Notes, quotes and observations from Raiders-Broncos game


The Denver Broncos are churning out the victories like clockwork these days, while the Raiders are wondering when they’re going to win just one more game. Such is the nature of how these two teams are headed in opposite directions.
Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer said the Raiders aren’t real close to winning games right now, which counts as quite an understatement.
“I wouldn’t say that we’re on the cusp of it,” Palmer said. “I wouldn’t say it’s really close. Obviously, with some of the scores of these games and each week is something different. It’s been a handful of different things that have stopped us from being successful on offense, and I know you’ve just got to keep grinding, keep working.”
Head coach Dennis Allen said he liked what he saw from his team tonight.
“Our team fought tonight,” Allen said. “We came up on the short end of the stick. The Denver Broncos were the better team tonight, but our guys fought and that’s what I want to see the remaining three games of the year. I want to see our guys fight and compete because that’s what it takes to win in this league.”

— Tight end Brandon Myers caught one pass for 7 yards on Thursday night. That’s quite a turnaround from the 14 for 130 he recorded against the Cleveland Browns four days earlier.
The Broncos did a nice job of keeping tabs on Myers the entire game. Palmer targeted Myers only twice all night. On the one Myers didn’t catch, cornerback Champ Bailey intercepted the pass and returned it 18 yards.

— Rookie Rod Streater turned in another solid game. He caught four passes for 100 yards, including a nice grab of a pass in double coverage that turned into a 58-yard gain.
Streater amassed 96 yards receiving against the Browns and quietly is turning into Oakland’s most-reliable receiver.
Fellow rookie Juron Criner caught two passes for 24 yards. The only other pass thrown his way was right on the money, but Criner failed to haul it in.
For the record, it would have counted as a nice catch by Criner. I’m sure he’ll be the first to admit that he should have caught the ball. However, it’s likely that it won’t be considered a drop.
Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore combined for nine catches for 125 yards. Heyward-Bey turned one of his receptions into a 56-yard touchdown by making a nice move near the sideline and finding a clear lane to the end zone.

— Running back Darren McFadden finally made his much-awaited return after missing four straight games with a high-ankle sprain.
As it turned out, McFadden looked no better than he did the first eight games when he averaged 3.3 yards per carry.
McFadden broke free for a 36-yard run at one point, but he averaged only 1.6 yards on his 10 other rushes.
Meanwhile, the Broncos backs racked up 143 yards on 36 carries, with Knowshon Moreno totaling 119.
“We wanted to give him an opportunity to get the ball and we did that … ,” Allen said. “The touchdown down there in the red zone on the screen play (to McFadden) was an outstanding

— The Broncos controlled the ball for a whopping 37 minutes, 19 seconds Thursday night. That’s one of the many benefits of having Manning at the control and the ability to complete a high percentage of passes.
Manning completed 26 of 36 passes for 310 yards and one touchdown. The Raiders sacked Manning three times, but almost every time the Broncos needed to convert a third-down play, Manning found an open receiver and kept alive drives.
Palmer actually finished with a higher passer rating than Palmer, for what it’s worth, which isn’t much. He completed 19 of 30 for 273 yards and two touchdowns.
Palmer’s decent showing was undone by the interception and a fumble at his own 2-yard line, which set up a Broncos touchdown that turned the game into a one-sided affair.
“Being backed up like that, I’ve got to throw the ball out of bounds,” Palmer said.

— Cornerback Phillip Adams did quite a fine job in extensive action tonight, with starter Michael Huff leaving the game with a wrist injury.
On one play, Adams recovered on a play that looked to be a sure touchdown and made a diving interception at the goal line.
“I was just doing what I was told to do,” Adams said. “It wasn’t anything too crazy.”
Adams played much better than Ron Bartell, the other starting cornerback. Time and again, Manning went after Bartell, and he enjoyed great success.
It’s unclear the extent of Huff’s injury. However, Adams made a convincing case for more playing time the final three games.
“I just keep working,” Adams said. “I just keep working every day and I try to put myself in the best positions possible for my teammates. They hold me accountable, and I hold them accountable. I always want to be where I need to be for them.”

— Second-year quarterback Terrelle Pryor was among the 46 players active for the Raiders for the second straight game. And, for the second straight game, Pryor did not play a single down.
At some point, the Raiders need to take a look at Pryor, especially if a game reaches the point where the outcome has been decided. That time should have been when the Broncos extended their lead to 26-7 late in the third quarter.
As it were, Palmer played the entire game for the 13th straight time.
“We’ve had a package in for Terrelle in both games,” Allen said. “But, again, like I said, we had 47 plays in the game tonight, so the situation didn’t play out. Terrelle will continue to be on our active game-day roster, and we’ll continue to carry a package of plays for him.”

— Allen spoke with the media for the first time since he returned from Texas, where he was with his family as his father passed away.
Allen departed for Texas after the Browns game Sunday night and returned Wednesday morning. His father, Grady, died Tuesday morning at the age of 66.
“I went home on Sunday and took my father off life support, and that’s not easy to do,” Allen said. “So, was it hard? Yeah, it was hard. But I know my father would want me to be here with this football team. And I wanted to be here with this football team. I’m sure you guys can imagine that it wasn’t an easy situation.”
Allen received widespread support from the Raiders, other teams and fans during his trying time.
“A ton,” Allen said. “A ton. I received a lot of support from a lot of different people. This organization has been outstanding to me, as far as that’s concerned. The players, the coaches, as well as countless friends, family, even people around the league, have been very supportive of this situation.”


Steve Corkran

  • LA to TheBay

    I think you would be hard pressed to sit a guy, even in a losing season, that comes to work everyday, battles for 60 min even when down by 30, and has put up 22 TD and 3500 yards.

    That being said, most important function of a coach is to decide who gives you the best shot at winning.

    I don’t think it’s CP anymore.

    I’m patient enough. I think we see Pryor before the season is done.

  • DMAC

    CP3 is average. Thats all.
    Should he get all the blame? No
    But he certainly doesn’t get a free pass.

  • LA to TheBay

    so what if the wr’s dropped passes, the bronco defenders also dropped 3 palmer passes

    Palmers god awful redzone pick and fumbling near our own goal line killed this game. A game where the defense actually played well enough to keep the score halfway respectable.

    palmer stinks and every one knows it…….now



  • fingers

    Seymour bush… Agree… We don’t have the horses to make stops !on a Consistent basis …. They did hold the Donks to a couple FGs … Surprised me

  • R8drinOK

    LA to TheBay Says:
    December 7th, 2012 at 12:00 pm
    Name one Raider on offense that has played well all year? I’m not defending Carson’s mistakes but he is the only player on offense that has been better than average. Marcel and Streater have flashed potential…but that’s it.




    Ok but I remember Myers dropping a few TD’s that Carson placed right in his hands. So nobody on the Raiders offense has played well consistently. Does anyone really think we would have won more than 3 games with Leinart at QB with our O-line and idiot OC. Most of our scores are when Carson is running the no huddle anyway.

  • DMAC

    Palmers god awful redzone pick and fumbling near our own goal line killed this game. A game where the defense actually played well enough to keep the score halfway respectable.

    I agree

  • GG Says:
    December 7th, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    There was absolutely no reason for Palmer continuing to start the Browns game, or the Broncos game, and the reason for starting him continues to diminish each week that passes.

    There’s nothing to be gained from it. Pryor ought to have been starting the Browns game thru to the end of the season.

    That he hasn’t does not speak volumes about Pryor, but about Allen.

    Uh, last time I looked, the job of the Head Coach was to put his best players out there and put them in a position to win games. Maybe the reason Pryor isn’t out there is because he is number three on the depth chart and not very good. So maybe you have been at all the practices and you have seen Pryor just rip it up. Or maybe you talk to all the players all the time and hear them just RAVE about Pryor. Or maybe you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • GG

    I’m also lol’ing at all the JG2013 breaking inside reports. The guy flips more times than a roadside diner pancake. Even if he did talk with anyone, they’re likely to sell him BS knowing he blabs in blogs about anything he’s told.

  • LA to TheBay

    It may sound insane, but I think Lienart is worth a look too.

  • fingers

    So what if the receivers dropped passes?…. Here’s what… That means Palmer has to throw again… And drives stop and ints become more likely….. We also had a few drops of manning passes… Remember those…. At least two

  • GG




  • raidermarty

    We’ve got to see TP play. I respect Palmer and appreciate what he brings to the team but last night i saw him consistently deliver the ball late and it cost us time and again. He is decent but he’s too vulnerable to a strong pass rush. TP can move around and make plays with his feet and that’s what we need right now

  • R8drinOK

    DMAC Says:
    December 7th, 2012 at 12:11 pm
    Palmers god awful redzone pick and fumbling near our own goal line killed this game. A game where the defense actually played well enough to keep the score halfway respectable.

    I agree


    True… but O-line deserves some of the blame on the Carson fumble as well…they were on skates. I bet Brady, Brees or Manning would have fumbled on that play as well.

  • fingers

    La to the bay…. I’m up for looking at anybody now…

  • fingers

    Lets see what Pryor can do…. Might find a gem … Never know

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain


    Palmer has been one of the worst raider qbs in history.

    7-16 37 turnovers?!?!?!

    Most of his supporters are afraid to show up in here today, i dont blame them.

    I at least have respect for a few of the former worshipers that have finally admitted that palmer stinks out loud.

    I knew this was going to happen….sigh

  • Purvisman/Intrepid// Full Disclosure

    Marks hair Says: Wow everytime I talk into this phone it hears everything wrong==================================

    Thumb typing and auto correct make for some funny typos, but you had me wondering with ‘a value 8’.

  • Raider Mayne

    Palmer has been one of the worst raider qbs in history.

    But he has all those Yards and is about to break Gannons record . And also look at that QB rating its in the top ten ! WHo cares about WINNING ??? LOL

  • Relentless

    Press conference in 30 min. Horrible November. Even worse December.

  • R8drinOK

    fingers Says:
    December 7th, 2012 at 12:13 pm
    So what if the receivers dropped passes?…. Here’s what… That means Palmer has to throw again… And drives stop and ints become more likely….. We also had a few drops of manning passes… Remember those…. At least two


    Great post, again not excusing Carson’s picks but…few QB’s in the NFL can go without a pick when your OC is running 30% of the time and a crappy Oline. Lets see what he would look like behind a decent O-line, with a solid #1 WR and non idiot as an OC.

  • Coach456

    You guys can make any assertion about the head coach not being the right guy – I agree – And lack of this player or that, or better yet – Whether or not Terrelle Pryor is allowed to play this year. In my opinion, based on next year’s schedule which is daunting to say the least, Coach Allen and Knapp won’t be here because this team has regressed at an unfathomable rate and this business is about winning and putting rearends in the seats. This team needs a true leader of men that can connect with his players. Last night’s game, with a national tv audience spoke volumes of how the team felt about their coach and his recent family lost and the Hall of Famers in the house. They had nothing in their emotional tanks beginning with the first drive. That told it all. Next year’s schedule starting with the away games: Houston, Indianapolis,Dallas, New York Giants, an AFC East opponent, Denver, Kansas City, and San Diego. home games: Jacksonville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Washington, an AFC North opponent,Denver, Kansas City, and San Diego.
    Based on what we have witnessed this season – Do you think with the present coaching staff, the team as we know it, will have any success next year with that schedule? I don’t think so. Coach Allen and his staff have been outcoached in every game – And this problem is not going away by cutting a few guys for salary cap reasons, signing a few free agents, and playing of few unproven draft choices. None of the players on the current roster is a leader – Every good team has one or two guys that get in the face of an individual that is not bringing his “A” game. And if that team does not have those individuals – They have a coach like New England, Pittsburgh, or the New York Giants – They have leaders of men. We don’t have that in Oakland and have not had it in 10 years. Until that problem gets addressed, we will continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL. This is not just about a few new players and hiring “my guy” – This about hiring the RIGHT GUY and not hitching your wagon to some guy that looks like a deer in the headlights that repeats the same line after each embarrassing lost – “We have to play better.” Oakland Raider fans deserve better than that. Peace.

  • radrntn

    can we please put a mirror under dennis allen’s nose to see if he is alive and real….i mean this guy gets blown out of every game, and has the same lame ass nonsense in his press conference….i just wish one of the reporters would ask him some real questions…..like do you think your oc sucks, because every time he calls the plays it results ina 3 and out, and every time caron goes to a no huddle we march right down the field.