Notes and quotes from Raiders-Chiefs game


As it turned out, the importance of the 49ers-Patriots game Sunday night dictated double duty on my part. Therefore, I shifted from the Raiders game to the 49ers game right away, without having any time to sit in on coach Dennis Allen’s news conference or scour the locker room for notes and quotes.
For that, we turn to beat writer Jerry McDonald, who did double duty of his own in performing his regular duties, as well as holding down the blog and writing an additional story.
So, here’s a collection of notes complied by Jerry.

The much-anticipated 2012 debut of quarterback Terrelle Pryor drew cheers from a paid crowd of 51,446 at O.co Coliseum on Sunday as he trotted on to the field.

In less than two minutes, it was over.

It amounted to a three-and-out, not including a false start, and starter Carson Palmer returned and finished the game, a 15-0 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

If the Raiders had plans to put Pryor in position to either run or pass, it never happened because they punted so quickly. After the false start, Pryor lined up behind center, handed off twice to Darren McFadden and threw incomplete intended for Darrius Heyward-Bey on third-and-7.

“We had it set at just one series,” Pryor said. “It’s just a steppingstone. I enjoyed the four plays, or whatever it was, but I was excited to get in there at least.”

Coach Dennis Allen will let game situations dictate how much time Pryor gets going forward.

“How much he plays, I don’t know the answer to that exactly, but we’ll see on a game-by-game basis,” Allen said.

Pryor said he’s fine with that plan.

“I’m a team player, and whatever they need from me I’m going to do so we can win,” Pryor said. “I love learning from (Palmer), and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. When the time’s right, I’ll be ready.”

Pryor was on the field for exactly one snap last season — a play in which he was called for a false start — against Kansas City.

Sebastian Janikowski moved into second place on the NFL’s all-time list in field goals of 50 yards or more with two against the Chiefs. He’s tied with John Kasay with 42.

Janikowski’s miss from 51 yards was his third miss of the season, with the others coming from 61 and 64 yards.

A pigeon took up residence on the field for the pregame and virtually the entire first half, and somehow managed to avoid getting stepped on. At one point in the second quarter, right guard Mike Brisiel gave it a gentle nudge with his foot — and heard a chorus of boos from the stands.

“I’m at the line of scrimmage and that thing is in between the defensive end and the outside linebacker. I mean, that’s kind of deadly,” Brisiel said. “I didn’t kick it. I was trying to shoo it along, and then I get booed for it. Something was wrong with that thing; it was a little off, I think.”

The pigeon, which didn’t attempt to fly away, was scooped into a bucket by a member of the field crew at halftime and taken to parts unknown.

Cornerback Phillip Adams left in the second quarter with his second concussion in three games and was replaced by Brandian Ross, who played well and was cited afterward by Allen.

Cornerback Joselio Hanson intercepted a Brady Quinn pass in the second quarter to help set up a Raiders field goal.

Quinn credited crowd noise in the Black Hole at the south end of the Coliseum for resulting in a delay-of-game penalty when the Chiefs were deep in Raiders territory.

Rolando McClain, coming off a two-game suspension and demoted to second-string middle linebacker in the base defense, was inactive for the first time in his NFL career.

“I just felt like we wanted to go with some other guys and we’d have him inactive this week,” Allen said.

Kansas City’s 119 yards of total offense are the lowest total surrendered by the Raiders since San Diego gained 93 yards in the Raiders’ 6-0 win on Oct. 6, 1975. The Chiefs had minus-1 yard of total offense in the first quarter, the first time the Raiders had held a team to minus yardage in the opening quarter since 1992.

Shane Lechler’s first punt of the day was No. 1,000 for his NFL career.

Wide receiver Denarius Moore, who caught five passes for 46 yards, struggled to field punts.

Long-snapper Jon Condo was honored before the game with the Commitment to Excellence award, given to the player most worthy of excellence on and off the field as voted by his teammates.

The four sacks were a Raiders’ season high, with Philip Wheeler, Andre Carter, Desmond Bryant and Tommy Kelly getting one each.


Steve Corkran


    Im off to Harveys to cash in that four team parlay card,..I posted my card here two days ago,…that was an easy 800 bucks on a 60 dollar card…thanks Niners!!

  • JONGRUDEN2013 Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    I dont have a house in Kaanapali either old kell,..
    No you don’t. Jerry & Cork have been trying to get rid of your dumbass for years.

  • morilla Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:34 pm
    I’m actually a little glad they aren’t playing TP. It’s going to cause some people on this blog to instantaneously combust or have an aneurism. The meltdowns are great.


    Agreed. But it’s also going to do three things that could help the Raiders in the long run:

    – Not diminish his already plummeting trade value by exposing his limitations

    – Maybe help convince TP that he’s not going to make it in the league at the QB position and start working on something new while still under contract with the Raiders

    – Not expose him to a higher number of snaps, since he already had exceeded his range of counting in thinking that his 3 plays were actually 4

  • DJ Johnny

    303.1960AutumnWind Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:17 pm
    The posts the last day have been surreal. I have never seen people so negative about a WIN! A win! I hope the Raiders win out. I hope the defense plays well with the new players they have found largely off the wire. Wheeler, Burris and now maybe the CB we just got may be keepers same with Hansen as a slot. Getting McClain out of there was a good thing! No leadership? Getting McClain out and then getting the defense to pitch a shutout is a reflection of leadership even if it only was KC.

    I too want Knapp fired. I have wanted him fired since the game after the bye week. I just do not think he has it. However I hope the Raiders win out and go 6-10. I do not think it is that important if you are picking #3 or #8 at least I do not want to see a team tank for it.

    A lot of these self professed experts clammering for Pryor were JR cheerleaders several years ago. You know who you are! Let the Coaching staff coach. Let Pryor develop. At least this year he is being coached. Your hero Hue did not even talk to him or even have a QB’s coach. That is according to a qoute from Pryor not some inudendo. I am cool seeing TP come in but only if it does not jepordize a game. Players will quit on you if you just put in inferior players and not do what it takes to win. I hope TP develops but I am realistic regarding what it will take for him to get there. It seems TP sees it himself why can’t some of you!?

    Some KC games against us rank in my personal top 5 of most anguish filled defeats.

    -The MNF game when we gave up a big lead late and let Elvis Grbac hit Andre Rison for a last second TD over Terry freaking McDaniel. The look of disgust on Joe Bugel’s face still haunts me. I broke a table over that one.

    -A meaningless regular season tilt at Arrowhead when Vermeil ran Larry Johnson in from the 1 yd. line as time expired was one of the biggest “fu’s” they ever gave us. He could’ve kicked a fg to force OT but when for the win…and got it. I was beside myself after that one.

    Both games were reg season games but still rank up there as ones that caused me some of the most distress and anger i’ve ever had as a Raider fan.

    I know it’s weird…what can i tell ya.

    THAT’S how much I dislike KC, so shutting them out at home when we usually lose to them here is nice. Although i admit it didn’t feel like a true Raider/Chief matchup cuz the Chiefs are soo bad, but let’s rack up the wins against them when we have a chance. They sure as heck did it to us when we were down in the past.

    That being said, I understand whee guys are coming from as far as wanting to get a high pick in the draft with the season already lost. I get it.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    1960AutumnWind Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Quote: “Allen is the worst coach i have ever seen.”

    Then you obviously have not been a Raider fan very long. Art Shell II was way worse than this. The Bed and Breakfast offense was truely horrible and beyond anything we have seen this year. The only thing that let the Raiders win two games that year were turnovers and a decent pass defense. I suppose some pine for that team so we can get a #1 pick and find our new Jamarkus.


    shell 2 at least had a decent defense and players i wanted to watch even though they under performed like randy moss

    This team is awful on offense and defense and allen is clueless

    his agenda was important than grading pryor and the draft process


    FIRE HIS AZZ NOW!!!!!!!

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Seymour Bush Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Mistic1 Tha Supavillain Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:19 pm


    Why would Pryor only get 1 chance to pass the ball? How is that in any way evaluating him or his future prospects?!?!

    Actually they had Pryor set up that as long as he got first downs, he was going to stay in the game. He got no first downs, so he didn’t stay in the game. Don’t blame Allen, blame Pryor.

    that is a retarded thing to do.

    So a guy that has never set foot on a field should be pulled aftr one 3 and out?

    Not really. They put pressure on him to perform. He didn’t perform so they pulled him. That sounds like the right thing to me…

  • VanHeathen30

    DA bringing up the ” haven’t had a shutout here in 10 years”….
    Should really keep that Playoff Bound Winning Team out of his mouth.
    I was at that game, in a rainstorm when we ran all over KC on our way to the playoffs.
    His “shutout” was handed him by a HC that eschewed FG’s for failed TD attempts on 4 th down…Bum Fight and we won, woo hoo

  • boss01

    357.VanHeathen30 Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:55 pm
    DA bringing up the ” haven’t had a shutout here in 10 years”….
    Should really keep that Playoff Bound Winning Team out of his mouth.
    I was at that game, in a rainstorm when we ran all over KC on our way to the playoffs.
    His “shutout” was handed him by a HC that eschewed FG’s for failed TD attempts on 4 th down…Bum Fight and we won, woo hoo

    I remember clearly Dick Vermeil’s presser after that game where he said something along the lines of “Guys I really don’t feel like answering any questions right now, I just got my @$$ handed to me”

    Now that was priceless to hear.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain


    we will never win as long as we dont have a qb!!!

    Why the fugg would allen defy his mandate to play pryor?

    Why didnt he increase pryors reps in practice in preparation for this?

    Why did moore bartell and romac all get demoted benched or cut for performance yet palmer is untouchable?!?!/

    Allen is two faced and a loser, and now he is in the tom cable catagory with me. allen doesnt want pryor, and will not even prep him to compete.



    I hope after cam newton runs the raiders right out of the stadium while pryor rides the bench other than a ceremonial snap, big mack and davis come down to the locker room and whup allen’s azz!!!!

    then fire him

  • Jackie Bibby

    Dennis allen didnt let pryor plAy yesterday because he doesnt want terrel pryor to play. He went wayyy out of his way to inform the cbs staff that carson was his qb of the future that says it all. He has a bias against terrel, he doesnt want terrel to succeed because then he’d have a controversy on his hands and he’ll have to do what hes to stubborn to do and thats adjust his system. Kind of messed up to know no matter how hard you work, or how much you improve youll never be given a fair shake. Smh Im not surprised some guys dont want to play for this pr!©k.

  • DJ Johnny

    VanHeathen30 Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 12:55 pm
    DA bringing up the ” haven’t had a shutout here in 10 years”….

    Did he say that right after the game?

    Well, under normal circumstances i would be really happy about shutting out KC but DA to me has this temporary Lane Kiffen vibe to me. He seems out of place w/ the Raiders. First coach we’ve ever had with a southern accent i think. He doesn’t seem to be a big Raider “traditionalist” in terms of paying homage to the good stuff from the past…He doesn’t seem “Raidery” at all; which is why i think alot of guys on this blog like him. I am not one of those persons until he shows me he can win more games.

  • omoran

    Raider (since1967)★

    You know this game save a few from ” walking the plank ”
    But not all. Heads will roll soon. As for Knapp, he got lucky that Allen didn’t paint his face green and his tongue red like the
    Wicket Witch of the West! Or he will be Burning like the Scarecrow on fire !
    As for Mc Clain he is only good for playing the Russian roulette in jail.
    And about Mc Fadden and Seymour they well, can do AFLAC COMMERCIALS !

  • DJ Johnny

    ..To clarify. I am NOT against DA becuz he has a southern accent or becuz he doesn’t talk about the greatness of Raider past…He was given a blank piece of paper in my opinion…free to mark up as he wished.

    I judge him on how he has this team performing… period; and the decisions he makes, and how he looks and talks…and that wart on the side of his nose.

    I’m fair.

  • jesusraiderjim


    You have a unique style that is for sure.

  • VanHeathen30

    DA is Hanging His Hat on the shutout of a 2 win team…
    He’ll also have to hang it on the 4 blow out losses in the month of November, that became the worst month of Raider football EVER!

  • bank-bank

    Yes the way they did T.Pryor was dead wrong.Now I Love the Raiders but,that was a joke to do that to anyone not just T.Pryor.People on this blog are saying that Pryor sucks without giving him a fair shot.Our Raiders suck because they’ve had 14 weeks.Pryor only had three snaps.Are you kidding me.

  • omoran

    Raider ( since 1967) ★
    In 2 week Reggie is bringing the Big Dump truck to put the Bad Apples! Alleluia! He is bringing Amy upfront.

    2 Week Knapp will burn like a Scarecrow !!
    Mc Fadden Seymour Taiwan Jones will be making –
    Commercials for AFLAC !!


    JONGRUDEN2013 Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 11:54 am
    Bo,..you really study the 6th round? Geez

    Yep…..All picks count!

  • bunk moorland

    there waiting to start pryor until he can get the proper coaching and that wont happen until next year when we bring in Brian Daboll to assist knapp.

  • omoran

    Raider(since 1967)★

    Reggie I don’t want Boo on 1rst -Draft Pick !!
    Raider’s pick—- MANTI TEO ND

    Carolina 30—–Oak 24

  • omoran

    Raider (since1967)★

    Jerry just graded the Raiders this week in his posting gives an A to the Defense and a C to the Offense!
    Too Bad he didn’t grade Knapp. He should get an F for — — — —

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)★
    I want to have 10 Draft pics Reggie !

    Manti Teo
    A — Qb ?
    2 Ray Lewis Lb
    2 Conerbacks
    2 OF
    2 DF
    And Chicken Wings at —HOOTERS in the Evening !

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)★

    Reggie remember. The Season is long 16 games! REGARDLESS who is back there for the other team. GIVE ME 2 pass rushers.


  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)★
    Reggie and Mark. This is my Christmas List!

    Bo Jackson
    Marcus Allen
    Phil Villipiano
    Mark van Eegan
    Ted Hendricks
    Jack Tatum
    Ottis Sistronk
    Fred Belitnikov

  • ohioraider

    Belitnikov? I think he was a Russian spy.