Mayock likes DT Floyd as Raiders top pick


NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said in a national conference call he thought Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd could be a potential target for the Raiders with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Mayock, available in advance of this week’s NFL scouting combine, said he liked Floyd (6-foot-3, 303 pounds) ahead of Utah’s Star Lotulelei (6-4, 325), a player who heading into the combine is considered to be more of a top 10 pick than Floyd on most lists.

“Oakland is in a very good place. They need D-linemen, and they can get one in this draft. This kid from the University of Florida, Sharrif Floyd, he’s the prototypical three-technique in this draft and I think he’s going to be a big-time impact player that people don’t know about,” Mayock said. “I’ve got him rated higher than the Utah kid and he’s a natural at what they do.”

Defensive tackle Richard Seymour is an unrestricted free agent, as is injury-replacement in the starting lineup, Desmond Bryant. Starter Tommy Kelly is no lock to return because of a high salary cap number.

The Raiders are presently without picks in the second and fifth rounds because of trades for Carson Palmer and Aaron Curry in 2011. They’ve added a second seventh-round pick in the Louis Murphy deal to Carolina and also will probably receive a compensatory pick or picks by the time the draft takes place.

While trading the No. 3 overall pick is no doubt enticing, and would potentially enable the Raiders to recoup the lost picks, it may be easier said than done.

Mayock said the 2013 draft is exceptionally deep because of a strong junior class, but not particularly top heavy.

“I think the fifth pick in the draft and the 25th pick are very similar,” Mayock said.

Mayock, who correctly forecast the Raiders selection of Darrius Heyward-Bey in 2009 well in advance of the draft based on the way Al Davis leaned heavily on size, strength and speed, said the organization has changed the way it identifies talent in the Reggie McKenzie-Dennis Allen era.

“I think there’s a very radical divergence from the past Raider way,” Mayock said. “I don’t mean that positively or negatively. I just mean different. I like where Reggie and Dennis are headed. Reggie comes from Green Bay. In Green Bay, Ted Thompson’s been a guy that grinds. He’s out in the field all the time. He’s a true old-school evaluator, where h wants a football player first and an athlete second, and I think Mr. Davis was a little bit the opposite.

“He wanted that athlete first and that he thought he could mold into a football player.”

Mayock also sees four offensive linemen as being players who could go in the top three _ Texas A&M tackle Luke Joekel, Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher, Alabama guard Chance Warmack and North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper.

The Raiders could use an instant starter at either at right tackle, where Khalif Barnes is a free agent, or either guard spot, where Mike Brisiel was brought in because of his familiarity with the zone bocking scheme and Cooper Carlisle is a free agent.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    *in 8 days.


    Actually, Cork hasn’t put anything on the blog in ten days since this article was written by our old blog writer Jerry.

  • RaiderRockstar

    I think Palmer has three more years in him easily, having just turned 34.



    what do you think he’s worth for 3 years?

    give me a quote of what a good franchise would pay, not one that reflects a greater amount to play in Oakland

  • RaiderRockstar

    funny how what I’ve been saying all offseason is now national news … Carson Palmer isn’t worth the money


    Yet the Palmer cult keeps changing their story in an attempt to be right. Now they say he should restructure, where as previously they said he’s worth every penny and actually had a fair contract in line with his performance

    I said that the only way Palmer stays in Oakland is if he does what Vick did. Rip up the current “out of whack” contract and sign something more reasonable for a lot less money and probably only 1 or 2 years. Something that allows Reggie to cut him if we go 4-12 again (without a huge cap hit)

  • GG

    A few thoughts…

    1. If Reggie is true to his word about drafting by BPA, then the #3 will be someone like Warmack, Fisher, or Ansah.

    1b. Ideally, he’d like to stay at #3, to draft someone, and trade a valuable commodity to get a 2nd rounder….rather than trade down route which would see him miss out on someone at the top he loves (like say Warmack, Fisher or Ansah).

    2. Palmer’s restructured contract possibly opens the door now for him being that valuable commodity worth a 2nd rounder.

    2b. Pryor is getting a ton of practice in, etc, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing that with faith he’ll be called on to start.

    2c. Reggie’s QB to compete with Pryor is probably Bray who he can have for a 3rd if do-able.

    3. I personally would draft someone like Warmack, Fisher, Anshah…trade Palmer, maybe even McFadden, as there’s a number of 2nd/3rd prospects worth diving into at various positions from MLB, CB, S, RB.

    4. About this blog…I am guessing that they wanna let this blog die a slow death, where people just stop coming here, so they can resurrect something new, or, transfer everything to sfgate.

    5. I posted in here a couple weeks ago about starting our own forum, where there would be a bot that can trawl the net for Raiders news from all kinds of sources and post them as new threads in a special “News” sub-board. I said I’d buy the domain, and then ask someone tech-savvy to help build it. I posted my email address to be contacted. That way too, run by me/us, we could keep the unbanning away and keep the gang together.

    I bought the domain…but no one’s emailed me.

    If they really do decide to let this blog die, then someone email me so we can get the ball rolling. I know people here are too lazy and scared. Like no one joined the Ibabuzz Madden Community. People will continue to visit here expecting it to be properly serviced. They wont panic until armeggedon is on their doorstep.

    Either way, I’ve got the domain, and the ideas, so consider emailing me if armageddon comes.

  • Just seen Bryants’ mug shot on profootballtalk…..

    makes Romac look intelligent.

  • guest123

    Good Morning everyone

  • guest123

    Bryant looked like he was choking on his own toungue there. Funny thing about mugshots though. They follow you to your grave. Do a google and any name you want to choose and the mug shot photo is usually the first thing on the screen. What’s a funny joke now is too late to change later for when your kids start doing their own research.

  • guest123

    Is Cork on vacation or dead or something? No tweets, and two posts on ibabuzz that didn’t make it here and were outdated/ previously written but posted 2/25


    Month of February is just about in the books. Just a handful of posts. Last February, there were 10 posts each week including a weekly chat. Guess they aren’t paying Cork anymore. If they want to kill this board, shouldn’t they just announce it already, remove the comment section and move on? Lack of quality Raider news and updates turns off a lot of pageview traffic. You figure they have to track that statistic and make a call if it’s even worth having this site anymore. Right?

  • guest123

    Yet the Palmer cult keeps changing their story in an attempt to be right. Now they say he should restructure, where as previously they said he’s worth every penny and actually had a fair contract in line with his performance


    Would like to know who exactly in the Palmer cult is changing their story?

    I think even the most staunchest CP3 supporters will tell you that they agree that he is overpaid and that Reggie should restructure and spread out the cap hit to 2015.

    As far as any silly notion that he is going to play for peanuts, he’s got better options if he walks. I’m sure that he is looking at his market value and probably willing to give Oakland a small hometown-California discount. But he’s in a good place for starting point in negotiations. Working out a cap friendly extension is a win-win for CP3 and Reggie.

  • realtruraider

    WOW, Milliner ran 4.31, didn’t think he would run a sub 4.4. The honey badger ran a 4.43 which is also a better time than expected. these are unofficial times

  • guest123

    lol @ honeybadger fanatics. Guy does 4 benchpress reps. 🙂

  • realtruraider

    I posted the other day..Lets build this mutha the Al D way not the Madden way, outside in baby. Draft Milliner in the 1st and Mathieu in the 3rd or 4th. I wasn’t really really serious but we do need alot of help in the secondary so…………………

  • realtruraider

    LOL, Im no fanatic man, but I really don’t care what a CB benches, as long as he can cover, run and make plays


    Just give me a corner with ball skills = milliner & honey badger!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    My first choice is Geno, 2nd Milner. Has been that way for some time.

    I wouldn’t at all be mad if we went Milner in the 1st, Cyprien or Reid in the 3rd (if avail) and HoneyBadger in the 4th.

    49ers drafted a bunch of DB’s one year in the early 80’s, it turned out to be one of the greatest drafts in the history of the NFL.

  • Just Fire Baby

    As far as any silly notion that he is going to play for peanuts, he’s got better options if he walks.


    That’s what Donovan McNabb thought too.

  • guest123

    I don’t want Geno at #1. I keep hearing scouting experts compare him to Akili Smith. Chiefs GM says he’s not even a first round talent. You have to be really sure at #3.

    As to Dee, I’d not be mad if we drafted him either. But there are according to the draft experts a goldmine of talent on the D-line. Maybe so much talent that it can confuse the question whether one is even needed. Just because there are so many good D-linemen doesn’t mean that they cancel each other out.

    I go on the record for wanting Werner at #3, but there are plenty of good linemen out there. Even O-linemen. Just not Geno.

  • Plunketthead


    I called yesterday but you were not in. I left a message, you must not have received it, so I will call again at 9 this morning

    your pal,

  • Just Fire Baby

    McNabb at 33 made the playoffs and the Pro Bowl, and tossed up a 92.9 QB rating.

    He was out of the league 19 games later.

    Carson is on his last legs, Reggie, half this board, and the entire NFL knows it.

  • theghostronin79

    I don’t think I’m down with the “Outside-IN” way of building….. The trenchmen, especially O-Line can be anchors for a decade or more.

    DB’s, unless they’re just off the chain awesome, only last about half that. We need to lock down some big Uglies that are going to stick for awhile, while we find a player here and there to impact our secondary. Like I”ve heard before -and agree with- that with a good pass rush, even mediocre DB’s can look fairly good.

  • guest123

    Carson Palmer is not at Donovan McNabb level, yet.

    Think about the bargain that Tom Brady gave to the Patriots, his cap number is at $9 million. Mike Vick tore up his contract. All these forces will drive down the costs during negotiations with Palmer.

    The key is getting another year to spreading the cap hit out to a small enough number that we can eat the dead cap in his last year.

  • Just Fire Baby

    People thought there was a great derth of D-line talent at the top of this draft, until Star was learned to have an Andre the Giant heart, Jarvis Jones has a spine issue and is much smaller than people thought and D-Moore apparently took the last two months off.

  • Just Fire Baby

    If we restructure Carson, it is not the end of the world.

    But I just assume rip the band-aid off. We can find plenty of other cheaper, younger QB’s to lead us to 4 wins.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Our first pick in the draft the last two years was an offensive lineman.

    We won’t be making it 3 in a row.

  • theghostronin79

    I’m also in the group of wanting a “Trade Down” scenario. Yeah, the group does seem to be packed with good D line, and Guest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Werner went mid to late 1st round. We could still trade down and grab your boy. I just don’t know if he’s gonna get grabbed ahead of some of those SEC Bubba’s

  • Plunketthead

    Most draft boards have us going with Floyd
    I like Richardson more. He played against tough comp and always did well


    and mt GreenParty brothers !!

  • MikieG

    I think people are making too big of a deal out of this Star thing. I still think he should be our pick depending on the clarification of a few things.
    A 44% Ejection fraction isn’t THAT big of a deal, the kid showed no symptoms of CHF and had no idea that he had it. It is POSSIBLE that he would have to have open heart surgery to repair or replace a heart valve that is causing the 44% E.F, if this is the case, then he won’t be in the NFL for at least 2 years. He also doesn’t have an irregular heartbeat and since he doesn’t then it is unlikely that he will have to have a valve repair. He may have some prolapse and some atrial regurgitation and if it is minor, they won’t do anything but monitor it. However, if the regurgitation is severe there may be an enlargement of the heart…this is caused by a leaky valve..the valve leaks, so the heart enlarges to pump more blood into that massive body of his…eventually tho, this actually decreases the strength of the heart and its ability to pump resulting in Congestive Heart Failure or CHF…hence the 44% E.F…
    So If he doesn’t need a repair, and there is no structural damage to his heart, then they will just treat his 44% with Nutrition, and a few drugs, most likely Carvedilol and Losartan..these two drugs combine to slow your heart rate down and lower your BP so it can rest and recover and pump to its full strength. Once his heart recovers, he should be fine and have a normal lifespan and performance level.

  • guest123

    I’m all for a trade down scenario. If we get lucky, and pick up another late first rounder, we could get 2 impact linemen in this draft. Maybe even if we pick up a high first rounder.

    I’ve heard that there are just a handful of worthy top 10 picks and maybe 20 worthy top 20 picks. Take that for what that’s worth and not how crazy it reads.

  • guest123

    I don’t konw much about heart conditions, but that’s a pretty scary condition to worry about going forward. May be not an issue at all, but may put him into early retirement. FWIW, I think he’s overrated anyway. Maybe the most overrated in the draft, prior to the news on his heart.

  • Just Fire Baby Says:
    February 26th, 2013 at 7:20 am

    McNabb at 33 made the playoffs and the Pro Bowl, and tossed up a 92.9 QB rating.

    He was out of the league 19 games later.

    Carson is on his last legs, Reggie, half this board, and the entire NFL knows it.

    Sorry dude, but this is ridiculous. Brady just signed a contract that allows him to play til he is forty. Same with Manning. Palmer has at least another five or six good years left. Anyone who actually sees him play, you would not say his game his NEAR done. That’s preposterous. And as for McNabb, McNabb got tossed because of his attitude sucked not his physicality. Sheesh.

  • Just Fire Baby

    LOL at Palmer playing 5 or 6 more years.

    That is easily the craziest thing typed in here not affiliated to Debo and Jamarcus Russell.

  • Plunketthead

    Matt Elam looked good to me and I gotta admit firebabys boy looked great

  • guest123

    McNabb comparison to Carson falls apart when you consider that McNabb was traded within his own division. No team does that unless they know the QB is shot and they are essentially sabotaging them.

    If Carson were at age 33 traded from the Chiefs, Chargers, or Broncos to the Raiders, I’d be very nervous.

    The perception that the NFL knows Carson is on his last legs has no credibility or sources to go with that ridiculous comment. No one is putting him in the class of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning (all guys older than him). But no one is comparing him to declining and close to retired status QB’s either. At least no one with real credibility who don’t have an anti-Carson angle. And no Bleacher Report bloggers don’t count.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Elam I am not so sure on.

    He had a lot of big hits, and then a ton of missed tackles going for the big hit and not wrapping up.

  • guest123

    LOLing right there with you on the 5 or 6 years. It’s optimistic, I agree.

    But split the difference, 3 year window is there. Carson is a transitional guy till we build a better roster that ultimately someone else can take advantage with.

  • MikieG

    It is a scary condition. I have lived through it. I went to the Doctor thinking I had Pneumonia, and 20 minutes later the Doc walked in and told me I needed emergency open heart surgery. But I am totally recovered now and have no limitations on any of my activities. I take some medication to lower my max heart rate, but I climb mountains, run hill sprints, mountain bike, and work out all the time.
    These conditions are almost all reversible if you haven’t had a heart attack. The damage from a heart attack CAN put you into permanent CHF–in which case you may be looking at a transplant, but young, athletic people who get diagnosed early almost always recover. We will see and hear exactly what is wrong with Star in the coming weeks and I will be able to tell you exactly what they are going to do going forward. These E.F %’s are also an inexact science. One doc could read it at 44% and another at 50-55% it really does change that fast. If he has nothing else wrong with his heart structurally, then he will be fine and his draft stock shouldn’t change a bit.
    I do see however, how it could scare away a few people.

  • Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    Carson Palmer has never won a playoff game and he never will.


  • Just Fire Baby

    Reggie seems to think he is on his last legs, or he wouldn’t be tossing quotes to scribes that they will either give him a major paycut (not restructure;paycut) or cut him out right.

    Cincy didn’t seem too concerned about losing him, and no sane GM even made a play for him to trade for him when he “retired”.

    We got snookered.

  • Just Fire Baby

    LOLing right there with you on the 5 or 6 years.


    And he threw in an “at least”, as if 7-8 years is a possibility.

  • guest123

    Carson isn’t as good or as bad as the pro-Carson and anti-Carson people in this blog. But people want to add their own drama and spin to the discussion of starting QB.

  • Plunketthead

    Star needs to excel on his pro day otherwise I would go with the couple players that are just as good looking.

    And I am starting to like the idea of the honeybadger especially if he will return kicks if he is not starter at CB

  • Just Fire Baby

    I got snookered in the Palmer deal as well, I thought we gave up too much for him but thought he would be much better.

    In my eyes, he has been a major disappointment.

    And he was progressively getting worse as last season went along.

  • Plunketthead

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    February 26th, 2013 at 8:05 am
    Elam I am not so sure on.

    He had a lot of big hits, and then a ton of missed tackles going for the big hit and not wrapping up.

    I was just going by what little bit I saw just now at draft camp. Milener? looked a little nervous and awkward during one drill. while the HB showed off his catching skills

  • Just Fire Baby

    Carson isn’t as good or as bad as the pro-Carson and anti-Carson people in this blog.


    I agree, but a little extra mustard on the talking points makes things a little livelier.

    Guilty as charged. If we don’t pick Geno, I will first be majorly disappointed, and we ride with Palmer in 2013, I will be trying to convince people we can win the division, lol.

  • Plunketthead

    CP is a little above average right now and fading. We needed a top ten performance last year to compete and we did not get it.

    Time to look to the future even if it means CP starts all next year. He did stay healthy all year. That’s a big plus

  • guest123

    No doubt we (Hue) got snookered in that Carson Palmer trade. No doubt about it he’s not worth a #1 and a #2 in trade. He would have to lead us to the Super Bowl in order to not be a dissappointment.

    Now back to some reality. Carson didn’t drop off as the season went along. His last 4 games his passing rating was above his season avg.

    He’s not as good as his trade and contract status says he is, but he’s also not as bad as those who want to cut him outright. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

  • DutchRaider77

    In my eyes, he has been a major disappointment.


    Isn’t that sum up the entire roster from last year?
    Doesn’t that include McFadden, Seymour, Kelly, Moore, DHB, Branch, McClain, Briesel….Besides maybe Reece, Meyers (everyone thought Ausberry and Gordon would replace him) and Wheeler?

  • MikieG

    You guys realize that Geno isn’t even as Fast as Gannon was coming out of College…I was running a 4.78 when I was 14 years old..its nothing. I would rather see Pryor get a shot than to waste a pick on a QB thats not even a position of need right now.