Palmer calls Jaguars game ‘must-win”


The Raiders and Jaguars are 1-4, with their seasons on the line this Sunday. Already, things don’t bode well for both teams, given only seven out of the 156 teams that started 1-4 since 1978 made it to the playoffs that season, according to STATS, Inc.
Hence, it’s not surprising that quarterback Carson Palmer called Sunday’s game between the Raiders and Jaguars a “must-win game.”
For added emphasis, coach Dennis Allen displayed the records of AFC teams for the players to see and outlined where the Raiders stand.
“it’s a must-win for us,” Palmer said. “It’s an AFC game and an opportunity to start climbing our way back into the race.”
The Raiders are in third place in the AFC West, one-half game ahead of the 1-5 Kansas City Chiefs and 1 1/2 games behin the 3-3 Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers.
The three other AFC West teams have their byes Sunday. Therefore, the Raiders can move within one game of the division lead with a victory over the Jaguars — the Chargers and Broncos beat the Raiders, so they own the tiebreak for now.
Imagine the odds for the team that loses Sunday. Well, here goes: the Chargers are the only team that reached four games below .500 at any point in the season to go on to make the playoffs.
“Everybody’s mood is a sense of ugerncy,” Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew said. “We dug ourselves a hole and the only way to get out is to take it one play at a time and get out there and play.”

— Seems as if every week, more and more people want to know why fullback Marcel Reece isn’t a bigger part of the offense.
Well, the question was posed to Palmer on Wednesday. Here’s his explanation:
“It’s unfortunate; he has had a handful of plays called for him, and it seems like all of them, they end up getting turned into the league,” Palmer said. “He had a deep corner route on somebody last week that was blatant (pass interference) that wasn’t called. I was going to throw it to him but I ended up having to throw it to the checkdown just because he literally was almost tackled coming out of his route.
“I kept feeling at this part of the season that every time his number is called, we’re turning the plays in because it wasn’t called on the field by the referees. And it comes back as, ‘Yeah, that should have been called as P.I.’ So, he’s gotten his opportunities, it just hasn’t, the ball just hasn’t, so to speak, bounced his way. But we understand the weapon he is, and the defenses that play us understand the weapon he is, and he’s going to get his opportunities.”
Through five games, Reece has been targeted 19 times. He has 14 receptions for 119 yards. There’s no way of knowing how many times Palmer wanted to throw to Reece but opted for another receiver.

— As hard as it seems to believe, Jones-Drew will make his Coliseum debut as an NFL player Sunday.
Jones-Drew played at the Coliseum during his standout high school career at De La Salle. Yet, his only games against the Raiders came in Jacksonville.
“It’s just great to come home, see some family members, let them get a chance to see me play,” Jones-Drew said in a conference call.
The Raiders figure to see plenty of Jones-Drew, too. He has accounted for 41 percent of their offense through five games, with 494 of the Jaguars 1,206 yards.
How much the Raiders see of Jones-Drew will hinge upon if the game remains tight. Jones-Drew averaged 17 carries the first five games.
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with our run game,” Jones-Drew said. “We just have to be more consistent. With that, we have to be able to be in games. We can’t run the ball when we’re down by 30. Or run the ball when we’re down by 17. It doesn’t make sense. We have to keep the game close and stick to our game plan.”
Jones-Drew said he grew up following the Raiders as a youngster from Antioch. Former Raiders running back Napoleon Kaufman is the one player he most identified with.
“I was a big Napoleon Kaufman fan for a while,” Jones-Drew said. “That was one of my top Raiders, because he was a smaller back, came out of the pack.”
Jones-Drew, too, is considered short, fast and elusive.

— Strong-side linebacker Philip Wheeler now is the one on defense wearing the helmet fitted with the radio linked to defensive coordinator Jason Tarver.
The change came last game, when McClain was removed from the nickel package and, as a result, not on the field for every down.

— The Jaguars are one of only six teams with a winning record against the Raiders all-time.
Here’s the list: Chiefs 53-48-2, Patriots 15-14, Packers 6-5, Ravens 5-1, Texans 5-2 and Jaguars 4-1.

— According to Allen, McClain had his most production per downs played Sunday against the Falcons.
In that game, McClain played only 17 of 55 snaps after being replaced by rookie Miles Burris in the nickel package.
“He responded well,” Allen said, “and he actually, he played well. He had his most productive play on a per-play basis in that football game.”
McClain played 73 of 77 snaps in the game against the Broncos on Sept. 30. Playing so much in that game and the three others before the Falcons game affected his production, Allen said.
“When we went back and looked and saw how many plays that Rolando was playing, it had a factor in his conditioning,” Allen said. “We felt like him not playing quite as many plays would help him to play better and be more effective, and it had that effect in this game.”
McClain was not available for comment in the locker room today.

— Right offensive tackle Willie Smith started three games for the Washington Redskins last season. In his three starts for the Raiders this season, he has faced the likes of Elvis Dumervil and John Abraham.
As expected, the results have been mixed for Smith, as he acclimates himself to becoming a full-time player. It’s all part of the maturation process, Allen said.
“It’s reality,” Allen said. “It’s the National Football League. Every week, you go up and you play against talented guys. He’s getting a crash course and he’s got to learn fast. And we’re going to continue to put him out there and let him keep getting better.”

— Someone that won’t be getting an opportunity to show what he can do anytime soon is second-year quarterback Terrelle Pryor.
Allen said that Palmer is doing just fine and that he doesn’t have any intention of taking a look at Pryor in the near future.
“We’ve got a quarterback that plays extremely well and we’ve been very pleased with the way Carson’s played in football games,” Allen said. “Obviously, we’ll do anything that we feel like gives us a chance to win football games. But right now, we don’t feel like that’s in our plans.”

— Sebastian Janikowski still is on the injury report with a sore groin. Yet, that had nothing to do with Allen’s decision to forgo a shot at a 58-yard field-goal attempt against the Falcons in the first half Sunday.
The game was scoreless at the time, with the Raiders at the Falcons 40-yard line.
“Not that early in the game,” Allen said. “A 58-yarder against that offense, your percentages, even though Sebastian is very capable of kicking a 58-yarder, I’ve got all the confidence in the world in Sebastian kicking a 58-yarder, but in that situation against that team, my decision was, it was the right thing to do to try to pin them back and make them go the long way.”
As it turned out, Shane Lechler’s punt bounced into the end zone, giving the Falcons the ball at their own 20. A missed field goal by Janikowski would have given the Falcons the ball at their 48.
Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was intercepted two plays later, and the Raiders ended up kicking a field goal at the end of that drive.

— Right guard Mike Brisiel returned to practice only three days after he suffered a concussion. Allen said Brisiel passed all the league-mandates tests and was cleared for full contact in practice.
Therefore, it’s likely that Brisiel will start Sunday against the Jaguars. Brisiel said he, too, is of the belief that the Raiders use of the zone-blocking scheme is about to yield big dividends now that it has had ample time to take hold.
“In my experience, the zone scheme, it does take time to get everybody familiar with it and familiar with the players next to them,” Brisiel said. “I just love how everybody comes to work each day and everyone’s trusting each other and we’re going to get it going. We’re (headed) in the right direction and we just got to keep working.”

— Linebacker Aaron Curry returned to practice today for the first time since the Raiders shut him down during offseason workouts.
Allen said it’s too early to project how Curry might be used if he’s able to get into shape within the next three weeks. The Raiders have 21 days to decide whether to activate, waive or place Curry on the injured-reserve list.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Allen said. “That’s not a decision that we have to make right now. Right now, the biggest thing is to see where he’s at physically, see how he responds to a couple of days of practice, how the knee responds to it. And then we’ll make that decision when we need to.”
Allen said Monday that Curry spent time during his long layoff learning all three linebacker positions. Curry started at the weak-side spot last season. That job now belongs to Burris.
Curry was unavailable for comment during the media-access window today.


Steve Corkran

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    bcz24 Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 11:39 am

    My point is what they have accomplished in thier short careers, has turned heads and changed thinking in the nfl. TP6 is on par with these two athletically and has shown to be better than anyone thought with his arm and qb smarts.
    When did he show that? I watched all 4 preseason games. He literally made 4 plays. 2 long runs and 2 long prayers that Criner made him look good on (by Pryor’s own admission.)

    he got better with every single snap, and by the third game he was making plays and our offense was explosive.

    I ahve already posted his preseason stats, he posted the best numbers in the preseason out of any qb on our team, and he led a win. Maybe you didnt see it, but im finding people dont want to give him credit for his passing ability here. the numbers dont lie

    That is reason to believe he deserves a chance to show what he can do in a real game once we are mathematically out of it.

    If you plan on keeping palmer than no need to risk injury at the end of the year in the last meaning less 3-4 games.

    If your not sold on palmer and his 16 million next year evaluate pryor and get a jump o the draft.

    pretty standard in the nfl really

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 11:32 am

    guest123 Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Who cares about RG3 or Cam Newton? Is this the Redskins or Panthers board? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? If they don’t play for the S&B, fook em anyways.

    no gradkowski lover, i was drawing a comparison to A RAIDER TP6.

    My point is what they have accomplished in thier short careers, has turned heads and changed thinking in the nfl. TP6 is on par with these two athletically and has shown to be better than anyone thought with his arm and qb smarts.

    Im looking forward to seeing pryor in the mix at the end of the season.
    Talk about tainted rose colored glasses? TP is on par? In what world? Did you actually watch his play? He look lost. Looked confused. Looked like what he was, a rookie with a ton of work to do. Why set your self up like that? We don’t even know if he can be the #1 backup, because all he proved is he’s a project. A big project. With no guarantees he can even play at the NFL level.
    Except in your mind.
    Because he’s black.
    See what I mean? You go on and on how TP should be out there, when no one except you is sure he’s NFL ready.

  • SilverNBlackPA

    Here’s a name you draft types will be hearing more of as the weeks pass and who would look VERY VERY good in silver and black:

    Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M. 6’4″, 250 lbs.

    So far he has 8.5 sacks, 15 TFL, 4 QB hurries, 1 pass deflection, 1 forced fumble and 1 blocked kick….all this through just *six* games.

  • Dakota


    Steve Young was a running QB who won the SB…..but he could toss the rock pretty well too., lol.

    Why didn’t Al go after him again?

  • Dakota

    new post

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    Sully purged himself of a lot of idiocy last night and is almost making sense. Still trying to foment discord, naturally, but hey, let’s enjoy it while we can before his dumb tank fills up again.

  • The Big Banana

    Lol at Purvisman. Happy Carson Palmer day!

  • Dakota Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 11:31 am
    6-6 and then 9-7?

    Are you people flat out crazy?

    Deaf, dumb and blind?

    Retarded maybe?

    I can hear Callahan now, “Dumbest fans in America!”

    LMAO WD.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Silverandblack666 Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 11:57 am

    What RG111 is doing this year and what Cam Newton did last year is no different than what Teblow did. A coach SIMPLIFIED or dummyed down the offense to an almost college level and teams are having and have had a hard time adjusting to it.

    Eventually teams figure it out which is why you are seeing Cam Newton have such a bad year…when you take the training wheels off he cant ride the bike anymore….same thing will happen to RG111 next year.

    We have seen running QB’s since Fran Tarkington to Randell Cunningham to Kordel Stewart to what we see today and the one thing they all have in common is they don’t win super bowls and they get hurt a lot from all the running they do..so much for your new wave of QB’s.

    why does it bother you so much?

    1. tebow did not do what cam did last year or what rgIII are doing this year, he didnt and cant ever pass the ball the way these two have. Cam set all time passing numbers as a rookie, and rgIII is leading the nfl in passing completion percentage. tebow will never sniff that kind of passing acumen.

    2.The offense has not been “dummied down” in fact the wco that shanahan used with elway young and montana has now been bolsterd by ADDING some of baylors playbook. griffin runs a no huddle is free to call his own plays even in two minute and like peyton manning he often has complete freedom to over rule the play form the sideline based on what he sees when he reads the defense pres-nap.

    3. the nfl has not “cuaght up to cam” cam has been too greedy. he is forcing the ball down field and trying to do too much. he has already stated he will be far more patient gong forward this season. in 5 games cam has had 2 bad games and 2 good games with one up and down. Too early to write him off, and in the games he was good in, the defense had no answers.

    4. only kordell and cuningham fit the athletic mold of rgIII and cam, but neither of them had the benefit of rgIII’s or cams raw passing talent, even cam doesnt compare in that category. yet cam is far better passer out f the gate than either randall or kordell were.

    Your other comparisons of Tarkenton and Staubach are laughable, not elway, not you, noon has the package of speed and passing prowess that these two do. it has never been seen in profootball. but again you dont have to take my word

    try john madden

    “I mean, go down the sideline? I have never, in the history of football, I have never seen a quarterback ever run that fast. “If he gets away from you on any type of scramble, he can just outrun anyone that you have on your team, and that is very, very scary,” Madden said. I think that’s gonna be the pro quarterback style, I really do. If you go back and look at high school football, the way they play, and college football, the way they play, that’s the type of quarterback that we’re developing. And that’s the type of quarterback that’s gonna come into the league, and I think eventually that’s gonna be the pro-type quarterback.”..

    madden agrees with me, they are revolutionizing football and changing the qb position for ever, and the gifts they bring to the dance have never been seen on sundays in the nfl.

    sorry but i think madden is much better source of opinion on qb than you

  • qodrn1

    The Prediction Board:

    Dedicated to Al Davis, Raider duct tape (boy does it hold) and the Coliseum rodents

    Week 1: Alex7: Chargers 27 Raiders 20 (22/14)
    Week 2: R8eray: Dolphins 20 Raiders 13 (35/13)
    Week 3: Plunketthead Raiders 30 Steelers 27 (34/31) R
    Week 4: Amysincharge: Denver 48-7 (37-6)
    Week 5: Klas Tjorborn: Falcons 35 Raiders 20 (23/20)

    C2E Says: Raiders 30-17
    qodrn: Raiders 27, Jags 20
    SilverNBlackPA Says: Raiders 27 – Jaguars 17
    Sullivan 44 Says: Raiders 20, Jags 10