Palmer’s take on where Raiders stand entering bye


Here’s what quarterback Carson Palmer had to say about where the Raiders stand through four games, what they got accomplished in practice this week, what lies ahead during the bye and the other issues surrounding the team:

Q: Bye week, what accomplished and how get back on track?
Palmer: A lot. Obviously, with the issues we’ve had on third down, we went back through ‘em, watched ‘em all multiple times. Repped ‘em in walkthroughs, repped ‘em in practice, against our defense, against the looks we saw in games. Now that I think about it, these last two days was a ton of red zone, a ton of third down, so it’s been good. It’s good to have this chance, this early to kind of do a self-scout, self-evaluation to look at why, and it’s really frustrating to watch on film because we’re just an inch off here and an inch off there and we had three third downs where we were a half-yard short. And it’s just execution, knowing the play so well that you just react.

Q: Execution in the games, one thing to watch it and rep it, another thing to do it in games. .
Palmer: Rep it and rep it and rep it. There’s a couple of times where we’re not thinking too much and not reacting on what we’re coached to do in that situation. When you’re in a new offense and it’s new guys and a couple of rookies in some spots, it’s really good to have this opportunity this early as opposed to having a bye week in Week 8 or 9 where most of the season has kind of passed you up. It’s so early we had a chance to really look at it and understand why we didn’t stay on the field. We put our defense in a tough position, why we went three-and-out and why we lost the time of possession in games and the coach did a really good job of illustrating the statistics of it. This is what happens when you go three-and-out and you don’t get a first down, you put the opposing offense in a better field position situation, just kind of going over all those little situations, so it’s been really good to get everybody on the same page and see why certain things we do well work and why certain things that we didn’t do well didn’t work and how we can make adjustments. It’s been a good week.

Q: What’s the morale like in the locker room?
Palmer: It was a good bye week. A lot of times bye week can come. It’s so far into the season that you just need a break. I don’t feel like guys think we need a break. We’re frustrated that we are where we are because of the way we’ve executed and we were all talking and we were in the team meeting, this is a week to get better, there are meetings to get better, workouts, these practices are a chance to get better. I really feel like we got a lot of accomplished this week. We focused so much on third down, we will be better, and offensively, we’re going to keep our defense fresher and keep them off the field. I think we’ve ironed on some things we’ve don’t do well and some things we do well and we’ll do those more often.

Q: Depart four days, what is the message imparted by coaches . . .
Palmer: It’s not four off days. That’s something you’ve really got to relay to young guys. You’re don’t just sit on the couch and watch TV. Everybody’s taking home film, I know I’ve got a bunch of stuff stuff on my computer I need to watch and even young guys are taking home film of not just (inaudubile) but their own plays, balls thrown, runs run their way. It’s a chance to get some rest physically, but not mentally. That’s something coach really emphasized. You can go one of two ways, you can say, screw it I’m going to Vegas and party for four days, and that’s not what this team is about. Most of these guys are sticking around, are going to come in and work out. A couple of guys are going to see family, but guys are taking stuff home, guys are taking playbooks home. It’s not like, we’re not in a situation where guys are flying to the airport to leave in 10 minutes. Guys understand we’ve got a lot of football left and it’s not time just to relax, it’s time to get healthy but continue to work, to work out and stay in shape and be ready to go on Monday.

Q: Coaches can’t coach you during the break, but can you reach out to players, will you be in contact with them . .
Palmer: Yeah, for the most part in this locker room, guys, we’re co workers, but guys are friends. Guys will be in here working out. A couple of guys are going to an obligation they have in L.A., but there’s a place to work out, they’re working out in L.A., but yeah, we’ll all be in communication.

Q: Lack of deep pass plays . . .
Palmer: there’s not a cause for it. There’s reasons to be more attacking in that in that sense and we’ve talked about that. We’ve played two division games, two opportunities to look at those films and see, maybe we’ll do a little but more of this, the next time we play the Chargers or this next time we play Denver, but we are going to be more aggressive. It’s something that we definitely addressed, taking more shots downfield.”


Steve Corkran

  • Raider guy

    That is why you cut him. No more scholarships for half ass effort players. I wish he was traded before the year started.

  • Raider guy

    Remember the giants were so high on hi draft day…too bad we didn’t do a draft and trade…we could have gotten some pretty good d talent for that bum.

  • Raider guy

    Him, not hi.

  • blackandsilverside

    Raiders signed Rolando McClain signed to a five-year, $40 million contract, including a $23 million signing bonus.

    There you have it. Possibly Raiders want to recoup some of that money. However, I am sure RO ranks 2nd biggest draft bust in the Raiders history: $23M guaranteed.

    AD (BIH) Burn in Hell!!

  • Raider guy

    254 I bet ur right. Reggie didn’t want to eat the money this year with all the salary stuff and he is better than any alternatives. Which isn’t saying much for the alternatives. God just sit him. Maybe it will light a fire.

  • blackandsilverside

    DJ Johnny Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 11:22 pm
    They were saying on espn radio today that 78 % of nfl players are basically broke after being out of the league 3 yrs. 78 %.

    Where do you think McClain is gonna be when NO TEAM gives him the big SECOND contract that the good players get that helps to solidify their future financial position?

    Hope McClain will blow all his money by the time he is out of football (which will be when the Raiders release him). Then he’ll live in an old RV underneath an underpass.

    Maybe he’ll get a few more concussions and put himself out of his misery. Or maybe he’ll get shanked in prison in Alabama.

  • blackandsilverside

    A duece so big you’da thunk it come from outter space.

    222.DJ Johnny Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    I’m hoping DA is gonna be ticked off about getting humiliated against his old team and he’s probably ticked about being compared to Hue Jackson…unfavorably… and his pride and ego are damaged.

    He’s gonna take control now. He’s doesn’t want this to get out of control and have us get beat by 30 pts. every week. He doesn’t wanna go down as the guy who ruined DMAC.

    We’ll see what happens, but i’m hoping he’s gonna do whatever he can to get the offense rolling now and make bold moves (like bench McClain) on defense.

    That’s my prediction.

    Hope it’s DJ, but I don’t see DA having the intelligence to take such action.

    AD (BIH)

  • blackandsilverside

    Hope it’s happens*** DJ……..

  • Raider guy

    Ad…master of the terrible contracts. Already Reggie is running circles around the old man in that regard. Phil wheeler? A bargain. One year contracts to prove yourself as we rebuild? Brilliant. Haven’t been too impressed with branch, but they locked him up for under the going rate…al wouldn’t have. He would have been locked up, but at a tommy kelly rate that makes the raiders look stupid and costs us flexibility, players and wins down the road…javon walker, kameron wimbley, Larry brown, that strong safety from the giants who I can’t remember, randy moss, dude. As I type, this team has been a mess. Look at our drafts! We have done pretty piss poor in the early rounds when you get the playmakers that we were all trying to think of who could start on the niners. God. Now I am all fired up and I gotta go to bed. Thanks for the conversation you guys.

  • blackandsilverside

    Raider Guy,

    There is only one thing to say:

    AD (BIH)

  • BabySlash

    Strange that the Raiders of the last many years (no matter who the coach is) come out tired and flat in the second half of games and ALWAYS get crushed when coming back after a bye week. Fishy !

  • BabySlash

    One guy we are missing is Curry. He plays hard all the time and tries to crush people. He blew coverage but set the edge and blew people up and went hard. We miss that guy

  • GG

    I dont think RM/DA have the balls to cut McClain. They’ll instead wait till his appeal gets overturned, and/or Goodell suspends him. Then they’ll make the move to release him. That way they can’t be blamed for anything….except allowing a season to go to waste thru lacking balls and creativity.

  • GG

    ^ I meant lack the balls to even bench McClain.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    there you guys go again with this change (bench mcclain) krapp, this is change = da, tarver, reggie and krappy….what has change gotten us?

  • RunN2DaNite83

    The Raiders are the most penalized team in the league for many years, now……. [undisciplined, poor coaching, terrible character], hell no. The league and owners want money, and boring first down football, in a ground attack goes against the business model.

    Al knew this and forced the 60’s -70’s run game down its capitalistic throat, and a backlash of penalties were the result. Oh look….. Rich Gannon, Rice, Brown, ((((The B.O.M.B.))))), yea……Al’s giving in, Al’s giving in, let them get to the dance, our business model is now proven, the league is now fully integrated with the pass and now forecasted long-term investments (Pat’s) can be materialized (cheating at the highest degree), and the revenues can pile in.

  • RunN2DaNite83

    Now guess who’s coming to dinner, you guessed it a Raiders dismantling, and forecasts of Brady ball with little scat backs out the backfield, or in the slot catching 2 yard passed, and a running game on kickoffs and punt returns.

    Capitalism, you have to love it! Al hated it……and said F@@@ the league that (HE PUT ON THE MAP), not the punk A@@ Cheese farts in ICELAND [For dummies, reference Packers].

    We now are living in a World without Al, and his 4th of July BALL BUSTING. This last decade was not about wining Raider Nation, it was about telling the League and the bull crap to go take a flying @@@k!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Remember when Branch referenced the heat he was taking and you and I openly questioned where he could have been getting that from?

    RRS and I were the ONLY ones screaming about how bad this guy has been.

    He’s literally been terrible since opening day in Tenn.


    Jhill is correct. Branch sucks

    I was told that I must not be watching the games. that Reggie & Dennis are smarter than me. that every major sports website had Branch listed as a Top 10 SS in the league. that he’s worth every penny and should be locked up for the next 5-6 years. I was called names and had my Raider loyalty questionned.

    Tyvon Branch = Gibril Wilson

    Mike Mitchell would be the same player, if given the same opportunity. would cost a lot less

    no more scholarships!!

  • RaiderDanny

    Seymour,Branch,Huff,all Corners, Knapp, OL Coach, Hofman! Should all be shown the door without thought!after this. Season

  • RaiderRockstar

    Attn: AM Crew

    Well gents, I didn’t get the Supervisor job. The Prez gave it to the director of operations, then will hire an assistant to take over a few of his old tasks so that he isn’t overwhelmed doing 2 jobs

    sucks, because i’m very qualified for the job and now i’m basically training my new boss. ugh!

    I got a raise though and a brand new computer as consolation prizes

    I’ve only been with the company 4 years and the other guy has been for 12 years. Plus he’s so far up the Prez’s butt it’s not funny. I’m not a brown-noser like him. I just do my job and go home

    Should be interesting now, having a d-bag as my direct Supervisor who got the job I wanted. Pray 4 Me

  • AmysInCharge

    Ok I gots ta gets to Mont Bleu here kids, long day at the book,..major MLB party there today, A`s and Giants fans blowin up the place…(oops, sorry Harveys)…anyways, if any of you shut-ins can make it past the front door without going into a full on panic head up to Tahoe, Mont Bleu,…watch some playoffs and make some easy money!!! (Take both our teams)…ok, must we have to mention those losers since it is a loser Raider blog?…ok, easily the worst, SOFTEST, team in the league…my advice to all of you, take a couple years off from the Raiders, after that they will be back in LA and you will say goodbye to them forever,…prob solved,…start slowly getting into awesome Niner football, damn near every Sunday will be a win, couple more Superbowls to add to their 5 are coming soon, life will be good again…ok?…hey come see me at Mont Bleu!! 😉

  • AmysInCharge

    WannabeRocker,..there are solutions you know,..you can slowly poison him and nobody will ever know,…undetectable,…he will be gone in like 4 months, then you get that promotion,..happens all the time,..people just think they got a form of cancer,…take care. And good luck.

  • AmysInCharge

    MY FINAL THOUGHTS on my way out the door,..Palmer was washed up 5 years ago,…there isnt one single player on the Raiders that any other team would claim, including DMC,…the Raiders will go 2-12 this year,…nobodys getting fired, not even next year,…Knapp will be here next year too,…as I said, I know for a fact it doesnt matter,..matter of fact, losses and half empty stadiums will be welcomed by Mark,..hes doing exactly what Lew is doing,..both leaving,..even if Oakland builds them a brand new house they would not accept it,..they both want as far from the Oakland city limits as possible,..and they will in fact both get their wish,…San Jose and LA,…matter of time,…sometimes in life you have to make a statement, make national news,…thats what yours truly is working on,…stay tuned. 😉 CYA!

  • AmysInCharge

    Thatwasnt a misprint, 2-12,..Oakland forfeits the final two games. Mont Bleu, Go A`s!

  • Raiders for life

    I’ve only been with the company 4 years and the other guy has been for 12 years. Plus he’s so far up the Prez’s butt it’s not funny. I’m not a brown-noser like him. I just do my job and go home


    LOL RRS, if you’re not kissin azz then forget it. Most companies want a “yes” man. At my former job of 12 years the new director had fired or ran off every original member of management. Brought in folks that he knew would just agree with him. sad

  • jesusraiderjim


    Your a solid dude and things will work out eventually. A raise and a new lap top aint too bad LOL. Just keep pluggin away and contributibg your most excellent RAIDER posts.Good things happen to good people and Karma will come around your way sooner than later.

  • backstageatapuppetshow

    “Like I said we ended up 8-8, we didn’t make the playoffs, injuries were a key part of that, but that’s not where we want to be” -Mark Davis-


  • mcfadden20.

    I’m with everyone on here , the Raiders need to find a new MLB after the season, I’m actually not going to blame McClain’s talent or lack of talent for his lackluster play, I just think his medical condition he has does not let him play like he wants to … just an unfortunate thing… or maybe the guy needs to be in 3-4 permanently.. IDK what’s the deal but we need a new MLB, who’s a pyscho on the field and is pissed off after giving up every big play

  • jimmyball12

    Good afternoon nation from here in South Eastern PA.
    1. Can somebody tell me the post ^^above mentioning us turning down a trade (Moss for Rodgers) is false and I can put down the gun?
    2. Hows everybody doing?
    3. Who here besides me thinks we can beat ATL?
    4. Finally, guys..Ok..I loved hugh jackson ok? I firmly believed we shoulda kept him and tried to get perry fewel from NY as DC..THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING..Yes..IMO we started rebuilding in 2010 (for short term). But hell, were here, were 1-3 at the BYE. It’s been worse, we should be used to that by now. But fellas, we gotta hold our heads up boys!! Season aint over!! Lets get it goin!

  • jimmyball12

    And hey, maybe Reggi and DA sprinkle a lil sugar on it this week ya know?? They wana win too guys..

  • RR,

    So are you going to post more during the week? I think you should. lol
    I hate working in such an environment. Dumb/ a$$hole boss, you have to kiss a$$ to get promoted, production is not as important as doing it their dumb unproductive way, and management would rather hire a kissa$$ over a productive employee.
    Good luck and God Bless. You are in my prayers.

  • mcfadden20.

    I just think Reg too a little too much time getting a Head Coach and that head coach did not have many good available choices for a DC or OC .. I think Tarver has some potential and this D will take some time to learn all the multiple things they want to do on that side and with some better corners and little better pass rush , we should be fine on that side… n i really think we have turned the corner on RUN D.. yeah i know we were absolutely abused on the ground for 2 games but i think we’re a good run D.. it’s the pass D that’s hurting us but we will be fine with Spencer and Bartel back and hopefully Carter and So’oto guy along with return of A. CUrry can provide some pass rush in critical situations

  • mcfadden20.

    COntinued from the last post

    I just gotta add that, i can’t imagine G Knapp being DA’s first choice for an OC position … i think by the time he was hired a lot of good available coordinators were already gone … I just can’t get the logic in hiring him, Maybe it was to limit Palmer’s TO problems? which seem to work , but can’t find any other positive in it .. Maybe with more time we may start Blocking better in Run and Pass protect better… maybe the play calls suck because.. we had 2 rookies starting and 1 guy who was just picked up 3 weeks ago and one of them was starting opposite D..Moore .. so combining that along with no Pass Blocking and no RUN Blocking .. it was a disaster on the field .. Just hope we can do all the fundamental things better and hopefully we can have both DHB and MOORE starting rest of the year .. we can’t really afford to have either of them out every other week because there is not much Depth behind them

  • RaiderDanny

    Backstage! Thats exactly what was on my mind right now!

  • RaiderDanny

    I think reggie is safe thru next year! Some Coaching changes! DA will stay! A fire sale of players! A full draft except 2nd rd pick! More UFAs. And see where we are! We need better COACHING on offense and more PLAYERS on defense! We will get what we want in the end!

  • RaiderDanny

    Is Reggie dumb enough to trade McFadden is what worries me!!

  • blackandsilverside

    AmysInCharge Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 8:31 am
    MY FINAL THOUGHTS on my way out the door,..Palmer was washed up 5 years ago,…there isnt one single player on the Raiders that any other team would claim, including DMC,…the Raiders will go 2-12 this year,…nobodys getting fired, not even next year,…Knapp will be here next year too,…as I said, I know for a fact it doesnt matter,..matter of fact, losses and half empty stadiums will be welcomed by Mark,..hes doing exactly what Lew is doing,..both leaving,..even if Oakland builds them a brand new house they would not accept it,..they both want as far from the Oakland city limits as possible,..and they will in fact both get their wish,…San Jose and LA,…matter of time,…sometimes in life you have to make a statement, make national news,…thats what yours truly is working on,…stay tuned. CYA!

    I agree with your prediction that the Raiders will go 2/14. However, the new LA stadium will not want losers like the Raiders. They are incapable of producing enough revenue to pay their rent there and the new stadium won’t get tangled up in default.

    The ugly, freakish, red-haired, pock marked spawn, Mark, is totally out of it. It’s no wonder AD (BIH) locked him in a closet.

    What has to happen is that the Davis family needs to be relieved from their management capacity and/or be completely bought out of the limited partnership.

    Attenuate the taint of the Davis’, forever.

  • blackandsilverside

    RaiderDanny Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 10:56 am
    Is Reggie dumb enough to trade McFadden is what worries me!!

    Why would trading DMAC worry you ? DMAC is no elite back. If he was he would have broken out already this season.

    DMAC had two great games in his career, one against the Broncos, the other against the Jets, last year. These teams were in the lowest cellar with horrendous D’s. Uber-performance in these games doesn’t make DMAC elite.

    Besides those games DMAC is mediocre having gained less yards on the ground than Michael Bush, both playing 4 seasons.

  • RaiderDanny

    DMC is the best player we got period!

  • RaiderDanny

    Maybe Reggie gets rid of everybody? Saves TP and Taiwan to start next year??

  • papertiger418

    It’s also worth noting that DMAC isn’t the most durable back in the world. What worries me is that he may be healthy this year and show some production as the o-line gels, which would put Reggie in a difficult position. What if we extend him and he gets injured game 2 next year? Another lost season.

  • blackandsilverside

    RaiderDanny Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 11:19 am
    DMC is the best player we got period!

    That may be true, and if it is true, it’s a sad testament to the state of the Raiders.

    Btw, compare DMAC’s stats to Marcus Allen if you think DMAC is elite.

  • The Beeech Dawg


    Brahs, epic night last night in Venice Beach

    First off the Beeech Diggity had a super hot porn star buy him dinner at James Beach, then he dumped her at 7-11 and rented Porky’s from RedBox

    Came home, dropped a major league duece, and got down with the gang from Angel Beach High

    You know I got HIGH as well (see the joke, I used clever word play)

    Then I enjoyed a sweet beat-off session to some classic Nina Hartley and was out by 9:30


  • Raider E

    The beeech pickle-sniffer is back and this time talking about his sissyness in the third person.

    Hey you know why beeech pickle-sniffer crossed the road?

    His weiner was stuck in the chicken.

  • RaiderDanny

    Whats DMC worth? What picks? Whats Carson? Kelly?

  • The Beeech Dawg

    raider peE, let me handle the jokes around here

    So did you finally get that special ordered raider jersey with your amazing name on the back?

    I’m sure you’ll get a ton more respect on your pizza delivery route

    Folk’ll be like, “dang, that delivery guy sure is short. now give me my slice!”

  • RaiderDanny Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    Whats DMC worth? What picks? Whats Carson? Kelly?


    Third-rounder for DMAC.

    Second-rounder for Carson.

    Fourth-rounder for Kelly.

  • Raider E


    I have had 2 custom authentics at all times since the 80’s. Only replace them when I get a little to much Lambo on one from the routine orgies with the swedish bikini team.

    I do admit, you can handle all the jokes,Playboy. I mean, everytime you take the love-muscle to the grill, I laugh my azz off.

  • The Beeech Dawg

    peE, I told you I’d handle the jokes, but that was a good one

    Like anyone believes you can afford 2 jerseys, hilarious

    I should introduce you sometime to KrappyRat, he also makes up all kinds of crazy things that me and my Blog Brahs get to laugh at

    Like last week he said he buying his own ticket to Switzerland. Funny stuff

    You two goobers would get along swimmingly, holla

  • RaiderDanny

    You in favor of that Duck??