End 3rd qtr: Saints 35, Raiders 10


The Saints scored on a 27-yard run by Mark Ingram and a 15-yard pass from Drew Brees to Lance Moore, with the Raiders countering with a 40-yard Sebastian Janikowski field goal.

For the season, the Raiders have been outscored 123-34 in the third quarter.

New Orleans built on the momentum it had on Brees’ late 38-yard touchdown pass in the first half as Traveris Cadet returned the opening second-half kickoff 75 yards immediately preceding Ingram’s touchdown run. New Orleans had a touchdown within 17 seconds of the thrird quarter.

oakalnd opens the fourth quarter with a fourth-and-1 at the New Orleans 40. Marcel Reece has 96 yards on 17 carries.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raiders for life

    Our special teams coach is Steve Hoffman. Frank Pollard is the offensive line coach.

    Who’s the retard again?


    Frank Pollack is the o line coach, not pollard

  • lefty12

    Cable turned the team around whether you like to admit it or not.The team got better while he was HC.Jackson did a better job with the offense when he had someone over him.This team was better and getting better when Cable was HC and Jackson was OC.It didn’t get better when Jackson was HC/OC.In fact it got worse as the year went along.Those are facts,boy.

  • Purvisman/Intrepid// Full Disclosure

    Billboard says, “Do not leave,Carson Palmer, we can be better than this”,

  • CVRaider

    As often as we hear stories of how Al would slam Mark in meetings, Mark had to take something from his father, and i think would want to make his farther proud. Do you think he says to thimself, “What would dad do?” I hope so, cause Al would not keep this garbage around for more than one season.

    All the stories were told of how Al would come out to training camp or practice on a golf cart and everybody would play harder and be on their best behavior. Did Al attend all practices years ago when they were good? Its almost as if these players arent afraid of losing their job and are used to losing. Bill Cower, Gruden, Parcells would.all be awesome. But DA is soft. Come on Mark, hire a person that the players will fear.

  • RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit

    Al almost brought in Jacoby Jones as a FA about 2 years ago. True story


    I realize there are a few people here that will think it’s premature to fire Titty boy even if the Raids get blown out every single game the rest of the way.

    I don’t get it – but it is what it is.

    I’m not going to beat THAT dead horse right now.

    What I want to know now, is there anyone here that doesn’t think Hoffman should be fired TONIGHT ?

    I want you to watch Jocoby’s KO return last week in Baltimore – and then compare it to the KO return at the start of the 2nd half today.

    It is MIND BOGGLING how fkng INEPT and PATHETIC our coverage is.

    In particular, watch the 3 Saints that seal the lane on today’s return and how the Raiders don’t even come close to busting through the ‘wedge’. No fkng effort or desire whatsoever.

    My friends, this is not professional level football.

    Almost the SAME EXACT RETURN 2 weeks in a row.

    And don’t think the Saints didn’t plan it that way.

    Hoffman must be canned immediately, even if Tits has to coach the coverage teams himself.



  • omoran

    JERRY– Congrat we hit 500 blog boxes!
    The Fact of the matter is we created the Monster.!
    Lets start – By getting Radical and begin to get Rid of what
    Its wrong!

  • omoran

    To Reggie, Allen and Mr.Davis :
    Hope you guys can read my suggestion or someone tells you what I wrote. Because I tell it like is ! Lets get Radical and say the truth. What is Truth!
    Fix it this way Gentlemen ,RADICAL and QUICK.
    # 1 — RAIDERS meeting – to address a very serious Team matter.
    # 2 – Study film of the Players and Bad Plays and Bad Tackling
    and Blown assignments and Penalties

    #3- Start by Fireing Players, coaches, assistents , bench and disable SOBS! And I don’t Care! Fire the Lazy SCUMS TOO!

  • sirblitzalot

    M. Mitchell is garbage. Like so many terrible picks these past few years.

    This is the worst team in the NFL!

  • omoran

    Raiders need to move fast and don’t.wait for The Christmas day parade to arrive. Start a Big Overhaul of Raider players and shuffle, rattle and roll . Check3 weeks of film and begin with The Head will Roll project ! Coaches and assistents are included.
    Start by using Rookies and healthy who Wan’t to Play players and letting play and develope ,then see who is available or trade them. Begin to see performance and who stays.
    No Nonsence will be tolerated and sitting and strict fines will be apply. HURTS WHOM I HURT! EYE FOR AN EYE
    We need to show the NFL our other Face and show the rest of
    Player that we are the Oakland Raiders.Remove this Bad Spirit
    even Change the Stripes, not the Color of the Helmet and Unoforms

  • omoran

    A week ago when Raiders took the 55 pt beating I went to bed
    Sad and Tears came out. I had been a Raider since 1967. On the
    dark room an Angel or voice told me! Why thou cry? I was scare, but it said don’t be afraid for I will help them. Do this !
    Tell everyone Go quick and pray, for the Father will Listen.
    He said Change the Color of the Stripes of the Helmet and Uniforms,but leave the white stripe in the Center. Use the Angel
    And Archangel Colors or –Raibow Colors.(2) Light blue(3)Light plnk (4)Light yellow(5)green (5)red (6)purple

    For this must be done to clean the color of Evil (Black) unifpfm

  • Derek

    410; Don’t get it twisted, Gruden is no great coach. he’s better than Dennis Allen, but maybe not as good as Hue Jackson. Gruden has slightly above 500 record as a HC. He also benefitted from coaching a Raider team loaded with winners and old vets. He later went to Tampa where Dungy had already assembled a high quality team of winners and vets in which he/Gruden took them over the top. When he had to build his own teams he sucked. Tampa was terrible once the vets left.

    Sean Payton should be the guy. If he could win with the Saints he can win anywhere. The raides will have to move fast or surely Jones in Dallas will.

  • Derek

    Lefty the Raiders under Hugh Jackson missed the playoff and a few exrea wins due to the FACT his starting QB was hurt and he had no back-up. This forced him to trade and utilize Carson Palmer who was extremely rusty as he was retired and not in football condition. Had Hugh jackson had an adequate back-up QB the Raiders would have won the division fairly easy. BTW; Hue was not the GM at the beginning of the season which was why he was saddled with a garbage back-up QB.

  • Derek

    Mark Davis, Reggie Mc and Pecil neck Allen have taken a would-be playoff team and made them look like an expansion outfit. I also just read a comment attributed to Mark Davis, wherein he mentioned guys being under contract so they’ll be here. If that was/is a way of saying the team is suck with Allen for the duration of his contract (3yrs)this team will be unworth following. Davis has to either demote Allen or fire him, a new coach is mandatory for improvement