Raiders waive veteran cornerback, fullback


The Raiders needed a roster spot to make room for the return of suspended middle linebacker Rolando McClain on Monday. The casualty turned out to be veteran cornerback Ron Bartell.
The Raiders also waived veteran fullback Owen Schmitt and signed cornerback Chimdi Chekwa from their practice squad to take Schmitt’s place on the 53-man roster.
McClain’s two-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team ended Monday, which forced the Raiders to make a roster move.
Practice begins in less than an hour. At that time, we’ll see if McClain is back on the field. Head coach Dennis Allen isn’t here today because he is in Texas for the funeral of his father.
McClain isn’t required to rejoin the team until he meets with Allen, which won’t happen today. Allen said he will address McClain’s situation upon his return.
The waiving of Bartell signifies the end of the line for the second of the two veteran cornerbacks signed by general manager Reggie McKenzie in the offseason to take the place of jettisoned starters Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson.
Shawntae Spencer is the other cornerback signed by McKenzie in the hope of finding better options than Routt and Johnson. Spencer played in two games before suffering what turned out to be a season-ending foot injury. He is on injured reserve.
Bartell’s release clears the way for Phillip Adams to get more playing time. He has two interceptions in the past two games in a backup role, including one of Denver’s Peyton Manning on Thursday night.
The Raiders blew out all of their cornerbacks from last season’s roster. As of now, they are without Bartell, Spencer and Pat Lee and faced with the prospect of making over that position in the offseason once again.
If the Raiders welcome back McClain and allow him to play the final three games, it’s likely with the intent of keeping him long enough to see if they can acquire a draft pick in a trade in the offseason.
That makes perfect sense, though it’s not a sure thing that another team will take on a player that hasn’t done much of note in his first three NFL seasons. It’s worth a shot, though, rather than waiving him now and not getting anything in return.
Recently signed Jamize Olawale likely will get a shot to show what he can do at fullback in the final three games now that Schmitt is gone. The Raiders signed Olawale from the Dallas Cowboys practice squad last week.


Steve Corkran

  • Richraider

    @DJ Johnny Says: You do both you Moron!!!

  • Raider-in-PA

    Thanks Charlie for sliding big Dan Conners into your ‘in the box’ draft picks!

    Funny you brought him up the same day the present-day #55 is being drug through the mud on this website.. and he definitely should be!! What p!sses me off is when I wear my #55 Conners jersey to games, EVERYBODY will get it mistaken to be a McClain jersey…

    What a disgrace to Big Dan and Millen…

  • Richraider

    Reggie should our ST’s Seabass and Lechnerand ask them to restructure their contracts and a host of other over paid monkey’s….No excuse for this baboon!!

  • The Big Banana Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Some guys just aren’t HC material.

    Exactly. (See Gruden,Jon).

  • Richraider

    Raiders move to China!!!!

  • Richraider

    Outsource this football team!!!..India is looking for a football team

  • radrntn

    can we please release Greg” I want to take a ” Knapp.

  • Richraider

    Dennis allen, come out of the closet!!!

  • radrntn

    Carl Weathers Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 11:16 am
    38.DT42 Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 11:08 am

    you mean like Briesl who’s on the Reggie Mac \DA scholarship?
    that was the Knapp scholorship, who got him to folow him from the texans…..5 million next year…he is as good as gone.

  • DT42

    Reggie, needs to find some bag’s of $$ and give them to Wylie and Wiz 1.0, get rid of Briesl and Barnes, move Wiz 2.0 back to LG and draft O line this year.

  • radrntn

    Seymour Bush Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 11:23 am
    The Big Banana Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Some guys just aren’t HC material.

    Exactly. (See Gruden,Jon).

    the last time the raiders had a winning season…

    exactly (see Gruden, Jon)

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    Arum made a mistake, and should have signed to fight money before the luster was tarnished.

    pac man will now be forced into a very poor negotiating position after losing his last two and getting knocked out.

    Ther is no longer any urgency for the fight from money’s perspective and he may have bigger money fights with sergio martinez and canelo alverez.

    arum gambled realizing that pac was slowing down but he thought he could sneak pass bradley and marquez to set up a huge pay day.

    Plan back fired miserably, almos as laughable as the crason palmer trade

  • radrntn

    the worse the raiders ever did with Jon Gruden …go 8-8 in his first season…..which equates to the best the raiders have been able to do w/o him…

  • the last time the raiders had a winning season…

    That was actually Callahan.


    Dennis allen, come out of the closet!!!
    I don’t know why people might think Tits is gay.

    Maybe before the transgender operation, but now ?

    Now that she’s a he, it’s normal for him to like women.

  • DJ Johnny

    I guess they aren’t giving any slack for Bartell coming off those injuries and needing some time to get his bearings etc.?

    I hope Reggie knows what he’s doing.

    Bartell, though not a ‘STAR’ was pretty well regarded before his neck injury in St. Louis if you look at the wirte ups on him.

    How many more of “Reggie’s guys” was he wrong about?

    DA was “his guy” too.

  • theghostronin79

    How many more of “Reggie’s guys” was he wrong about?

    Well, at least he’s doing something about it. I mean, Bartell MAY have been solid before…. He hasn’t shown me much this year. To my surprise, Spencer seemed to be our best performing DB before he got hurt.

    It’s one thing to say “HEY Reggie blew it with this guy.”

    And it’s another thing if he stubbornly clung to “His guys”. We’ll see in about a month just HOW stubborn he is, or isn’t…..

  • VanHeathen30

    Chekwa FINALLY gets his chance to play?
    This season has been over for more than a month and DA is still trying to justify Reggies lame azz free Agent signings…Dude whiffed on every FA he signed, what happend to Tollefson?
    remember that back patting fest when he got him to sign…dude has been on Special teams all season, can’t even get on the field with guys in front of him out…

  • realtruraider

    Gruden will be running the show next year folks, he will not be the coach, he will hire Shaw to be HC and will keep Reggie but won’t keep most of Reggies staff. You Heard it here first (One can dream can’t we)

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    meanwhile heavy weight prospect Bryant bye bye jennings put on his best fight of his pro career, and now has convinced me he will become a very solid contender.

    he took on a very solid pro and survived a knockdown, he changed his strategey mid fight and knocked his opponent out cold.

    My biggest knock on bryant coming in was that he was the he may not have serious knock out power… i take it all back.

    Next up deontay wilder fights this saturday, he was one of my favorite prospects and has been called the future heavyweight champ. lets see how he does against undefeated kelvin price (roy jones top fighter)

    Joe hanks, bryant jennings and wilder are the most intriguing of the new heavies

  • VanHeathen30

    Roma and DA should put on the ‘Iflateable Sumo Suits’ and have at it at half time…the winner will take on Reggie (who doesn’t NEED the Sumo suit) immediately after.
    This should be ore entertaining than the game against KC…what a mess two fierce rivals have become.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson


  • Charlie


    Bad deal at this time. The Bills rank 21st in yards allowed and they Guaranteed $50 million to Williams.
    I do not like free agent signings with that much money involved. I would much rather invest money in a kid with the rookie cap in place.

    Line work as units. One guy typically will not make an exponential difference.
    However one stellar talent along with three or four other ABOVE AVERAGE LINEMATES CAN CREATE WHAT THE RAIDERS USED TO HAVE WITH UPSHAW.What the Eagles with Reggie White used to have. What the Giants and Ravens have today.

    Buffalo will need to follow this move up with a couple of other above average players to make the deal worth it.

    Again, there are no guarantees with any of this. I do know that when you draft well you win and win big.
    When you do not draft well you lose and lose big.

  • jackasspuria

    Via Rotoworld.com

    Rolando McClain – LB – Raiders
    Raiders reinstated MLB Rolando McClain from suspension.
    It doesn’t mean McClain will immediately resume playing. CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported Sunday that the Raiders are capable of voiding the remaining guaranteed money in McClain’s rookie contract based on the fact that he was suspended. McClain is due a total of $3.6 million guaranteed for the 2013-2014 seasons. McClain has pocketed $20 million already from the Raiders.

  • Richraider

    Could Dennis and Jason be lovers?,and are undecided about Rolando until they toss his salad?

  • Richraider

    Why just suspend this guy, why not cut him, and who would want him during the off season??..A 7th rd pick?..LOL..No other org is that stupid to give the raiders a draft pick..Stupid monkey REGGIE

  • manassamauler

    Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Dont look now, BUT CAM NEWTON IS BACK!!! this dude is on fire for the last 4 weeks, and looks better than he did last year.

    he is now allowed to go under center and has full use of the audible system.

    The oc chudzinzki has finally learned that relying too heavily on newton running and not having a solid quick passing facet to his offense is in fact holding newton back. the zone read keeper should only be an occasional accent.

    newton destroyed the falcons.

    You are looking at the future of the nfc playoffs for the next several years with qbs like newton freeman kappy rgIII and wilson battling it out and eliminating one another for the next 10 years.

    >> kappy is part white, no wonder you never mentioned before.

  • manassamauler

    RgIII hurt his knee RUNNING. go figure that! scrambling QBS have a shorter life span. RG III better learn to rely on HIS ARM or he will not have a long career. running is the last option.

  • manassamauler

    McClain is just another 1st round bust amongst a long list of the, since 02

  • Richraider

    McClain go back to picking Cotton

  • LondonAl

    Maybe Palmer has played some poor games but to bench him? For who? Pryor? Get a a grip my fellow fans. Bench Pryor for a QB with real league experience but not Pryor. If we had played Pryor we would still be a bad team but with fewer wins. Palmer has played behind one of our worst OL in our history. Give the guy a break. Some on here make him out to be a Marc Wilson type of QB……

  • If we had an effective OL and receivers not injured, we would be on a Palmer roll. He’s played good with what he’s been given. Add in Knapp and I feel sorry for Carson.

  • pdr

    Sorry, but Palmer has to take some of this blame, dudes. Palmer can’t even hit simple checkdowns at times. He’s a mess. When he’s allowed to run the no-huddle, a certain degree of thinking is removed from his decision making and he’s allowed to just react. Unfortunately, even this is NOT enough for him. His MO is always to make the bad decision.

    Palmer always was a stopgap trade with a slight look to putting the team over the top if last year’s team was still intact under Hue Jackson (as we all know). I’m looking into my crystal ball and I still see the guy choking when it counts, making the stupid pass.

    Palmer is who we thought he was: A bad idea. Nothing against him, he’s just not our QB of the past, present, or future.

  • dcraiderfan

    Why don’t Allen bench Crybaby and put in TPryor? This season is a lost cause!! Ship Crybaby back Cinciny and goodbye to a bad rubbish!