Pryor to start against Chargers


Terrelle Pryor will start the regular-season finale against the San Diego Chargers Sunday, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said.

“I’ve decided to go with Terrelle Pryor as our quarterback,’’ Allen said Friday following practice. “He’ll play in the game and we’ll see how the game goes. He’s the starter, and we’re going to go into it as we would any other game.’’

Allen said Pryor and Matt Leinart had been told earlier in the week Pryor was the likely starter.

“I wanted to see how each player responded,’’ Allen said. “I thought Terrelle responded well. I think he gives us a unique element of athleticism at the quarterback position and I think he deserves to get an opportunity to get out there and see what he can do.

“I’m anxious to see him play. I want to see him get out there and relax, play the game of football the way it’s supposed to be played. I want to see him take command of the huddle. I want to see us get in and out of the huddle and the operation be smooth. I want to see him protect the football, make sure he makes good decisions.’’

Allen said Leinart “didn’t like’’ the decision and tha the didn’t expect him, as a competitor, to like it.

Pryor has played only six snaps in the past two games, a there-and-out series against the Kansas City Chiefs and three specialty plays against the Carolina Panthers where he was a shotgun quarterback with Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart split wide.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raiderjambo

    Good luck to young TP. You absolutely remind me of the “Old Raider Players”, who were told by the rest of the NFL, “you’re to old, over the hill, or not good enough”. However, when they arrived in Raiderland, many of them became Pro-Bowlers, Super Bowl Winners, and excellent RAIDER Football players. I hope with your hard work and apparent “team first ethic”, (rather than a spoiled brat, ala QB Leinhart me first attitude) that you have an absolute barnstormer against the chargers. Then, maybe you can back up CP next year, and who knows from there on out?

  • Raiderjambo

    549. If TP drives down the field for 4 TD’S and a win, I can guarantee there won’t be a sober RAIDERFAN on Sunday night!

  • RaiderRetribution

    Keep DA, DA needs to fire Knapp, bring in another wco OC, if he wants to just fire Knapp.

  • dr_robert

    Hope ur not lying and saying I was liking knapp. Lies lies and more lies.

  • dr_robert

    We all HOPE Pryor does well. But it’s unlikely.

  • Derek

    Coach Dingleberry must have been forced to start Pryor. It’s clear he’s far too ignorant to have done so on his own.

    Not much preparation as they wasted half the week giving reps to leinert, plus a pathetic play book. However I still hope and have confidence Pryor will have a decent game.

    Shortly after this last game I hope to hear DA has been fired and clueless Reggie Mc has a new boss.

  • Derek

    #524: Owen She-at was a worthless bum. He’s as slow as a tug boat, couldn’t block, and was overmatched. There’s a reason he’s no longer in the league. Spots McKenzie was the only fool dumb enough to give him a job. DA was the only coach on the planet stupid enough to give him the ball on 4th and 1.

  • raiderlization

    Funny with Knapp stating that they had not got the Red Zone Plays down due to lack of getting therer means the whole team only knows 50% of Knapps Play Book! Matt Lienert came here with Knapp and has shown us what? that he knows more than 50% of Knapps Play Book?LOL!

  • qodrn1

    Raider Prediction Board

    Dedicated to Al Davis, Raider duct tape (boy does it hold) and the Coliseum rodents

    Week 1: Alex7: Chargers 27 Raiders 20 (22/14)
    Week 2: R8eray: Dolphins 20 Raiders 13 (35/13)
    Week 3: Plunketthead Raiders 30 Steelers 27 (34/31) R
    Week 4: Amysincharge: Denver 48-7 (37-6)
    Week 5: Klas Tjorborn: Falcons 35 Raiders 20 (23/20)
    Week 6: qodrn: Raiders 27 Jags 20 (26/23 OT) R
    Week 7: raidermarty/VaRaiderNation Raiders 27 –
    Chiefs 17 (26/16) R
    Week 8: Bye Week.
    Week 9: JONGRUDEN2012: Baltimore 47 Oakland 13
    Week 10: GG: Saints 45 Raiders 17
    Week 11: GG: 34-16 Panthers
    Week 12: backstageatapupptshow: Cleveland 27 Oakland 13 – reverse winner – Albert B. Paine 20/17
    Week 13: Cork: Denver 33 Raiders 13 (26/13)
    Week 14: Plunketthead Raiders 25 Missouri 17 (15-0) R
    Week 15: DKnight007 Says: Carolina 24 Raiders 10

    qodrn: Raiders 20 Chargers 19
    Relentless Says: Raiders-21 Chargers-17