End 3rd qtr: Raiders 12, Chiefs 0


Sebastian Janikowski’s fourth field goal, this one from 30 yards, has the Raiders up 12-0 through three quarters.

The Raiders have rushed for 174 yards, including 100 on 23 carries by Darren McFadden. They open at the Kansas City 33 after a 43-yard burst up the middle by Mike Goodson.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • JB

    4 FG’s against the league’s worst team – BFD!


  • When a loss is good, the Raiders win.

    * Aristotle

  • CVRaider

    LMAO @ Riff, DA has a plan, he will be back next year, youve said it over and over again. Now look at you. For the record, This coaching staff is a joke, but TP6 is not an NFL qb. I do think he should get garbage time ball just like jones, but thats it.

  • Priesttj12

    KoolKell Says:
    December 16th, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Great game for Janokowski.
    Man, sometimes you need to just stfu. Why even say things like that? When your FG kicker has a great game it means the offense didn’t do their job. Just because you say you watched the game for 60 years doesn’t mean you pay attention.

  • RaiderFan-n-KC

    so what have they accomplished today? Answer, absolutely nothing except they downgraded our draft pick & they know nothing further about TP6 in real play circumstances. This as all about DA’s self gratification and hadv NOTHING to do with what’s best for the team going forward. Pathetic! They just solidified my decision on no season tickets for next year.


    What they accomplished is ending the 6 game losing streak, showing the fans they haven’t given up, showing some light in the run game, kept turnovers low

  • stablersbeard

    Man… Pryor isn’t gonna save anything for anyone. Get a grip.
    He won’t even be in the NFL in 5 years.
    Definitely won’t be in silver and black next year.

    He’s not going to play because having nothing on film will help his trade value. If they play him and he just runs around in circles looking lost, what’s his value going to be?
    They’ll end up getting nothing.

  • omoran

    Raider (since1967)
    Finally a shotout !Halleluya. Now lets do it 2 more times.
    Lets not rejoice on what we did and forget next week. Lets do it like all Good Teams do ! Do it Again .
    When was the last time the Raider’s shot out a team.

    Hah – Bring the Orio cookies !!!

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)
    Now the Defense surface, we are now begining to talk!
    Now 2nd FIRE KNAPP for weak inept S@B!
    KC should never ever be close to us, score should be 45-3 .

    But anyhow Congrat to the Defense only!