Tough-guy Maiava happy to be a Raider


The signing of Kaluka Maiava comes straight out of the Reggie McKenzie-Dennis Allen handbook when it comes to personnel.

For better or worse, Maiava, at a shade under 6-foot tall, would have never got a sniff from the Al Davis Raiders based on his physical profile.

McKenzie and Allen want football players first and foremost. Guys who are big on preparation and short on drama. Maiava qualifies.

“I’m a hard-nosed guy, man. I come to work every day and I lead by example,” Maiava said on a brief conference call before departing the Raiders facility. “I’m not the rah-rah guy giving the speeches and stuff. I lead by example and I come to work every day and I’ll play hard. I’ll go to war with anybody and I’m sure my teammates will appreciate that. I’m a tough guy and I pride myself on being one of the tougher players, and I’m here to work.”

Born in Honolulu, Maiava grew up with a steady diet of watching the Raiders and 49ers on television. The Raiders were the first team to contact him for a visit. ESPN reported Maiava signed a three-year, $6 million contract.

“When my agent said the Raiders were interested, my ears definitely perked up,” Maiava said.

Maiava said a specific role wasn’t discussed. He played primarily in a 3-4 defense in Cleveland and the Raiders were predominantly a 4-3 team last season. Allen has said repeatedly scheme will be determined by the roster, and the Raiders are still in the early stages of building defensive personnel.

“I’m just we got the business part out of the way and now when we come back we can work on actual football,” Maiava said. “I’ll play anything. Whatever the coaches need me to do, whatever it takes to win, I’ll play whatever spot they need me at.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    The older guy has to be a lot better to make up for the durability risk.

    Relying on older vets is risky for a team with little or no depth. An injury even in camp leaves us hanging waiting for last cut castoffs.

    The older guys almost always go with teams that have a real playoff shot and will often take less money to do it. Those teams have the depth to compensate for the heightened injury risk. The signing of older players by Mr. Davis was a catastrophic mistake since 2007.

    Free agents are usually free for a reason. Either their salary demands are not consistent with their body of past work or there is a low evaluation of one of the variables on the left side of the above equation by the present employer.

    A guy like Gannon was a good pick up because the Chiefs had a surplus that year at QB and made the wrong choice keeping Grbac. Gannon also had not played much so his durability was good even at a relatively advanced age. Those situations are rare!

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    194.SilverNBlackPA Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 11:51 am
    We play the Ravens WITHOUT NGATA AND LEWIS. Think that helped our pass protection that day????

    The Ravens pummelled us 55-20. Game over in the 2nd QTR and you think we pass protect better than Baltimore???


    Pretty sure he was talking about the overall grade for the entire season the two lines received not just head to head


    the ravens pass pro was avg. during the regular season. hence y flacco was avg. during the regular season. the pass pro was elite, off the charts in the playoffs, hence y flacco had a great playoff run.

    during the regular season flacco was:

    14th in passing yds
    19th in completion %
    15th in TD
    12th in qb rating
    25th in qbr

    qbr is especially telling because of all the qbs in the playoffs, he had the lowest qbr. qbr is “supposedly” how much a qb affects his teams chances to win games. on a team that won 10 games. to be that low in qbr is scary to me.

    none of those regular season numbers say he’s anywhere nesar elite at qb. a good postseason run doesn’t change that really. especially when you will be losing a lot of the players that were instumental in getting you there.

    they won 10 games in 2012. it will take AT LEAST 8 games to make the playoffs in 2013. with all of the pieces they are losing, hard to see it right now.

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    191.Just Fire Baby Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 11:51 am
    The ball traveled 65 yards in the air, this is well documented.

    Youtube it if you must. Into the wind as well (same direction on the field when Peyton threw the game-sealing INT).

    One of the greatest throws in the history of football. I’ve never seen one better.


    the ball was thrown from the 26 yard line and landed at the other 20. thats 54 yards in the air. look at the youtube video for yourself.

    haven’t seen anything saying it was one of the greatest throws of all time. seen plenty about how it was one of the worst defensive screw ups of playoff history though.

    here is the video on youtube check the yardage yourself.

    it went 50 yards from the line of scrimmage like i said, and jacoby ran the other 20


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