Curry not activated to 53-man roster


Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry Tweeted that he wasn’t activated today, which means that he won’t play Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Raiders have three more days to decide how to proceed.
Curry returned from the physically unable to perform list Oct. 17. That started a 21-day clock in which the Raiders can activate Curry at any point or wait until the evaluation period ends before placing him on season-ending injured reserve or waiving him outright.
Given the Raiders are paying Curry this season, one way or the other, it would seem to make the most sense to activate him and use him on special teams and as a backup, at least.
However, it’s possible that the Raiders are content with the players they have on their 53-man roster right now and don’t want to cut a player to make room for Curry.
The Raiders have to make a move before Wednesday, so time is running out.


Steve Corkran

  • Couldn’t ask for better weather in November. Raiders need to show up and make a statement!

  • DJ Johnny

    “What’s wrong with America’s Team”? asks NFLN. So they are bringing in a slew of former Cowboy players to discuss the state of the Cowboys.

    They can talk about how the “boy’s” have 1/4 of the number of playoffs wins in the last 17 yr’s as the Raiders and how going back 3 yr’s now they have a worse record than the “lowly” Raiders.

    Sick of hearing about the freaking Dallas Cowboys and it irrtates me that anyone else cares either.

  • DJ Johnny

    Dallas has won ONE (1) playoff game in the last 17 yr’s.

    America’s Team?


  • RaidingTexas

    I hate it too, DJ. But the reality is that there’s huge viewer interest for the Cowboys. They have more fans and more haters than any other team.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    Wonder if Jon Condo ever bought a house or even signed a long term rental agreement.

    Signed by Dallas Cowboys as non-drafted free agent, April 29, 2005…Waived by Cowboys, Sept. 28, 2005…Signed by New England Patriots as reserve/future free agent, Jan. 17, 2006…Waived by Patriots, Aug. 21, 2006…Signed by Oakland Raiders to practice squad, Nov. 30, 2006…Re-signed by Raiders as reserve/future free agent, Jan. 3, 2007…Re-signed by Raiders as exclusive-rights player, March 20, 2008…Re-signed by Raiders as exclusive-rights player, March 16, 2009…Re-signed by Raiders as restricted free agent, March 16, 2010…Re-signed by Raiders as unrestricted free agent, July 31, 2011.

  • DJ Johnny


    I know. It’s all about the $$$ and Jerry has it and their IS the fan interest and all that. That is what I find nauseating.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/ Full Disclosure

    I see the Corkster got twitter happy late last night. Think he uncapped a few, too.

  • qodrn1

    Raider Prediction Board

    Dedicated to Al Davis, Raider duct tape (boy does it hold) and the Coliseum rodents

    Week 1: Alex7: Chargers 27 Raiders 20 (22/14)
    Week 2: R8eray: Dolphins 20 Raiders 13 (35/13)
    Week 3: Plunketthead Raiders 30 Steelers 27 (34/31) R
    Week 4: Amysincharge: Denver 48-7 (37-6)
    Week 5: Klas Tjorborn: Falcons 35 Raiders 20 (23/20)
    Week 6: qodrn: Raiders 27 Jags 20 (26/23 OT) R
    Week 7: raidermarty/VaRaiderNation Raiders 27 –
    Chiefs 17 (26/16) R

    Albert Bigelow Paine Says: Raiders 30 Bucs 24
    downsouthraider Says: Raiders 28 Fake Azz Pirates 14
    fingers Says: Raiders 27….. Buck An Ears .. 20
    GG Says: Raiders 30 Buccaneers 20
    JFB: Raiders 41 Ninny Pirates 20
    Los Raida Locos Says: Raiders 35 Bucs 17
    mcfadden20. Says: 41-20 Raiders
    MiamiRaider78 Says: Oakland 28 Tampa 23
    Mr Green Says: Raidahs 31 Bucs 10
    neilb Says: Raiders 27 Bucs 13
    Plunketthead Says: Raiders 34 buttpirates 17
    Raider E Says: 25-10 Raiders
    qodrn: Raiders 24 Bucs 21