Raiders receive one-day extension to sell more tickets for Sunday’s game

The Raiders asked for, and received, a one-day extension from the league in hopes of selling enough tickets to ensure the game being televised locally.
The Raiders sold out all eight of their regular-season home games last season and sold enough tickets for the first three this season for them to be televised locally.
Historically, whenever the Raiders asked for an extension, that game ended up being televised locally. Therefore, it’s likely that Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccanners will fall into that category as well.


Steve Corkran

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  • morilla

    Well how about that, the powers that be recognize and admit to the faulty running game and institute more gap runs.

    It’s a whole new can of worms now folks. This will be a better team, somewhat reminiscent of what we have been accustom to on offense.

    The Bucs are going to lose. Mark it down.

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