Carter making Raiders debut Sunday; 3 players out


Coach Dennis Allen and defensive end Andre Carter confirmed Monday that Carter is going to make his Raiders debut against the Atlanta Falcons.
How much Carter plays depends upon the situations that arise in the game. Given the Falcons attempted 52 passes last Sunday, it’s likely that Carter will have ample time to play for the first time since he suffered a season-ending quadriceps injury for the Patriots last December.
“I’ll be part of the rotation,” Carter said as he prepared to board a bus for the ride to the Oakland Airport. “Just to be a part of this defense is something that’s very special to me, and I’m just glad to be back after a long, long recovery through this injury.”
Allen also used the word “rotational,” when describing how Carter will be used.
“That’s how we’ve handled the defensive line anyway,” Allen said. “You have to try to limit the number of plays that they play, especially playing a team like Atlanta that throws the ball like they do. You want to make sure you keep some fresh rushers out there.”
Carter said he isn’t sure how many snaps he will get. But he’s ready for whatever defensive coordinator Jason Tarver throws his way.
The Raiders managed only three sacks through their first four games. A proven pass-rusher like Carter figures to provide some much-needed juice to the Raiders defense.
Carter said his vast experience in the NFL will help expedite his transition back to the field, as well as help his linemates.
“Myself, Richard Seymour, (Tommy) Kelly, we just have a lot of years of experience,” Carter said. “We’ve played a lot of crazy battles throughout this part of our career and just talking to younger guys. Every game is always going to be a battle. No win ever comes easy. You just got to earn your keep quarter after quarter.”

— Allen said Kelly held up well in practice today and that he expects Kelly to play Sunday, despite Kelly being bothered by a sore foot.
“Just looking at him today, he looked good,” Allen said.

— Right offensive tackle Khalif Barnes (groin), cornerback Shawntae Spencer (foot) and tight end Richard Gordon (hamstring) will not play Sunday, Allen said.

— Michael Huff will start at cornerback for the third straight game in place of Spencer.
Allen said Huff is making progress in his transition from free safety.
“No. 1, it’s the confidence of going out there and playing,” Allen said of Huff. “It’s a different world out there on the edge. There’s not nearly as many things mentally that go on on the edge as there are at safety, yet there’s a whole lot more physically that has to happen. So, he’s improved in that area.”
Huff is learning via trial by fire. He faced Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger in his first game at cornerback, then followed that up with a game against Denver’s Peyton Manning. On Sunday, he faces the red-hot Matt Ryan.
“I didn’t get to ease into it,” Huff said. “I didn’t get any mediocre, just normal QBs. I get all the great Hall of Famers. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be the best, you’ve got to play against the best. So, kind of learning on the fly.”

— Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey said it’s all systems go for Sunday, as far as he’s concerned.
Now, it’s just a matter of team doctors and Allen signing off on Heyward-Bey’s return to game action three weeks after he suffered a concussion against the Steelers.
“Right now, the plan is to go into Sunday and see how I feel,” Heyward-Bey said. “Hopefully it’s a go.”
Allen said earlier this week that he anticipates Heyward-Bey playing. Heyward-Bey said his mind-set is that he’s going to play.
“That’s totally up to coach and them,” Heyward-Bey said. “My plan is to always have the mindset to go out there and play.”

— Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon used to say that he knew how the Raiders were going to play based on how they practiced on the Friday before a game.
Allen said he is of the belief that you have to take into account the entire week of practice. From that viewpoint, Allen said, the Raiders are primed for their game Sunday.
“You kind of have a good feel for how things go in the week of practice,” Allen said. “But Sundays are odd. You never really know what you’re going to get on Sundays. The flow of the game dictates a lot of that, but we’ve had a good week of practice. We understand that we have a huge challenge going to Atlanta this week and we’ll see how it plays out on Sunday.”

— A victory over the Falcons on Sunday is the kind of win that could have a lasting impact on their final 11 games.
Beating the 5-0 Falcons, on the road, would have the potential to drive home the point to the players that the Raiders are capable of beating any team in the league, given the Falcons are considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
“Obviously, if you’re able to win against a team like Atlanta, it provides an extra boost of confidence to your team,” Allen said. “But, again, you can’t live from week to week and get too high and get too low. This is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. We’ll go, we’ll play the game, we’ll take the outcome as it is and we’ll move forward from it.”


Steve Corkran

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    oh goodie, Sully is here. now we can start talking about Raider football!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Ray Lewis III starts playing at Miami next year


    draft him in 2015, Reggie!

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    DKnight007 Says:
    October 13th, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    blackandsilverside Says:
    October 11th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    DJ Johnny Says:
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Thanks Blackside. There is debate, as u know, on whether our offense was really that good in the first place last yr.

    I have maintained doing as well as we did last yr. on offense (w/o McFadden) and with a QB that was still getting his bearings and only utilizing half the playbook, that we were pretty good on that side and just needed a bit of “tweaking”.

    Some feel that our offense needed much more fixing.


    I think the Raiders’ offense, even without DMAC was fairly solid last year, especially since Bush ran well after DMAC went down.

    Also, Hue knew how to use Reece and others in unique ways while Knapp is clueless in that regard.

    With tweaking we could have had a dynamic offense, especially since CP has gotten over the throwing of bone headed INT’s.

    We could have introduced the ZBS slowly, as another scheme complimentary to power blocking and we would have been set on that side of the ball.

    Reggie, DA, etc. would have had to worry about the defense only (for the most part) thus saving us seasons and seasons worth of grief.

    Yep. McK and DA screwed up! That is rather obvious now.
    DKnight007 Says:
    October 13th, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    DMAC Says:
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Serious question.

    If his name was Stefan Walton, instead of Stefan Wisniewski, would we be as patient and as fond with him?

    He lead the O-line in penalties last year, is doing so this year as well, and doesn’t seem that great in the run-blocking area.

    Good not great, IMO.

    I thought Wiz was a beast last year at Guard. Played well at Center also. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, since he missed a schit load of reps.
    + it takes a while for the zone blocking to get going

    Another screw up by McK. Should have kept Satele on the cheap and kept Wiz at LG and Wiz can also fill in as the backup to Satele at Center.

    Brisiel was a way overpaid pickup, when Satele could have been kept at a bargain.
    DKnight007 Says:
    October 13th, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    It’s amazing how the effective screen game we had the last two years in non existent under crappy Knappy.


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    Peace, you funking wankers!
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    Most of the posters here can barely print, much less use cursive. And proper grammar? On this blog? Raider fans?
    Get real.
    No, Bob, not your gramma, grammar.
    ====================================Short dinner on a Friday night, sully. Mom had a hot date? And I always use cursive on this site. What are you reading?

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    Whut up HO?!

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    I’m also going to see if I can score me some nasty a*s, & trashy English skank, or two.

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  • Still dealing with those kidney stones? I’m glad you are feeling better.
    October was one of my favorite months in the business.

  • LOL
    Me and ODB were talking about English Broads the other day.
    We should go to Brazil for the WC.
    Go Argentina!!

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    Where is ODB?

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  • I got people in West Brom asking why the *uck I would go see their *hithole of a town and watch their FC all the way from Cali – Uh, I’m a fan dude!


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    An ayurvedic cure. Ricky Williams quit football to study ayuverda right here in Grass Valley and was still an adherent of the green. Monday morning my renter says some guy was smoking or rather vaporising with him ,her and some others on Friday night less than 100 feet from my house and said he was a footballer named Ricky Williams. Checked it out and showed him google pics and he said yeah, that was him. Man,I was pissed. If you ever see Ricky Williams, ask him about the llama ranch in Grass Valley and he will not remember me because I didn’t get to meet him. True story.

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    Raidernationdave Says: I got people in West Brom asking why the *uck I would go see their *hithole of a town and watch their FC all the way from Cali==============I’ve gotten that from western Europe ,England and Mexico, baja to Quintana Roo , Belize and on Oeste y Sur a todos otres naciones a Sur America. Have’t been to most of South America yet. Bucket list. With Australia, mate.

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    I am sure few agree with my scorched earth policy. Most times I am full of c.ap, anyway.

    So how is it in Grass Valley ?

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    The Prediction Board:

    Dedicated to Al Davis, Raider duct tape (boy does it hold) and the Coliseum rodents

    Week 1: Alex7: Chargers 27 Raiders 20 (22/14)
    Week 2: R8eray: Dolphins 20 Raiders 13 (35/13)
    Week 3: Plunketthead Raiders 30 Steelers 27 (34/31) R
    Week 4: Amysincharge: Denver 48-7 (37-6)

    303Raider Says: falcons 31 Raiders 17
    AmysInCharge Says: Atlanta 54 Oakland 7
    arkraider Says: Raiders 27-Dirty Birds 23
    blackandsilverside Says: Atlanta 41 Raiders 14
    Custom Raider Says: Oakland 38 Atlanta 10
    davidon Says: ATL 35 Raiders 10
    JLofty Says: Raiders 31 – Falcones 27
    Kiwi_Blade Says: Raiders 6 Falcons 32
    Klas Tjorborn Says: Falcons 35, Raiders 20
    Plunketthead Says: Raiders 37-35
    PlunkforHOF Says: My beloved Raiders 31 Cuckolds 28 wait for it……in OT!
    qodrn Raiders 27 Atlanta 24
    RaiderRockstar Says: Raiders 37 Falcons 35
    realtruraider Says: Raiders 34 Drunken Chickens 24
    Zwarte Piet Says: Malosos 20 Halcones 13…

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    To Amy:

    I am not a Dork. I am a Dorkette.