Grading the Raiders off victory over Chiefs


Beat writer Jerry McDonald graded the Raiders off their 15-0 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs at the Coliseum. Here are McDonald’s grades and comments:

Pass offense

Carson Palmer played a complementary role, for once, letting the running game and the defense control the game. Palmer was 18 of 29 for 182 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions. He was fortunate on at least two passes, forced into coverage, were not intercepted.
Grade: C-plus

Run offense

A season-high 203 yards on 45 carries, 38 of which went for positive yardage (including a late kneel-down). Darren McFadden had 110 yards on 30 carries, Mike Goodson 89 on 12 attempts and the Raiders had 10 rushing first downs while amassing a 40:06 to 19:54 advantage in time of possession.
Grade: A

Pass defense

Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn struggled (five passing first downs), but he also faced third-and-long virtually the entire game. The Raiders kept Chiefs receivers covered for the most part, and Quinn missed the ones that were open. Joselio Hanson had his second interception of the season, and the Raiders had a season high four sacks from Philip Wheeler, Desmond Bryant, Andre Carter and Tommy Kelly.
Grade: A

Run defense

The No. 5 rushing offense in the league was held to 10 yards on 10 carries. Feature back Jamal Charles had the 10 yards, on nine attempts. Kansas City had to abandon the run as the score mounted. In two games against the Raiders, Charles had 14 yards on 14 carries.
Grade: A

Special teams
Sebastian Janikowski accounted for all the scoring with field goals of 20, 50, 57, 30 and 41 yards. He missed once from 51 yards — his third miss of the season. The only kickoff the Raiders received was a touchback. Shane Lechler punted four times for a 51.3-yard gross average and a 40.3 net. Denarius Moore looked lost on punt returns, giving way to Matt Giordano late.
Grade: B


The Raiders clearly were ready to play, and they were by far the more crisp and efficient team on both sides of the ball. The mixed coverages and occasional blitzes flummoxed Quinn, who for reasons unknown wasn’t given the hook. No problem with the conservative offensive calls and reliance on field goals. It was the right way to play the game for a team desperate to win.
Grade: A


Steve Corkran

  • Just Fire Baby

    Same with the staff, from The Reggie’s point of view.

    What’s more important, to see if TP is a #2 or #3 QB, or if Taiwan is a #3 RB or not, or if he has a staff in place the players will fight for in tough times?

    IF they wanted to tank and see ALL these youngsters just bequeathed a bunch of PT, they should have just fired the staff a month ago and put in a puppet to do so.

    They didn’t, so they won’t.

  • eastoaklandraider


    Hows Pitt and Chi been looking behind those olines 🙂

  • Can anyone explain how Taiwan Jones can’t get a sniff of the field, besides his very good work on special teams coverage ?


    Maybe for the same reason that we don’t see Condo playing LB or whatever his “natural” position is.

  • omoran

    Raider (since 1967)

    Reggie! FIRE KNAPP! Dude can you read the Blogs!
    FIRE KNAPP ——-#1
    FIRE KNAPP ——–#2
    FIRE KNAPP ——–#3

    And a.–HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  • The_Judge37

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 2:57 pm
    People up in arms becuase the player THEY WANT isn’t being “evaluated”.

    I saw Bergstrom get a season high in reps. Same with Ross. MM34 was on the field blitzing almost every 3rd down. Goodson had a season high in touches. Bilukidi played the most he has all year.

    But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……TP and Taiwan didn’t get gifted some playing time.

    Maybe they should go check in on what Ross, Goodson, MM34 and Bergs are doing to get their reps.

    Aside from Goodson, who doesn’t even get the playing time he deserves, neither has really done anything on the field to warrant as much playing time as they get.


    The run defense certainly deserves an A. Coming in KC had the fifth best running offense.

    We don’t want to get too carried away about our run offense in this game since coming in KC was even worse at stopping the run than we were.


    He is not an NFL RB. Great gunner though.
    I think he can be an explosive NFL RB, even if it’s not in an every down capacity.

    His blocking stinks. But the speed, fluidity and elusiveness in the open field are spectacular.

    Can be a game changer if utilized correctly.

    Barring injury, will go on to have success elsewhere.

    Unlike your boy Slowlando GreenBeanie, who isn’t even a good ‘gunner’.


  • Jackie Bibby

    The raiders truly have some dumb ass fans

    Seymour Bush
    Just fire baby

    I mean you seriously have to be a third world idiot to believe Dennis Allen is a competent coach. If you truly believe allen is the answer as a fan you deserve a loser team because you support a loser coach. Smh DA is pathetic as a hc and its blatantly obvious.


    eastoaklandraider Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 3:09 pm
    Seymour Bush Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 1:06 pm
    The Raiders handily beat a team late in the season. That is a good sign I don’t care who the opponent is. And Hue Jackson never did that.

    what an idiotic statement.

    Don’t you remember how Hue’s team tanked in the last four games?


    alex7 Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 3:09 pm
    Yes, it HAS been explained.

    Taiwan Jones sucks in practice. Struggles picking up blitzes, putting QB health in jeopardy.

    Maybe he doesn’t work hard enough.

    Possibility A) MASS CONSPIRACY!
    Possibility B) Taiwan is the 4th best RB on our team, and the other 3 need/deserve PT.


    Two thirds of the people posting on here are going with A.

  • GG

    Thanks for the link RaidingTexas will check it out but it’s important to be vigilant and question as there’s a track record and healthy paranoia is good

  • Al_is_theraiders

    an A? for five fgs?…bwahahahaha…jerry is DA giving you extra sandwiches?…hahaha still laughing…oh well, 4-14…it is.

  • GG

    Btw it’s shameful that there are people defending Knapp and Allen above Pryor.

    Those clowns are not raiders but saboteurs.

    Pryor is a real raider and the last al Davis pick as well as a film junkie who knows more about offense and play calling than Knapp.

    Raider nation militia demands

    Free Pryor
    Free Taiwan
    Free ausberry
    Free chekwa

  • r00der

    Single wing. Played against it in hi school, days of 3 yds and cloud of dust, college and pro. Entertaining, even fun to play against if you were a PLAYER. Razzle dazzle, sometimes a puzzle to solve in two seconds, put 5 guys at the point of attack, even a passing game there…for fun. Pryor is made for that offense.
    Al Davis and the AFL forced the merger with imagination passing offenses and going after the best QB’s/receivers. TV went crazy and the dough came tumbling in. Get used to, immediately, throwers being behind center. It’s business, pirates. Al Davis is dead and we are stuck with this…crew…as owners. Money talks here, run by a bunch of conservatives in power ties.
    So, forgive me If I’m stating the obvious but I think it does pertain to the QB “controversy”. A running game, you pick up about time the back breaks clear. Passing? You are THERE the whole arc of the flight. Correct me if…

  • r00der

    Running play. Can get you up, out of your seat. High fiving. Excited. But, IMHO, it is vicarious. You are a bystander. A Pass. The usual scrum, clashing of bods, the eye contact, hurl…and time stands still. It is just you and the ball, arcing downfield to…Its personal. You/we are the link.
    Then. Look at the options. Completion. again, vicarious. BUT…the other options are intellectual and personal. “He interfered!” “He…” you get the idea. You participate, with a passion.
    Just trippin’.

  • dcraiderfan

    Does it seem strange for TPryor to be out one series and not the whole quarter or even a half? Time to fire Allen and take him out like they did Cable. And if you call this a win, well the season is over!! No TDs but janitor in the closet always come through, no matter! Thumbs up him!! Kansas City isn’t a bad team, just horrible players. Find a coach to bring the abilities out of Terrell and it wouldn’t be from this HC Allen. Fire him today for the horrible season this team is having!!