Raiders inactives


Declared inactive for today’s game against the Atlanta Falcons: QB Terrelle Pryor, CB Shawntae Spencer, T Khalif Barnes, G Lucas Nix, TE Richard Gordon, DE Jack Crawford, DT Christo Bilukidi.

Falcons inactives: QB Dominique Davis, CB Terrence Johnson, RB Antoine Smith, T Lamar Holmes, TE Michael Palmer, DE Jonathan Massaquoi, DE Cliff Matthews.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • MonumentRaider

    Pick number 1 of 3 today people!

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    O, can’t let ’em get going here.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    Great, refs took us out of the game in less than 3 minutes.

  • ChrisinNC

    See, it’s those crucial points in games when we fail to execute. That’s the difference between winning and losing.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    Mclain tackles almost as well as Palmer.

  • ChrisinNC

    Corner did a great job cutting in on that toss play. Beautiful.

    Defense starting out strong. Offense has let them down in the past when they do. That has to change, or it’s gonna be another loss.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    This game is starting just like I anticipated. Hah. Not.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    I’d like to blame that on our new special teams coach, but that was just a cluster fck up.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    Guess it is a little early for a 57 yd field goal.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Falcons have wasted 2 possessions, hope they keep sleep walking.

    Palmer is struggling vs the pass rush, off target to dmoore, & fooled adjusting protection, adjusting directly into the teeth of the pass rush

  • fingers

    Gotta take advantage of these breaks….

  • qodrn1

    The Prediction Board:

    Dedicated to Al Davis, Raider duct tape (boy does it hold) and the Coliseum rodents

    Week 1: Alex7: Chargers 27 Raiders 20 (22/14)
    Week 2: R8eray: Dolphins 20 Raiders 13 (35/13)
    Week 3: Plunketthead Raiders 30 Steelers 27 (34/31) R
    Week 4: Amysincharge: Denver 48-7 (37-6)

    303Raider Says: falcons 31 Raiders 17
    AmysInCharge Says: Atlanta 54 Oakland 7
    Area man Says: 45-3, not the Raiders.
    arkraider Says: Raiders 27-Dirty Birds 23
    blackandsilverside Says: Atlanta 41 Raiders 14
    Custom Raider Says: Oakland 38 Atlanta 10
    davidon Says: ATL 35 Raiders 10
    GG Says: Falcons 35 Raiders 13 or if by the grace of ethereal forces we compete Raiders 27 Falcons 24
    JLofty Says: Raiders 31 – Falcones 27
    Kiwi_Blade Says: Raiders 6 Falcons 32
    Klas Tjorborn Says: Falcons 35, Raiders 20
    Plunketthead Says: Raiders 37-35
    PlunkforHOF Says: My beloved Raiders 31 Cuckolds 28 wait for it……in OT!
    qodrn Raiders 27 Atlanta 24
    Raidergil650 Says: RAIDERS WIN 27-24
    RAIDERMAN99: Atlanta 31-13
    Raider O Says: Raiders 30 Falcons 27
    RaiderRockstar Says: Raiders 37 Falcons 35
    realtruraider Says: Raiders 34 Drunken Chickens 24
    Zwarte Piet Says: Malosos 20 Halcones 13…

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Christmas came early for us so far but you need tds.

    Knapp finaly did what I have. Een screaming forUSE MISDIRECTION & LET D AC RUN THE INSIDE ZONE!!!


  • Marks hair

    There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Carlisle & smith are being abused