Former Raiders WR Rice backs WR Brown’s Super Bowl ‘sabotage’ accusation


Former Raiders wide receiver Jerry Rice just appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live show. During a phone interview, Rice backed fellow former Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown’s accusation that coach Bill Callahan “sabotaged” the Raiders’ chances of winning the Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by changing the game plan the Friday before the game.
This story just keeps getting stranger by the minute, with numerous players chiming in on the subject. It’s worth noting that Jon Ritchie, the fullback on that team, also feels the same way, while linebacker Bill Romanowski, right offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy, safety Rod Woodson and quarterback Rich Gannon disagreed with Brown’s seemingly outlandish accusation.
There will be plenty more on this as it unfolds, including any comment from Callahan, who now is with the Dallas Cowboys. Also, beat writer Jerry McDonald is working on a story for later today.
In the interim, here’s what Rice had to say:

Q: Was the game plan changed Friday before the game?
A: “Yes, it did. I was very surprised by that because you work all week long running the football, then all of a sudden on that given Friday, we decided that we were going to come out and throw the ball over 60 times. What Bill Callahan, and what Tim Brown is accusing him of is that, why would you wait until the last second to change the game plan.”

Q: In any way, do you think Callahan tried to sabotage the Raiders’ chances of winning the Super Bowl?
A: “With Tim Brown, he had been with the Raiders longer, and I recall when I first went to the Raiders, for some reason, and I don’t know why, Bill Callahan, he did not like me. He was that type of coach. Some of the things that happened, with him walking off the field during the game, not being happy about certain situations, I was very surprised that he waited until the last second, and a lot of the players, they were surprised also. So, in a way, maybe because he didn’t like the Raiders, he decided that, ‘Hey, look, maybe we should sabotage this a little bit and let Jon Gruden go out and win this one.’ ”

Q: In saying that, you’re saying that Callahan would, perhaps, risk his career to let the Bucs win?
A: “Yeah, I know exactly what I’m saying. This is a discussion that Tim and I had. Being veterans, we know that you don’t wait until the last second to change the game plan. It has a lot to do with the center, too. He was like, ‘You can’t do this to us right now,’ and maybe that was the reason why he ended up going over to Mexico and he was a no show during the Super Bowl.”

Q: So, you think Callahan’s changing the game plan prompted center Barret Robbins to go to Mexico on the Saturday before the game?
A: “Well, without a doubt because, the center is just like a quarterback on the field. He has to get all the calls right. All week long, we worked on a certain defense. Then, on that given Friday, (Callahan) decided to change the game plan to a passing game. With Barret, he was frustrated, he was, like, ‘You cannot do this to us at the last second.’ Maybe that’s the reason why he decided to not show up.”

Q: Have you and Tim Brown confronted Bill Callahan with your stance about him sabotaging the Super Bowl?
A: “We never had the opportunity. But, as a veteran and as a guy that had been around for a long time, you don’t want to question your coach at that time. But we just found that it was very unusual to change everything, when we had Tyrone Wheatley and also Charlie Garner, and we had probably the best fullback in the league with Zack Crockett. So, we had a game plan and all of a sudden you change that game plan. Basically, we didn’t know exactly was going to happen in that Super Bowl.”

Q: Just to clarify, you believe that Callahan potentially and deliberately hurt the Raiders’ chances of winning that Super Bowl?
A: “Well, this is what I’m saying. I just felt it was very unusual. Tim Brown, he was like the guy in Oakland, and if he was suspicious of something like that, I really have to believe Tim Brown because this guy was everything with the Oakland Raiders. He had been there a long, long time and this was a discussion that we had after. I just found it to be very unusual because you want to go into that situation knowing exactly what you want to do, how you want to approach that defensive opponent, and we changed everything that Friday.”


Steve Corkran

  • nwr8r

    And in other Raider news……
    Yahoo has an article on Jamarcus Russell’s comeback attempt. Lol at the type of media attention this team gets.

  • beach

    Priest needs to understand that most of us want the Raiders to win. I’ll take a kid from Korea as QB if he can lead us to the Super Bowl. Come on guys, you are being too darn sensitive about the QB situation!

  • Rob_raider

    mcfadden20. Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    They will call is racists unless we agree with them n demand the management they start Pryor or we will call Reggie racist and call him out for sabotaging his own race
    It’s a waste of time to tell a racist not to be racist.
    I can recall when russell was having trouble. comments about him not knowing the whole play book were met with immediate racist claims. No one said he was ignorant, just he was lazy. Again, replies of racia claims. Was the same two posters then, crying racism, that are saying it now.


  • Try Some Reality

    I’m not demanding anything except that they give him a chance. Tell me…with 4 games left and at 3-9, what exactly did we have to lose by playing Pryor and giving him a chance to not only show what he can or can’t do, but also give him some real game experience?

    And how about a little balance in how we discuss QBs? Why does it have to be black vs. white and my guy vs. your guy? Never mind, I know why…it’s because of Mistic’s hateful posts. The guy loves to create discord in here and some of you guys go along with it and add fuel to the fire.

  • RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit

    Palmer had a tough time beating Jacksonville.. till the jaguars decided they didnt want to win it…palmer fumbled snaps.. INTS.. raiders needed OT to beat a 2 win team

  • Draft:
    1- DE/ OLB D Moore
    3- OLB J Collins
    4- DE D Jones, DE B Jenkins, or ILB A Jackson

    LDE: D Jones
    DT: Houston
    DT: TK/ Bilukidi/ Bryant (if we can resign him)
    RDE: Moore
    OLB: Burris
    OLB: Collins

    Who needs CBs?

    Sign a RT, CB, NT, and ILB in FA.

  • SR Raider

    I’ve always blamed the SB loss on Callapuke’s game plan and suspected something fishy was going on behind the scenes. Even if it wasn’t intentional, it was a bonehead maneuver on a huge scale

  • alex7


    why would anyone DEMAND that a 3rd-string QB start? Do all other teams do this once they’re out of the playoffs?

    Perhaps the coaches knew that, going forward, Palmer was light-years ahead of Pryor and the need to win the final few games to build momentum for 2013 was more important than seeing what they already knew – that Pryor is too inconsistent to start in the NFL.

    Isn’t this logical for why the coaching staff wouldn’t need to force Pryor to start?

  • beach

    I can be objective at judging our QBs. But anybody that tries to compare # 2 to any NFL QB is out of their mind. # 2 was the move that ensured that we would not be winning for a very, long time.

  • Rob_raider

    Lawsuit coming. big time. guaranteed.
    Either Tim Brown and Jerry Rice retract their comments, as in the next couple of days, or Callahan will have enough money to buy that small island he wanted.

  • beach

    308 pounds and you want to get back in the NFL. Are you freakin’ kidding me? The SOB stole money from Al Davis and us fans, and we should feel sorry for the loser? Sorry, NEVER!

  • mcfadden20.

    Priesttj12 Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 11:07 pm
    mcfadden20. Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 10:59 pm
    No point. Arguing with Priest n the gang , you can’t make fair assessments with these guys , obviously I would love to have open competitions between all players and the best man winsx but these guys demand he start , nothing else , we can tell them we’ll all be ecstatic if Pryor becomes good like Kap and Griffn and Wilson and lead us to the glory land , but we doubt he’s ready yet , but these guys will still call us racists
    You damn retard what fair assesment have you EVER made…..Oh I get it you praise palmer for losing games. Well if that’s what you mean forget it.

    I’m done man I got better things to do.

    I’m just glad Reggie came to his senses…………period

    N they wonder why , we don’t care what they have to say, anytime we disagree with them, we’re retards according to these guys , Reggie didn’t come to his senses , Reggie said that to appease you losers in here , so that the whole world will see Pryor is not ready yet, will e be ready down the road? Could he surprise us this offseason? It’s possible but more than likely the guy would disappoint , stop having some kinda wet dreams , n to let u know , I don’t think Palmer is the greatest thing ever since the sliced bread , only reason why I defend him is because of your friends ridiculous claim that he’s the only reason we lose each n every game including the game our D allowed 55 points , his constant magnifying of every one of his miscues and then constantly make excuses for Every black QB , he realizes that C Newton D was horrible last year n I realized that too, n I acknowledged that , n I asked him to acknowledge that Palmer didn’t exactly had Te best D either , in week 17 last year he put on a performance that would have won the game , I we had even an average D , but nope he will never acknowledge sh1t , he will talk up every player like Te greatest player in the world Palmer could have , n he should have succeeded etc etc, but obviously nothing will change with you or Mistic or debo Kell ( or you’re all a same person

  • DJ Johnny

    Priest, I recall asking you if you really thought Pryor was good, and the reason I asked is becuz I wanted your opinion. I wanted to hear something that I have not personally seen. To suggest that anyone questioning whether Pryor is good or not is somehow a racist inquiry is ridiculous.

    I valued your opinion. I know u used to work as a scout for the Raiders so I honestly wanted to hear your opinion. Sorry I asked.

    I’ve said it many times, that I would LOVE Pryor to be a total stud and take us to the playoffs and I don’t cast any more doubt on him than I would ANY backup QB we have.

    Don’t include me in the list of people who called people dumb or that he can’t play qb. You will not find any posts of me saying that. You may however find the ones where I was saying he should be starting as early as week 14 so we could see what he can do.

    I’ve ripped on plenty more qb’s way worse than Pryor…who I have not ripped on.

    Have I questioned whether he can be the guy? Of course. No more so than I would any other QB who hasn’t had his shot yet.

  • ian85

    preistt is a dumbass soup had a 12 qb rating vs the niners same niners ryan threw for 396 and 3tds against soup also blew in the 2nd half vs the texans fck the bears even have brandon marshall how the hell do u have a 12 qb rating by the way mcfadden carried that worthless loser soup to every win that he had in silver in black if soup had denise and krapp as coaches we would be 0 and 16 damn that guy sucks

  • Pryor couldn’t beat out Leinart for 2nd string…Why is that so hard to accept?

    Why should he be given the opportunity to be a 1st string starter when he cant even beat out the 2nd string guy?

  • ian85

    not to mention soup fcking sucked balls against the o and 6 niners 3 years ago

  • beach

    I think Leinart stinks. I have no problem with Pryor over Leinart.

  • Rob_raider

    alex7 Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 11:20 pm


    why would anyone DEMAND that a 3rd-string QB start? Do all other teams do this once they’re out of the playoffs?

    Perhaps the coaches knew that, going forward, Palmer was light-years ahead of Pryor and the need to win the final few games to build momentum for 2013 was more important than seeing what they already knew – that Pryor is too inconsistent to start in the NFL.

    Isn’t this logical for why the coaching staff wouldn’t need to force Pryor to start?
    Far as I can tell, was a pretty small, but vocally whiney group that infested this board with claims pryor should start. No other raider board had the racist crap and demands like this board has.
    Mods on the other boards get rid of that crap right away.
    Not here

    Raider coaches did exactly what they should have at the end. give backup a shot. give his backup a shot.

    Which sadly tells me if palmer goes down, we are in a world of hurt

  • Or:

    LDE: Houston
    NT: FA/ Rookie
    RDE: D Jones
    OLB: Moore
    OLB: J Collins/ Burris

  • beach

    516. Yes, he was pathetic.

  • mcfadden20.

    It’s waste of time trying to discuss sh1t with these guys, I don’t even know why people talk to these guys, when they call every non-black guy in here racists , even if dispute there stupid claims , what’s the point , jus ignore these idiots who think a guy is a racist if he doesn’t talk up a black QB

  • Try Some Reality

    Alex7 Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    why would anyone DEMAND that a 3rd-string QB start? Do all other teams do this once they’re out of the playoffs?


    Alex, to see what they have in him. He’s essentially a rookie and was 3rd only because of Leinart’s familiarity with Knapp. Think they’re bringing Leinart back to play ahead of Pryor? lol. Not happening.

    You said perhaps they already knew Pryor was too inconsistent to start in the NFL. Ok, if so, why play him at all in that last game? If his outlook really is as bleak as you claim, why even tote him out there at all? Why not just convert him to TE like so many in here seem to want? Or maybe just trade him? Why waste any time whatsoever on the kid if he’s truly as bad as you say?

  • “I valued your opinion. I know u used to work as a scout for the Raiders so I honestly wanted to hear your opinion. Sorry I asked.”

    If you were a Raiders Scout and you think Pryor should be a starting NFL QB then I am one happy as hell fan that you “WERE” a scout and no longer are one for the Raiders with that kind of retarded perception.

  • papertiger418

    Who is our QB coach?

  • alex7


    how bad did I say he was?

    All I’m saying is he’s not a starting QB, and based on his collegiate history and current mechanics, never will be.

    Is he worth a slot as an inexpensive backup until a better one comes along? Sure. Pryor is an average backup, better than some, worse than others.

  • “I think Leinart stinks. I have no problem with Pryor over Leinart.”

    You missed the point. Pryor has to EARN 2nd string he has to unseat Leinart and he has NOT even done that yet and everyone is ready to crown him.

  • mcfadden20.

    N the ridiculous notions by Mistic that Campbell with his 135 Yards per game arm was the reason McFadden had those runnin lanes where as teams don’t fear Palmers 250+ yards per game arm and always put 9 and 10 in the box to stop McFadden , n they tell us why everybody hates that idiot

  • beach

    Like I said, I’d be happy as a pig in _ _ _ _ if we had RG III or Russell Wilson. Unfortunately, we don’t. Good night all! May the best team win the Super Bowl this season, the veteran coach with the veteran QB and veteran defense. Go out in style, Ray Lewis. You sure came back in the knick of time to lead your team to greatness.

  • ian85

    hahahaha silverandblack666 post 523 well said me as well

  • Try Some Reality

    Lol at the Pryor couldn’t beat out Leinart crowd. We all know why Leinart was 2nd string. Wasn’t he even coaching Palmer on Knapp’s offense at some point? Leinart was a pro at the lateral dink and dunk game, and he won’t even get a phone call from us this offseason.

  • RaidO

    Palmer should be gone. Some on here talking about TP’s stats his first game with no REAL first team reps. Yeah TP threw for only about 150 yards. I got news for you guys.

    Some of Palmer’s game passing stats in 2012. A seasoned vet with all the first string snaps all damn year.

    PIT 209 yards
    @DEN 202 yards
    @KC 209 yards
    @CIN 146 yards
    KC 182 yards

    I would like to see TP with all the first string reps and timing down with WR’s. He will do just fine. Add his run threat and he will be doing some damaged.

  • RaidO


  • theTiNmAn

    I’m with you guys, I’ll be wearing my RAIDERS GEAR come SB. Don’t have any purple & black, might as well make it “SILVER & BLACK”. rise up RAIDER NATION!!!

  • alex7

    Palmer has a history of success from USC to the Bengals as the NFL’s most-accurate passer one year.

    Pryor? History of struggling passing the ball from Ohio State to pre-season to first start.

    Kinda different trajectories.

  • Try Some Reality

    New post, fellas

  • mcfadden20.

    Sometimes I wonder if Mis1tic n all these guys are even black people , they could some aliens , trying to pit black vs white n ,stir up the nation fans , n every other motive they have, you guys feel that way sometimes , you know what I mean, it could be the mod (whiner fan) like MR Sullivan 44 trying to divide us fans into colors n sh1t , Idk , we should def just learn to ignore all their posts that had Pryor this or Pryor that, if Pryor is good , than nobody would b able to stop him from getting a starting gig, Dennis n Reg wants to save their jobs , they will put the best players out there, n may the best man wins, at every position , no point debating about stupid stuf

  • mcfadden20.

    New post

  • dr_robert

    I wonder who will be out backup qb next year behind Palmer. A vet or a draft pick. Hopefully someone who, if Palmer got hurt, could throw it deep to our new wr Pryor.

    It’s just too fun.

  • ian85

    No thanks on Pryor can u imagine him throwing it 40 or 50 times a game like Palmer did this year no thanks YUCK PRYOR will never make it in the NFL as a QB he can’t throw move him to wide receiver already we r wasting our time with him as a qb Palmer is the man just gotta run football more Palmer schits all over Pryor