Jon Becker

  • SnBG

    NO and NO again, and BTW, did I say no to the Palmer trade!Do not trade Palmer.One more time in case no one is listening.. Do not trade Palmer.Other great Raider fans have talked about the financial side of his deal.He’s an excellent QB, Check his stats for last year. They’re great for playing with a talent-less team. He’s restructures his contract already before. It’s a QB driven league and we need him to compete against Manning,Rivers and even Smith. He has at least 5 good yrs left if our O line protects him. Develop Pryor some more, trade the 3rd over all pick this year for a few other picks


    Carson or not, Raiders will not win afc west. So why cave to him? Then you have to deal with this dilemma again next year. As long as they stay with Palmer they arent making forward progress toward the long term.

    Reggie didnt bring him here and doesnt owe him squat.


    Five years? Yeah. Not happening. First time he gets rocked that 13mil investment was for nothing.

  • SnBG

    Did you see the hits Palmer took last year? I think he can hold up just fine. Getting rocked can happen to any QB. Look a RG3. Doesn’t anyone remember the 8-8 season 2 years ago with Palmer? I like that were going back to the ZBS, To me those running QB’s like Pryor take a lot more punishment.

  • Chili Bean

    6-17. No brainer.

  • 90210

    Simple trade Palmer to Cardinals for a 2nd rd pick and a 2014 conditional 1st or 2nd if he passes for 3000+ yds =1st rd pick if not 2nd rd pick!

    Second stay the hell away from geno smith ! Smith= JaWalrus !!! Seriously this idiot folds under pressure and big games! Also he cannot read defenses, very stupid qb! He is ALL HYPE!

    Third either trade out of 3rd pick or simply draft top cb since we have nothing but garbage on roster!

    Forth draft a qb prospect such as Tyler Wilson or Mike Glennon! These two qb’s have the upside!

  • 90210

    Mike Glennon five yrs from now under right coach will be the best qb of this yrs crop!

  • Timewantstop

    Carson Palmer is a very good quarterback. He still has 2-3 yrs left but he need better wr and a solid line to protect him. The simple truth is that the raiders (my team) is having a fire sale. Timing is everything an at the time he came to the team we were hoping that this one card would give us a winning hand.

    He is a starting qb and if release today, there will be a good line of teams in line for his services:

    Jets,Buffalo, and yes even the dolphins
    Jacksonville, Tennessee and Arizona
    Cowboys, Detroit and Minnesota.
    All of these teams don’t have a starting qb like palmer. So we should try and trade him today even a 3rd now and a 2nd next yr is a good start.

    Lets face the truth, this team was due for an overhaul for a long time. Now that this is happening let just make sure that we do it the right way.

    Oh yea, D. Mcffad is available today, might as well make it a complete rebuild.