people out but there’s not its the same every loss that bothers me it shows no one cares. It’s been said 100 times how can these guys call themselves nfl players. One major question where’s the pride the f-ing pride anyone someone.

  • the largest margin of victory over us since 1962 in 50 years!

    This is like the Art Shell era when you start breaking these kind of records!

  • PlunkforHOF

    OUR DEFENSE SUCKS!!!! Not a SINGLE PUNT?…. Humiliating.