Halftime: Browns 10, Raiders 3


Sebastian Janikowski’s 61-yard field goal attempt fell short at the gun as the Raiders went into halftime with a four-point deficit.

Cleveland had the lone touchdown of the game in the second quarter on a 44-yard pass from Brandon Weeden to Josh Gordon against Ron Bartell. Bartell was replaced after that play by Phillip Adams.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The Mack

    I will give these guys credit though they’ve pretty much bottled up T rich for the most part only 58 yards rushing thus far, i thought hed be well on his way to 200 by now….

  • RaiderReggie

    If this team don’t beat Cleveland today, they wont win another game this season.

  • ddwight

    Mark Davis entered the season hoping to blend into the background as the Raiders embarked on a new era that would be starkly different from that which operated under his father, the team’s autocratic former owner Al Davis.

    But with lopsided losses stacking up, Mark is unable to sit still and remain silent. In his first full season as owner, he’s speaking out, lashing out. He is venting.

    “He just wanted (Allen) to know, from the owner, that we have to get better,” was the way general manager Reggie McKenzie described it.

    Again as I said. DA will be gone unless he wins at least 4-out-of-5…and or the team looks a lot more competitive…mail that in!!!

  • Reggiehater

    I like how he says we got to go back to work tomarro and 5 min.later takes a leave of absence.