Updated story, bizarre details on McClain being arrested


A story in the Decatur Daily details the false name used by Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain that led to his arrest Tuesday. The story also recounts how McClain feels as if he is a victim in the case.
Brace yourself. You can’t make up this stuff. So, here’s the link. Use your imagination when guessing what the expletive was used by McClain:



Steve Corkran


    DennisAllensVisor Says:
     January 11th, 2013 at 2:44 pm
    JONTRAIN Says:January 11th, 2013 at 2:41 pm
    Hue’s two seasons with the Raiders is exactly why he is being considered for OC jobs. Its called having some success on your resume

    .—-Not his years in Washington or Atlanta?


    Hue was the common thread in two 8-8 seasons sandwiched inside of years of complete ineptitude. Thats a substantial achievment

  • alex7


    there are grown-ups talking in here. Keep babbling at the kiddie table. They’ll giggle at your fascination with looking up guys’ anatomies.

  • eastoaklandraider

    Who is the OC for GB besides Mcarthy anybody know?

  • The_Judge37

    1849.alex7 Says:
    January 11th, 2013 at 2:57 pm
    1) Raiders have pegged OCs from playoff teams’ position coaches.
    2) McKenzie doesn’t feel the need to advertise this.
    3) When playoffs are over, those candidates will be interviewed.

    The end. Most 3rd-graders could understand this.

    Question: If no playoff assistants are hired, and we again go into Feb until hiring an OC, Does Reggie still get to use his “Late Start” or “Not his 1st choice” pass?

  • Dakota

    If you could jump in a time machine and change one Raiders’ draft since 1990, leaving the picks where they were, and only picking guys that were on the board when we selected, which draft would you change (my pick is 2003, it had everything….the 1996 draft would have been awesome with Lewis and Dawkins and a good kicker…but 2003 is my choice):

    1. Emitt Smith RB (Anthony Smith DE)
    2. Keith Sims G (Aaron Wallace DE)
    4. Jackie Harris TE (Torin Dorn CB)
    5. Brian Mitchell RB (Stan Smalaga RB)
    6. Byrce Paup LB (Marcus Wilson RB)
    7. Shannon Sharpe TE (Gary Lewis CB)

    1.Favre QB (Todd Marinovich QB)
    2. Erik Williams T or Ricky Watters RB (Nick Bell RB)
    4. Bryan Cox LB (Rocket Ismail WR)
    6. Leon Lett DT (Nolan Harrison LB)

    1. McGlokton keep or Dale Carter CB
    2. Darren Woodson CB (Skrepenak T)
    5. Michael Bates WR (Derrick Hoskins DB)
    6. Mark Chmura TE (Tony Rowell C)

    1. Michael Strahan DE (Patrick Bates S)
    3. Ray Buchanan CB (BJ Hobert QB)
    3. Will Shields G (James Trapp DB)
    5. Frank Wycheck TE (Truitt WR)
    7. Beikert-keep

    1. Larry Allen G (Fredrickson LB)
    2. Tim Ruddy G (Folston LB)
    3. Jason Gilden LB (Calvin Jones RB)
    4. Rodney Harrison S (Austin Robbins DE)
    5. Jamal Anderson RB (R. Patterson G)
    7. Tom Nalen C (Holmberg LB)

    1. Ty Law CB or Derrick Brooks LB (Nap Kaufman)
    2. B. Robbins + a psychiatrist or Curtis Martin RB
    3. Antonio Freeman WR (Aska RB)
    4. Gary Walker DE (Morton LB)
    6. Terrell Davis RB (Eli Herring T)

    1. Ray Lewis LB (Ricky Dudley TE)
    (Other options: Marvin Harrison, Willie Anderson, Eddie George)
    2. Brian Dawkins S. or T.O. (L. Johnstone DE)
    5. LaRoi Glover –Keep him this time
    6. Marco Rivera G (Tim Hall RB)
    7. Casey Wiegmann C (Sedrick Clark DE)
    7. Larry Izzo LB (Darius Smith C)
    7. Adam Vinaitieri K (Joey Wylie (G)

    1. T. Gonzales TE (D. Russell)
    3. Jayson Taylor DE (Adam Treu G)
    3. Derrick Mason WR (Tim Kohn G)
    4. Priest Holmes RB (Chad Levitt RB)
    6. Pat Williams DT (Calvin Branch RB)
    6. Grady Jackson-Keep

    1. C. Woodson-Keep
    1. Alan Faneca G (Mo Collins G)
    2. Samari Rolle CB (Leon Bender dead DT)
    3. H Ward WR (Jon Richie FB)
    4. Matt Birk C (DiNapoli G)
    5. Jeff Saturday C (Bringham TE)
    5. London Fletcher LB (Travian Smith LB)

    1999: not worth reviewing

    1. Shaun Alexander RB (Jano k)
    2. Porter WR keep
    4. Tom Brady QB (J. Ioane DE)
    7. Brian Waters G (Fulcher TE)

    1. Drew Brees QB (Gibson S)
    2. Steve Smith WR (Tui QB)
    3. Rudi Johnson RB (Grant lb)
    5. TJ Housmydaddy WR (Perryman SS)
    6. Antonio Pierce LB (Cooper DT)

    1. Ed Reed S (Buchanon CB)
    1. Lito Sheppard CB or Portis RB (Nap Harris LB)
    2. Brian Westbrook RB (L. Walker T)
    2. Chris Hope S (Jolley TE)
    5. Aaron Kampman DE (Coleman DE)
    6. Ryan Clark S. (Nash DB)
    6. James Harrison LB (Bed RB)

    1. Osi Umenyiora DE (Nnamdi)
    1. Boldin WR (Brayton DE)
    2. Lance Briggs LB (Teyo ohnson TE)
    Or Jason Witten TE
    3. Asante Samuel CB (Sam Williams
    3. Brandon Lloyd WR (Fargas RB)
    4. Robert Mathis DE (Pierson DE)
    5. Tony Romo QB (Gabriel WR)
    6. Antonio Gates (Rykert T)

    1. Big Ben or Fitz (Gallery T)
    2. N. Hardwick C (Grove C)
    3. Schaub QB (Stu S.)
    4. Jarred Allen DE (Francis WR)
    5. Michael Turner RB (Morant WR)
    6. Corey Williams DT (S. Johnson DE)
    7. Jason Peters T (Courtney Anderson TE)
    UFA Wes Welker

    1. Aaron Rodgers QB (Fabian CB)
    2. Vincent Jax WR or Frank Gore RB (Routt)
    3. Justin Tuck DE (Walter QB)
    3. Brandon Jacobs RB (Morrison LB)
    6. Chris Harris S (Hawethorne DT)
    6. Jay Ratliff DT (Riddle DE)

    1. Ngata DT (Huff S.)
    2. M. Jones-Drew RB (Howard LB)
    3. Dummerville DE (McQuistan
    4. Brandon Marshall WR (Bing S)
    6. Antoine Bathea S (Booth)
    7. C. Dinnegan CB (Morris C)
    7. Miles Austin WR (McMahan WR)

    1. A. Peterson RB (Russell QB)
    2. Lamar Woodley LB (Miller TE)
    3. Jacoby Jones WR (Moses DE)
    3. Paul Soliai DT (Mario Henderson T)
    5. Celek TE (J. Richardson DE)

  • alex7

    Andy Reid brought over Philly’s OC.

    I guess it’s awesome that he hired someone quick.

    Wait, the Eagles O was terrible last year. With more talent than KC.

  • Dakota

    new post

  • alex7


    as you’ve obviously have seen, most GMs whiff on their first, second, and third choices for positions. They tend to have to settle for someone down the list.

    I’m sure our situation will be similar.

  • DennisAllensVisor

    OC – Aaron Kromer / Joe Lombardi / Bill Lazor

    OL – Clancy Barone / Bill Callahan

    LB – Billy Davis / Adam Zimmer

    ST – Mike Mallory / John Bonamego / Keith Burns

  • gangosix

    enough with the hue thing already,time to move on.