Raiders hit the road, hope to hit back this time


The Raiders are one day away from boarding a plane for Atlanta in advance of their game against the Falcons on Sunday. This time, they are hopeful of faring better than they did the first two times they left the friendly confines of the Oakland Coliseum.
In the first road game, the Raiders led the Miami Dolphins 10-7 at halftime, only to watch the Dolphins outscore them 28-3 in the second half. The Denver Broncos scored all 27 points in the second half in turning a 10-6 lead into a rout.
“We have to do a better job coming out after halftime and establishing something, whether that be offense, defense or in the kicking game,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said.
The biggest culprit is the way the Raiders performed on third-down plays in both games, Allen said.
“When you don’t get off the field on third down on defense, you play a lot of plays. When you play a lot of plays, you get tired, you get worn down. Then, offensively we’ve got to find ways in the second half to sustain drives and that will help our defense.”
Defensive tackle Richard Seymour said he wishes he had the answers as to why the Raiders played well in the first half of the team’s first two road games and so poorly in the second half.
“In the first half of games, we’ve definitely been right where we needed to be,” Seymour said. “It’s still a ball game. The second half, we haven’t come out and executed as well.”
The Raiders worked hard on finding out ways to carry the momentum from the first half of road games into the second half, Seymour said.
“If I knew all of it, I would definitely pass the word along to my teammates and we would get it done,” Seymour said. “That’s some of the things we’re working through at this point. As a player, you have to look yourself in the mirror, first and foremost, and say, ‘I have to do a better job,’ and everyone has to take that same approach.”

— Allen said he is hopeful of seeing defensive end Andre Carter make his Raiders deubt on Sunday. However, he isn’t certain if that’s going to happen just yet.
“He’s getting closer every day,” Allen said. “He’s had 2 ½ weeks of work getting back into football shape. (Wednesday) was the first time he actually practiced in pads. I’m getting more comfortable with where he’s at.”
Carter said he’s ready to roll. It says here, the Raiders use Carter sparingly, predominantly on third-down passing downs or obvious passing situations.

— Allen, defensive coordinator Jason Tarver and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp are fond of talking about the need for more explosive plays on offense and cutting down on the number of such plays defensively.
The so-called “explosive plays” are runs of 12 yards or longer and passes of 16 yards or longer.
Through four games, the Raiders defense allowed 34 explosive plays — 25 passes, 9 runs. Three in each category resulted in touchdowns.
The Raiders offense amassed 26 explosive plays during the same games — 22 passes, 4 runs. Two of those plays resulted in touchdowns, both on runs.

— Knapp said he is confident that the Raiders run game is on the verge of breaking out, and it has more to do with the way the players are looking in practice than the fact the Falcons allow an average of 5.4 yards rushing through five games.
Allen sounded just as confident, when asked a day earlier about the status of the run game.
“It’s more from our self-examination,” Knapp said. “We’ve done a good job of really diagnosing, OK, what are our strengths and weaknesses in the run game? What should we do more of in our strengths?
“And then having two weeks of practice, we had two good days during the bye week and the bonus day on Monday, of our line working together and really doing a fine job. So I’m excited. I’m looking forward to it to see the results of the good work that’s been put in.”
Right offensive tackle Willie Smith said he and his linemates are looking forward to an offense geared more toward the run.
“Any lineman, you would love to run the ball,” Smith said. “Definitely we should run the ball more. Hopefully we’ll do that. I don’t know what the game plan is, but just keep working and whatever they call be ready to go out and perform it.”
Running back Darren McFadden is champing at the bit hearing about the call for more runs from quarterback Carson Palmer.
“Oh, yeah, I’m always up for that,” McFadden said. “You want to put it in my hands more, I’m loving it. It’s something a running back likes — the more carries, the better the chances are of getting big runs.”

— Defensive tackle Tommy Kelly missed practice today with a foot injury he suffered in practice a day earlier. Allen doesn’t seem too concernd about the severity of the injury.
“We chose to keep him out today,” Allen said. “I fully anticipate that he’ll practice tomorrow and be OK to play. But, again, we’ll evaluate that tomorrow and see where we’re at. He seems to think he’s going to be alright.”


Steve Corkran

  • oakfoshow

    Baseball is gay. Reggie bottom lip sucks.Ok, done for now.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Dmac to the rescue? IM not so sure about that, but i ma sure he needs the ball more. a few of us have noticed that the raiders are far better when palmers pass attempts are limited going back to last year. This year palmer has been much better with ball security and the dink and dunk passing game of knapps has done wonders for him. So limitining his attempts coulped with keeping the passing game short may help palmer be even more efficient Less is more in palmer’s case.

    Of course the real reason why the above points are important is because now the focal point of the offense is on the teams best player dmac. I have always thought he was better the more carries he gets, and can punish teams in the 4th quarter. By reigning in palmer even further you can force feed dmac and finally begin installing the stubborn run first mentality.

    Im glad to see that the local media which first touted dmac and palmer as a dynamic duo, have now dialed it back to a feed dmac mantra. Im glad to see the coaches have finally figured out that palmer cant do it, throwing the ball all over the field.

    The hard part is, that the defense will need to keep the explosive atlanta falcon offense from doing their quick strike deal that they love.

    personally i dont think the raider run game will be enough this week and the rush yards against atlanta are a bit over blown. That team wins on offense and pass defense. they score fast, and keep the other team from doing the same. While teams run between the 20’s and kick field goals, atlanta strikes from 50 yards away with julio and roddy.

    I hope our no name dbs pack some advil, they will be soar.

  • theghostronin79

    On a positive note, only 12 more games to have to tolerate #55 jogging after plays and being totally clueless making reads. This has to be his last year in the silver and black. Just has to be.

    getting rid of McCheeze is going to feel like a new day. Like when we cut JR loose. Like that.


    Dang man….That’s serious. I remember throwing both my hands in the air and screaming “YEEEEAAAHHH BABYYYY”
    When I saw the ticker at the bottom of the screen read “Raiders release QB Jamarcus Russell”.
    I wanted to hug somebody and jump up and down.

  • DJ Johnny

    It doesn’t take much to get a desperate fan base excited.

    Russell is long gone but here we still are…one of the worst teams in the league.

    Must be nice to be a fan of a franchise that actually….WINS.

    I chose this life… even if i wanted to I can’t flip.

  • The Beeech Dawg


    Let me get this straight, old troll KrappyRat was blogging at 4 am Swiss time while swilling Malibu Rum

    And the old goat worries about the blog being embarrassed, totally understandable

    Yo, the Beeech Digs is in full on rehearsal mode with DJ Fresh Beatz for his upcoming VIP hip hop tour

    We’ll be playing every cut off Wrecks N Effect in order, so fans will obviously pay top dollar to witness this amazing spectacle

    Gonna be knocking a lot of boots on this trip (getting waaaaaay laid) so, starting today, the Beeeech Lawg will begin rigorous workouts.

    Meaning, I will attempt to hump a minimum of 9 wasted strippers a day

    Wish me luck, brahs


  • theghostronin79

    Must be nice to be a fan of a franchise that actually….WINS.

    I chose this life… even if i wanted to I can’t flip.


    I HAVE to believe that it will be there; that all my frustration and heartache will be rewarded one day. Cause you know DAMN well, that when this thing turns around, you’re gonna see Raider shirts and flags coming outta the woodwork. I’m gonna say “BULLSH*T MUF*KA. Where were you guys when I was the ONLY one Reppin’ Silver and Black at the sports bar. Every Game, every YEAR. Once in awhile another Nation Brother would walk in and we’d sit together; watching the Horde of Steeler Fans roaring and slapping hands with each other. Hearing the entire bar erupt in laughter during halftime when they showed the Replay of our Kick retrun guys bumping into each other and falling on the ground before the ball arrives.

    The taste will be that much sweeter when they are a winning franchize because I was stead fast and never abandoned.

  • hellsbells

    I voted for hope and change.
    Now change is my only hope.

  • hellsbells

    We should give a sixth for Burfict. At least when he is running slow it is his full speed. Dude will plug a hole in the run game.