Halftime: Panthers 14, Raiders 3


Cam Newton scored from 3 yards out following an interception by Luke Kuechly to put the Panthers up 14-3 with 17 seconds left in the half.

The Raiders appeared to have gotten a break when Graham Gano missed a 48-yard field goal attempt, with Carolina failing to score after having a drive extended by two controversial penalty calls on Oakland.

However, when Oakland got the ball back, Matt Leinart, subbing for the injured Carson Palmer, threw two quick incompletions _ neither close to his target _ and was picked off by Kuechly on third-and-10.

DeAngelo Williams ran 22 yards with a screen pass to the 7 and Newton scored two plays later.

Oakland scored on a 21-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski, with the Raiders faltering in the red zone and settling for the field goal.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Derek

    Leinart sux az. He’s not an NFL QB.

    Wonderlics do no score touchdowns

  • ray_d

    Newton is a punk, hope his knee gets blown out

  • omoran

    Raider (since1967)★
    When you are Holding is because you got beat or the other guy has Controled You !
    But when you know , that Play could be a Td for your Team and you are Cought holding like Wienusky then you
    Are a BEET !!!

  • Derek

    No more Leinart please !