Report: Palmer ‘unlikely’ to restructure contract


Quarterback Carson Palmer helped out the Raiders last year by restructuring his contract. He isn’t intent upon doing so again this year, according to a report Monday.
An ESPN report said Palmer is “highly unlikely” to redo a contract that calls for Palmer to earn $13 million in base salary this season.
Last season, Palmer helped the Raiders save more than $9 million in salary-cap room by restructuring his contract.
Palmer’s base salary dropped from $12.5 million to $825,000, in exchange for an $11,675,000 signing bonus spread out over five years. In terms of dollars, Palmer ultimately will receive the same amount he originally was scheduled to make.
As of now, Palmer counts $15.335 million against the cap for 2013, with $2.335 million coming as a result of the prorated portion of the signing bonus – spread out over five years — from last season’s reworked deal.
The Raiders already have restructured a few contracts this offseason as a means of freeing up cap room. Restructuring Palmer’s contract a third time – the first time came after the Raiders traded for him in 2011 – would give the Raiders even more cap room for 2013.
If Palmer balks, the Raiders options are limited to: cutting Palmer or paying him what he is slated to earn as of now. Palmer would count $9.34 million against the cap if he gets cut, though the Raiders would get out from under the $13 million base salary this season and $15 million base salary for 2014.
Palmer could not be reached for comment. A Raiders spokesman said the team’s policy is not to comment on contract situations.


Steve Corkran

  • Chili Bean

    I sure hope DA got some coaching tips this off season. Maybe attended a few coaching clinics, studied some of the greats, maybe a one on one with some former head coaches who were proven winners.

  • Chili Bean

    Palmer is 6-17 and is getting no help from Reggie.
    ’nuff said.

  • Chili Bean


    Intersting stat page on QB Ws’ and Ls’.

  • Chili Bean
  • Chili Bean


  • Chili Bean

    In the National Football League the quarterback is the only position player to be credited with a record of wins and losses as a starter. At the time of the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, Johnny Unitas held the record for most regular season wins as a starting quarterback with 103. He retired after the 1973 season with 118 wins, and was later surpassed by Fran Tarkenton with 124 in 1978. John Elway moved ahead of Tarkenton during the 1996 season, and retired after the 1998 season with 148 wins. During the 2007 regular season, Brett Favre surpassed Elway to become the starting quarterback with the most wins in NFL history, and his record stands at 186.[1] This is a list of quarterbacks with the most regular season wins by a starting quarterback in NFL history; playoff games are not included.[2]


    Damn. If Palmer wasn’t 6-17 maybe Reggie woulda got him some help. But him and DA blew it when they had the chance last year to build around him and DMAC. Plus, Hue had it goin, then he got fired. But hey now, Pryor is better suited for a crap o-line and a 1 back system.

  • Chili Bean

    The Raiders will be better than the Jaguars this year. Book it.

  • Chili Bean

    I’m sure Palmer wants out anyway. Seein how Reggie and DA aren’t offense guys, thus no help, Palmer sees a 2-14 season, putting him at 8-31 with the Raiders. Not good for the ‘ol resume. Get the fck out now while you still have stock value.

  • Chili Bean

    Hue getting Palmer was a good move. Mark firing Hue was a bad move.

    Would Brady be anything without Bellechick?

    Montana without Walsh?

    Palmer and Knapp? ‘Nuff said.

  • Chili Bean

    Palmer sees what Denver has done, what KC is doing, and SD is a toss up. Get the fck out while you still got a good year or two left. Nothin wrong with Arizona.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Attn: Raider8

    how are you doing?
    rough day yesterday, eh?

    relax. take a joke. dont sweat the small stuff
    anger management classes might help, I think

  • Chili Bean

    Raiders get 1 compensatory pick and the niners get three. Ravens get 4.

    Repeat. I know.

  • Chili Bean

    Raiders can’t blame anything less than 5-11 on a new staff. This new staff is expected to improve. Not do worse than last year. That’s a hell of a predicament for Reggie and DA to be in. Think about it. They blew it by firing Hue then fed us all the baloney about being patient ad nauseam and we went 4-12 and DA fired knapp. Make that 5-12.

  • Plunketthead

    Follow the B@uceman Says:
    March 25th, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    And overrated player in Oakland and was a super waste in Philly….Narbonne HS guy

    Can ya guess who?

    The black Peter Pan?

  • gangosix

    first of all,palmer needs to go.dont let the door hit you in your slow azz on the way out.the raiders should draft collin klein in the 6th round.the huge action era was a giant mistake,and it takes time to fix.