Seymour out for Sunday’s game, says he’s still ‘elite’ player


Defensive tackle Richard Seymour won’t play Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. It’s possible that he has played his final game of the 2012 season, but he still has a desire to play beyond this season.
Seymour said Friday that the high hamstring injury he suffered against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Nov. 4 has caused a lot of frustration and disappointment because he isn’t able to help on the field.
“I definitely wanted to gut it out,” Seymour said, “but it isn’t a situation where you can, you can’t gut a hamstring out. It isn’t like you can tape a shoulder up or tape an elbow, or one of those deals. A hamstring, it ain’t like you can say, OK. It’s totally different from that standpoint.
“But one of the most disappointing things for me is, being a team leader and not being out there with my teammates. That’s the most disappointing part because I bleed silver and black.”
Along those lines, Seymour was asked if he wants to re-sign with the Raiders after this season. He is an unrestricted free agent after this season and free to negotiate with any of the league’s 32 teams.
“In terms of my future, we’re still in the season and, I guess, when that time comes, we’ll cross that bridge then,” Seymour said. “Like I said, I bleed silver and black. From that standpoint, we’ll see what happens when that time comes. For now, I’ll continue to lead and support my teammates.”
Seymour is in his 12th NFL season. In his prime, he commanded double-teams and oftentimes dominated at the line of scrimmage, freeing up teammates in one-on-one situations and making those around him better.
Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie had the option of cutting Seymour this past offseason and sending him on his way with $7.5 million guaranteed. Instead, McKenzie and Seymour worked out a restructured contract that kept Seymour in the mix.
Now, McKenzie has tape of the eight games Seymour played, as well as that from Seymour’s first 11 seasons, to gauge whether it’s worth bringing back Seymour.
Seymour is convinced that he still has the ability to play at a high level.
“When healthy, I still play at an elite level,” Seymour said. “That’s one of the things that, the film speaks for itself.”

— Allen said Phillip Adams is healthy and ready to go for Sunday’s game. That means Adams will start at cornerback and also return punts.
Adams suffered his second concussion of the season last Sunday. Yet, he passed all the league-mandated tests for players that suffer concussions and has been cleared to play.

— The Raiders have 25 players that are potential free agents after this season. Seventeen of those are unrestricted free agents, meaning they can sign anywhere they please, short of the Raiders placing the franchise tag on one of them.
Allen said he and his coaching staff are paying close attention to how their players perform down the stretch, at a time when some players are prone to going through the motions, given the playoffs no longer are part of the equation.
“Oh, yeah, we’re looking at that,” Allen said. “That’s part of the evaluation process. I’ve already stated that, we’ve got to look at guys as we move forward to see what we’re going to do in the future and, obviously, we’ve got two more games to get an opportunity to look at them.”
Beyond that, Allen said, he expects the same kind of effort from his players every game, regardless the situation.
“My hope is that they’re playing football because they love playing the game of football, and they enjoy doing what they do for a living, and that’s just who they are,” Allen said. “They’re not playing necessarily for contracts, they’re playing because that’s what’s deep down inside their soul. That’s what I see, but I can’t speak for everybody.”

— Strong safety Tyvon Branch is at less than 100 percent heading into the Panthers game. A pain-killing shot helped him make it through the Chiefs game last Sunday.
Allen said he expects Branch to play this Sunday, just knowing how tough and dedicated Branch has been all season.
“He had to take a shot to help him make it through the game,” Allen said, “and anytime you do that, you’re a little more sore when you come back. He’s a warrior, though. He’s a battler. He’s a fighter. He’s going to be out there if he can.”


Steve Corkran

  • Can he cover?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Can he cover?


    I would think a former WR/TE would have those “fluid hips” I always hear about more so than other OLB’s, but I don’t think he was asked to do it much.

    Seems that is always the million dollar questions with every LB prospect.

    Must really can’t, few can.

  • J Hill Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 10:04 am
    Our offense has been pretty sad. Not sure why you would be surprised to see a playmaker added to the offense in rd 1.

    If our offense is “pretty sad” then our defense is miserable.
    It’s cheaper to draft a good CB or pass rusher than to sign a good FA due to new rookie salary cap.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I was watching the Titans-Jets fiasco (sometime awful football is just as enjoyable to me as good football, in a sick way).

    Kam Wimbley was still just doing his patented dip move, nearly every play.

    Amazing that a guy can last that long in the league with one move.

    But hey, Avery Johnson played a dozen years in the NBA with zero ability to go to his right, so sometimes guys are just really good at one thing and it can carry them throughout their career.

  • Just Fire Baby


    The top WR prospects in this draft are Woods at USC and Keenan Allen at Cal, supposedly, and I don’t think either are instant difference makers.

    If Marquis Lee was coming out, I would be all over trying to get him at any cost.

    Pass on the WR in round 1. I think we will FINALLY get that vet WR this offseason in FA.

    Watch for Greg Jennings.

  • J Hill


    It’s cheaper to draft a WR too.

  • J Hill

    The WR from Tenn?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Plus, the reason I like Barr as well, is I believe that Seymour Bush made a great point about West Coast teams excelling with West Coast guys.

    Barr is a WC cat that would love to play in Cali still.

    Do we draft ANOTHER dude from the South, who for some reason would rather be in his dump of a hometown in Georgia than in the Bay Area?

    That hasn’t seemed to work out so well of late. Guys like McClain, Jamarcus, even Seymour, high-tail it out of town the first moment they can.

  • J Hill

    And of course I’m looking at us drafting around 12 after we win out.

  • Thx for the info Chico.
    I think with a good combine he can become a 1st round prospect.

  • RaiderSam

    J Hill Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 8:45 am
    Does anyone know the free agent DEs?

    Someone’s 3rd down specialist who might be too expensive for their current team?


    Maybe Jason Babin of Jacksonville. Or Ray Edwards (but he was dumped from Atlanta because of a “poor attitude”.

  • J Hill

    I don’t want the 4th best DE at 12.

    Would rather have the #1 WR, OG, RT, or S.

  • Just Fire Baby

    The WR from Tenn?


    I think his name is Justin Houston, and he drops waaaay too many passes to be a top 10 pick.

    He will be a combine freak as well though.

  • Just Fire Baby

    I like Chance Womack early, as he is the clear cut #1 prospect at his position.

    However, does he have the footwork necessary to excel in Gregg Knapp’s offense?

    (Just kidding O)

  • J Hill

    Warmack’s would probably fit best in a power man-blocking scheme as a professional. He could use his strength to drive open running lanes. Warmack may not have the speed and athleticism for a zone-blocking scheme. He could drop some weight to be a better fit if drafted into that type of rushing offense.

  • mcfadden20.

    Yes let’s draft guys, ho played in HS on west coast or play on the west coast unis

  • J Hill Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 10:16 am
    I don’t want the 4th best DE at 12.

    Would rather have the #1 WR, OG, RT, or S.

    Rather have the #1 CB D Milliner, but I agree with your logic but not the positions.
    I’ll take CB Milliner or DT/ NT J Hankins Go Buckeyes!

  • mcfadden20.

    I’m not at my own house I would love to Kick some ass on Madden 13 GG

  • Knapp’s offense is a joke Chico, and OG is not an impact player. We need talent and impact players, and I don’t think drafting an OG in the 1st is good value since we run the ZBS, we have other needs, and we need impact players.

  • J Hill


    I think the #1 CB will be off the board at 12.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Yes, OG is not typically an “impact” player, but when your two OG’s currently are an over the hill Savage and an under the hill loser, then he can be fairly impactful.

  • mcfadden20.

    Draft a pass rusher , that’s what we need

  • J Hill Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 10:39 am

    I think the #1 CB will be off the board at 12.

    Too early to tell IMO. We have to wait for the combine.

  • I like DE/ OLB D Moore, if we keep our pick.

  • Moose

    Picture #24 on the official site tells its own story

  • RaiderRetribution

    Raiders need starters before we need depth

  • Just Fire Baby

    I like DE/ OLB D Moore, if we keep our pick.


    Haven’t watched him play much, but the sites say he is a 3-4 OLB, so drafting him would HAVE TO mean that we are switching to the 3-4.

    Enough of this drafting guys and playing them in a new position business.

  • Moose

    #31 lets us know hes not being accepted

  • RaiderRetribution

    Just realized:
    Kelly, Tollefson, Houston, Crawford, & Biloduki are the Raiders DLINEMEN for 2013.

    Reggie, time to get to work man.

    Pssst, you think that’s bad checkout our lb situation, Burris & McClain…dddd that’s all folks.

  • Al_is_theraiders

    glad that idiot DAV isnt in here…hed dont know jack sh!t…

  • mcfadden20.

    DMoore is 4-3 end n can also line up at 3-4 outside linebacker and can be 3-4 end as well, he would be awesome for multiple D our coaches want to use

  • Charlie

    Whether you like it or not the lines(and backers to an extent) will be our focus with our top three picks for the next two years. We will do that to build a core and start controlling the lines. The results will be wins.
    9 of your starting 22 (41%) plays exclusively in the box.
    OLines create time and space. Dlines destroy time and space.
    THAT IS WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT. The rest of the pieces fill in the gaps.
    Do you really think we are going to be a consistently, strong, winning franchise building our lines with low round draft picks or free agents?
    Taken to another extreme, do you think we will be able to beat our competition when they consistently use high picks to build this part of their team?
    These are typically 270-320 pound athletes that need to have the agility and quickness of college level skill players. Do you really think you are likely to find premier or at least very good lineman in the fifth to seventh round or packing out at Wal Mart THAT ARE BETTER THAN WHAT OTHER NFL TEAMS HAVE?
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I would strongly suggest that the laws of probability are against us. Better yet, we have a classic example of what that strategy gets us; The 2012 Oakland Raiders.

    HINT: We need to build OUR CORE through the draft and expend enough high round draft picks on lineman to ensure superior line play. The way the Raiders used to do it. You build the core of your team through the draft. You use FA’s for niche pieces to buy time or plug a hole.
    We have 10 years of evidence to show that what we have been doing DOES NOT WORK!

  • eastoaklandraider

    I see JFB and J Hill are drinking the koolaid this fine morning, bless your optimistic hearts. I just can’t see us winning either of these last two games esp on the road. Cam is hot and I can’t see a scenario where we slow him down. SD still has some good players and I think they will send Norv out in style. Imo our only chance against them is if we can dominate their oline which is very possible. BTW JFB D Moore who is my fav draft prospect played in the 4-3 this season but can play in either scheme.

  • Well JFB has staked his considerable blog reputation on Greg Knapp.

  • Charlie

    Good morning east OAK

    Somebody who gets it.
    Forget about winning out this year.
    Next year is most likely a seven win season.
    We may start to make a playoff push in 2014.
    Way too many holes on the lines and too few high round picks available.

  • papertiger418

    I think one of the reasons why this regression screws us so badly is that we’ve lost appeal to FAs as a result, which means we’d have to spend more money in order to acquire them. If we had been a .500 team who played their opponents tough then Reggie and DA would have built themselves a touch of credibility as a staff. Instead, we’re just another struggling team desperate to improve.

    Messing up the offense cost us in more ways than one, on other words.

  • J Hill


    When the Lakers SMASH the Ws tonight ……

  • papertiger418

    Charlie’s right about the lines; we need to construct our team from the inside out. Still, ideally I wish we could sign a proven #1 wide receiver to a long term deal.

    I know I’m repeating myself, but I honestly think it would have the most immediate, positive impact on our offense. Just imagine going into next season with this year’s group + random UDFAs and a mediocre veteran FA or two. Bad news!

  • eastoaklandraider

    Charlie Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Good morning east OAK

    Somebody who gets it.
    Forget about winning out this year.
    Next year is most likely a seven win season.
    We may start to make a playoff push in 2014.
    Way too many holes on the lines and too few high round picks available

    Morning, hopefully RM is a Man of his word and focuses most of his attention on the front lines.

  • J Hill


    We’ve been pretty damn good against the run with the exception of the TB game.

    I think the real question for us winning these last 2 games is the QB and WRs being on the same page.

  • jesusraiderjim

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    December 22nd, 2012 at 10:04 am
    I was/am a Ziggy Ansah fan, but was a little concerned with the way ESPN kept saying that his HC Mendenhall was very passionate about the need to “surround him with the right people before the draft”.

    I know that is vital for about every draft pick, but I was using my reading between the lines skills on that one and it was of concern.


    I live in Southern Utah and am a HUGE UTES fan and I like this kid too. If he was around when we pick in the later rounds I would take him

    Signed GM JESUS

  • eastoaklandraider

    I think DBowe or GJennings Should be target #1 in FA.

  • J Hill

    ideally I wish we could sign a proven #1 wide receiver to a long term deal.


    Me too!

  • papertiger418

    Looks like th Saints are about to enter Salary Cap He|| because of Drew Brees’ contract.


    Are OT Jermon Bushrod, DE Will Smith, DT Sedrick Willis worth taking a look at? Could we afford any of those guys?

  • RaiderRockstar

    healthy or not, Seymour & Branch suck.

    kick both players to the curb, Reggie!

  • RaiderRockstar


    Desmond Bryant
    Shane Lechler
    Brandon Myers
    Matt Shaughnessy
    Philip Wheeler
    Phillip Adams
    Brandian Ross
    Jeremy Stewart

    the rest = hot garbage!!

  • eastoaklandraider

    J Hill, we have played no complete games as a team this year the closest we have come to a complete game was the ATL game. I can easily see us blowing a coverage because of Newtons run ability.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Bowe/Jennings Moore and Ford would be a Lethal combo imo.

  • Charlie


    The only lineman on the free agent list we will keep will be Bryant. We will try to get a year out of Carter.
    Lechler will need to take much less or he is gone as well.
    Too many cap issues with a guy like Kelly making $70 mill over 5 years. Ridiculous money for an overrated backup.

    The scary reality is that as of about a month ago, 13 players the Raiders had on the team last year are completely out of the NFL. That number has gone up since then.

    That is how thin our talent is compared with the rest of the league.

    McClain will be cut. Seymour and Shaugnessy are gone.
    Carlisle will retire. Barnes is very limited(see Denver) but may get us by one more year.

    That means at a MINIMUM we need a DT and DE with our first two picks. We can hope Bergstrom can take over for Carlisle. We then run our offense with the limitation of having to max protect for Barnes for one season.

    Gee, maybe Knapp does not have as much to work with as some on this blog think he does?

  • Purvisman/Intrepid// Full Disclosure

    Philip Wheeler ‏@Philgood50
    All I want for Christmas is to be in a Flashmob with my team. During the game. On tv. That would be dope

    A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and unexpected act…
    Fill in your own punchline…