Raiders inactives for Chiefs game; might be end of line for McClain


Defensive end Jack Crawford, defensive tackle Richard Seymour, running back Jeremy Stewart, wide receiver Derek Hagan, offensive tackle Willie Smith, guard Lucas Nix and linebacker Rolando McClain are the players not active for the Raiders game today against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The fact that McClain isn’t active portends him being deactivated for the final two games, as well, and brings about the prospect of him having played his last game in a Raiders uniform.

McClain just returned from a two-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. Coach Dennis Allen said McClain had been informed that he was demoted to a backup spot on defense and assigned a role on special teams.

In other words, the Raiders have seen enough of McClain, at least for this season.

Veteran Omar Gaither will start in McClain’s middle linebacker spot for the third straight game.

It’s likely that the Raiders are keeping around McClain so that they can attempt to trade him in the offseason. Teams aren’t permitted to engineer trades again until well after the Super Bowl.


Steve Corkran

  • MaddenRaiderisadouchebag

    LOL! I know T’eo is not the head case that McClain is, but he will have the least amount of impact if he is drafted, much like McClain.

  • Raiders2002

    SEE YA ROMAC!!!!!!! Thanks for absolutely nothing, maybe JaMarcus has a spare room for you to sleep in. Another top 10 Al Davis bust…..Goodbye…..Take Palmer with your!

  • omoran

    Raider((since 1967)
    2 is better than 1

  • omoran

    Raider ( since 1967)
    Hi Cork! I expect McClain to break the chain !
    WE need more forum polling. Especially on Knapp do we like him to fire yes or no? Vote . And on assistant coaches too!

    From Miami — Dolphins have allow just 3 Pts. 4th qt defense is good . Why ours with defensive coach Allen and Tarver sucks?

  • stablersbeard

    McClain should have been gone last year.
    I never saw anything in him…. Nothing.

  • stablersbeard

    And his trade value was probably higher last year. We’ll be lucky to get a 6th for him.

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)
    Waiting to see if the Raiders vs KC is televise in Miami !
    Or I use my Gamecast on my mobile phone.
    What a real fan will do for its Raider hah!

    Please Cork do a poll on Knapp on you forum. Dying to see how they vote, then give it to REGGIE ! Results look promising.

  • shutdown

    Forget his lack of physical prowess for a second and let’s ask why it is that the Raiders (and maybe other teams?) didn’t know that he had head issues too. Call them “emotional issues,” call them “anger management issues,” call them “immaturity issues,”….whatever works for you, but it’s clear he had them and that they didn’t magically appear when he arrived to his first Raider training camp.

    Did his college coaches gloss over questions about his character? (face it, alumni to Division 1 programs love to donate even more money when their school lands their players in the top ten of the draft).

    Or, were the Raiders simply not diligent in looking at his “character”? Or, did the other teams not know about the problems either?

    He didn’t suddenly become sullen or prone to anger or to bad judgement when he was drafted by Oakland. Who he was before was the same as who he was after the draft.

    I’m guessing that his problems were hidden from all the teams.

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)
    Its remarkable that a team.that I have love so much looks this way.
    Thought we will be 9-7 instead we see a disapointing and shame 3-10 .
    Its unbelieveable. A Good rule to the Thum is – Defense can’t allow no more than
    10-13 at (h) halftime and 13-20 at total.
    OTHERWISE they started on the wrong side of the bed! And.are no doing their job !