End 3rd qtr: Bengals 24, Raiders 10


The Raiders scored on a 55-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski and a 20-yard pass from Carson Palmer to Denarius Moore to outscore the Bengals 10-0 in a quarter during which they had been outscored 123-34 coming into the game.

The Raiders have the ball at the 50 to open the quarter with a real chance to re-enter a game that looked hopelessly lost. Oakland’s defense has harassed Andy Dalton into a succession of three-and-outs, the last one coming on a sack by Matt Shaughnessy.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • No Mas Diamante

    down by 24 and we run up the gut. nice call


    We need another fight!!


    Brien and I will still be at the Browns game,..row 1,..tailgating as hard as ever,..youre all welcome to join us.

  • VanHeathen30

    Another game over at the half…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Where’s our Ray Rice, AJ Green jj watt

  • CVRaider

    Sullivan, you need to so watching football because you are clueless

  • Raider_UnHater

    i was hoping our d would give up 50 points!! Im a little dissapointed with them right now.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    there are only a few bootlickers left….just a matter if time before they look up from reggie feet…

  • DJ Johnny

    Palmers 200 yd. game streak will end…just a horrible afternoon..AGAIN.

    Thanks for runing yet another Sunday for me you diks.

  • mcfadden20.

    REECE IS A BEAST THOUGH, TRADE MCFADDEN bring #1 WR, get a new RT and ofcourse new OC and we’re talking next year baby

  • John, wins and losses are all that counts.

    2006 team was 2-14.

    This team has 3 wins.

    Reggie is already doing better this year than Al Davis did in 2006. And, Al Davis gave himself 5 additional years. Would have given himself several more had he not died. And people think Reggie shouldn’t even get one complete year? Ridiculous.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    DA is gone.
    Hopefully REGGIE goes with him.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Could have been 27-17, with us having stopped them 3 and out, 4 of 5 2nd half drives.

    Robbed of a win? No, not at all.

    Robbed of watching 2.5 hours of crap to get to maybe something worthwhile of watching?


  • big pep


  • Raider_UnHater

    Browns 68
    Oalkand -2

  • Priesttj12

    Another vicious beatdown of my beloved Raiders………and we have a bunch of NUTS in here asking for THREE YEARS for these nincumputz.


  • No Mas Diamante

    keep reece, veldheer, wiz2, meyers palmer and moore and steeter . whole d can go as far as I am concerned.

  • VanHeathen30

    Why don’t we just take a Knee?
    Inside hand offs and draws are the White Flag.

  • Who else remembers KK & MR saying all we need is a “real” GM

  • 2romes

    Tip you hat off to Dennis Allen the commentators states. You think he is a Raiders fan? I thinks he is trying to make a blow out interesting. I mean it is his job to make the footbal game as interesting as possible. Allen deserves a hat tipping of this?

  • mcfadden20.

    KNapp seriously got like couple of plays in his play book, DA better send the message and send him out after the week

  • DJ Johnny

    I know we got screwed by refs but NO EXCUSE for letting ’em drive 80 yd’s after that.

    Gotta man up…this team is just such a fing mess.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    SnB Offense Defense Specialteams Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 1:07 pm
    Where’s our Ray Rice, AJ Green jj watt

    reggie would have to follow yhe height weight speed criteria…he wants “hard workers”

  • No Mas Diamante

    this will be knapps last game. same with tarver. book it

  • Raider_UnHater

    @just fire baby

    haha so true. 3 hours of my life wasted

  • Just Win Baby

    Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    DA is gone.
    Hopefully REGGIE goes with him.

    Better load up another rig, you’re on dope.

  • MB,

    Every team has a GM. Who do you suggest? Trask? lol.

  • hellsbells

    Knapp must go. Maybe every coach. Only if we bring in a real staff. Don’t replace crap with crap.

  • C2E

    who wants to finance a stadium for these guys?

  • Just Fire Baby

    this will be knapps last game. same with tarver. book it


    I’ll give you 2 to 1 odds.

  • jackasspuria


    Speaking of white flags! The Browns were going to hand fans white towels in response to the Steelers’ Terrible Towels.

    It took them a full four days to realize that the white towels were offensive to fans who thought they were white flags…

  • mcfadden20.

    I’m happy Sullivan came out to defend this management , now we have some one equivalent of Mistic on Pro Reg side lol

  • Just Win Baby

    No Mas Diamante Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 1:09 pm
    this will be knapps last game. same with tarver. book it

    OK, genius. I will book it. lmao

  • Sullivan44 Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Reggie needs to keep the 3 or 4 actual NFL football players we have on this team, and just dump everyone else. Start from scratch.

    In 2 years 4 players might be all that is left of this team… Roster will look very different by training camp next year.

  • Carson can’t even hit guys that are wide open, against a prevent. Leave him in Cincinnati with Hue.

  • Marks hair

    If hue polished a turd and stuck googley eyes on it…. then what do you call what allens done here?

  • mcfadden20.

    Poor Palmer, got horrible receivers and never got time to settle behind that line

  • Raiders for life

    DJ Johnny Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 1:05 pm
    It’s gonna be hard to claim the refs screwed us when we end getting blown out….AGAIN.

    What bugs me is the apologists are gonna say “we could’ve won if the refs didn;t screw us”.


    Naw, not me. This game was lost. But, the fkn refs need to figure this sht out. It should have been a Raider TD or at least Raider ball. Bad, bad officiating.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    169 points in the last four games…great job da…

  • 504 Raider

    Gregg Knapp should be fired for stubborness and DA should be fined for supervisiing it. Everyone who pulls for the Raiders knows the O-Line is horrible. The one QB who could actually (make something out of the 75% of the time nothing) we have on offense is dressed in street clothes every freakin Sunday.

  • CVRaider

    How can anybody really think all of their draft picks are terrible? The Bucs were like 2-14 last year, they sucked! New coach, new attitude, and for a while had the top offense in the league. Notice the type odd coach they have? A real tough azz like bellick, like harbaugh, like Tomlin,. Its 100% coaxbing that makes you respectable, players just put you over the top.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    42 a game.


    Trask is Reggies boss MR,…and shes got a temper.

  • McFadden,

    I’m going to give any GM 3 years. Blaming a GM in his first season, when most of his roster is inherited from the previous GM, is beyond stupid.

  • 169 points given up by Raiders last 4 games.

    That bad call bt the ref still annoying me.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I think Tarver should be fired, but I doubt it happens this week if it hasn’t been done already.

  • DT42

    Good question Booty. I think the answer is that certain people (MR) have such a hatred for Al Davis and invested so much time in talking about him that its become more about him being right than this team bringing in the right GM and the right Coach. It’s all about one mans ego.

  • Dakota

    Steelers gave the browns 8 turnOvers and they still just won by 6! I think we could stay in a game with the browns until halftime!

  • Trask makes the call on Reggie’s job? Thought it was Mark Davis.

  • C2E

    Palmer’s worse game. In his words a must win game and homecoming opportunity. Does he want to be cut?