Raiders announce Jenkins signing


The Raiders signed cornerback Mike Jenkins to the roster Tuesday, the second presumptive starter at that position in two weeks.

Last week, veteran Tracy Porter was signed to position that until then included only Phillip Adams, Brandian Ross and Chimdi Chekwa.

It’s the second time in two seasons Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie signed second-tier free agents who figured to be immediate starters. ESPN reported Jenkins agreed to terms with Oakland Monday.

Last season, Oakland signed Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer, who ended up as Week 1 starters. Neither worked out, as Bartell broke his shoulder blade in the opener, missing several weeks before returning to the roster and then eventually being released, and Spencer sustained a severe mid-foot strain in Week 2 that ended his season.

Jenkins is a veteran of 71 games and 48 starts for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a Pro Bowl performer in 2009, a year after being a first-round selection out of South Florida in 2008.

Last season, Jenkins played in 13 games with two starts as his role was diminished after Dallas signed free agent Brandon Carr and drafted Morris Claiborne in the first round.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • dr_robert

    B@uce says LDE isn’t a priority and says Houston is moving to DT. Make sense?

    He says we need an elite pass rusher but wants star. Make sense?

    Rock head.

  • 00tt00

    SnBG Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:42 am
    Dr_robert Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:34 am
    B@uce–u incessantly talk about taking star and turn around and talk about needing a pass rusher at RDE.

    Lets pretend we are all stupid and say we take star. Where’s the elite pass rusher?

    U dummy. The answer is plain. Take the pass rusher first. Then worry about a plugger in the middle.
    Sorry dude, can’t agree. Ansah boom or bust buddie. Need that big dude in the middle to free Houston up. Jags may take the other good DE in the draft.
    you get the all around player at the #3 slot….you get the specialist in later rounds……if there is a 3 down DE with pass rush abilities then you take him over the DT….but star this year….clowney next year…….we need two #1’s next year

  • The_Judge37

    Seymour Bush Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:55 am

    CUT THE CRAP 2013

    or, CutOurLosses2013 aka FIRE REGGIE NOW

  • dr_robert

    Hey rock head. U think the DT’s are supposed to make more tackles than Kelly’s 50 per year?

    It’s the LBs who have sucked.

  • Follow the B@uceman

    Dr_robert Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:55 am
    Houston has played DE since he got here. Sorry. Fact. Deal with it. Ur opinion doesn’t change facts.

    Seymour played DE when he first got here. In a 4-3.

    Kelly got loads of pro bowl votes to go with loads of tackles.

    It’s been the lbs who are the problem. U don’t understand football.

    I’m right. As usual. U will see.

    And I’ve talked with Lamarr before and he told me only reason why he wasnt inside was because of the older vets…..have you talked to him? Thanks….now shut the fk up!

    Seymour played DE one year and it was a disaster in 4-3…thats why he was moved the next season inside….moron

    Kelly got loads of nada and got his ass beat by weak ass olineman constantly…glad Cam kicked him

    HAHAHAHA blame the LBs because the DT combo sucks

  • Charlie

    Dr Robert

    The Dline comes first and Kelly, Seymour, Sapp, Shaugnessy, Warren, Joseph, Sands, Gunheim, Bryant were not very good.

    Ray Lewis (He was pretty good) pointed out the importance of good Dline play.
    OUR GUYS WERE BAD. Did you see this year’s Tampa game????

    Ray Lewis made the point best:

    Ray Lewis made his point clear. Ten days before Saturday’s NFL Draft, he went on ESPN and said his Baltimore Ravens needed to draft a run-stuffing nose tackle in the first round. His former teammate, Maake Kemoeatu, a 350-pound nose tackle, had signed as a free agent with Carolina.
    Without a big man in front of him, Lewis complained, he could not make plays. “If I’m not being used right,” he said, “you might as well let me go.”
    BTW; The Ravens drafted Ngata and the rest is history.
    9 of your starting 22 (41%) plays exclusively in the box.
    OLines create time and space. Dlines destroy time and space.
    The rest of the pieces fill in the gaps.

  • Follow the B@uceman

    Charlie Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:55 am

    If RDE was so important why was Palmer looking out of his earhole most of the 12/6/12 Denver game when Barnes was embarrased on MNF???????????


    RT is as important as LT and RDE is as important as LDE.

    You need both to get to the playoffs.
    lacking in either area simply is too easy to expose. (See Barnes 12/6/12 vs. Denver)

    A lack of football knowledge is on display in this post….very sad Charlie

    LT is much more valuable than RT…yes you need a RT for sure but its not as high on chart as LT this is just pure fact that cant be disputed

    And if LT is higher on value chart then why wouldnt RDE be more valuable than LDE?

  • dr_robert

    Hey dummy–let’s do it ur way.

    Sign walker and sims as “roster fodder” (lol)

    Move Houston to DT.

    Draft star.

    There dumbbell.

    Who’s our LDE? Who’s our elite pass rushing RDE?

    I’m waiting.


    Sign sims and walker to go with Bilukidi and jones.

    Draft the best RDE u can after trading down.

    Being in a bunch of good tackling lbs.

    Sounds like one if us knows what Reggie is up to and one of us is laughing hyena with no clue.

  • SnBG

    He is a solid end, but can be a much better 3tech DT. If you look at his traits he compares a lot more to elite 4-3 DTs such as Suh and McCoy than he does to elite 4-3 DEs such as JPP, Cameron Wake, Jared Allen, Peppers, etc.

    Gerald McCoy could be a pretty good LDE, but why would you move a Pro Bowl 3 tech to be a solid (but not Pro Bowl) LDE? That is basically what the Raiders have done with Houston at end.
    Good points coach but I don’t see the Raiders drafting a pass rusher and Houston isn’t a Suh or Mcoy so they will shift Houston around a bit depending on the scheme. Asah is to risky to take. Jorden probably will go to the Jags and that leaves Star or Floyd which would give the line more versatility.

  • Follow the B@uceman

    Dr_robert Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:59 am
    Hey rock head. U think the DT’s are supposed to make more tackles than Kelly’s 50 per year?

    It’s the LBs who have sucked.

    Those tackles Kelly has got have no been difference making tackles…He hardly ever made them behind or at LOS…he constantly got beat up by no name interior olinemen..I’m at all the games and its obvious to everyone there

    LBs aint been great but Dline is first line of defense and DTs are directly responsible for the run

    You are not a football coach at all

  • guest123

    Charlie post 256 outstanding!!!

    Couldn’t agree with you more there. Lb’s feed off of DT’s and not vice versa. If we don’t get a N’gata type lineman, our defense will continue to be what it is, which isn’t very good.

  • “Kelly got loads of pro bowl votes to go with loads of tackles.”

    Every time I saw TK he was on his back getting shoved around by guys 80lbs lighter than he is or on his back or crawling on all fours.

    He sent a lot of Guards and Centers to the pro bowl I could agree with that.

  • 00tt00

    kelly is a disrupptive force…when he wants to be…….DA is a bad coach and can not draw it out of him…..belichick will

  • SnBG

    Guest123 Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 11:04 am
    Charlie post 256 outstanding!!!

    Couldn’t agree with you more there. Lb’s feed off of DT’s and not vice versa. If we don’t get a N’gata type lineman, our defense will continue to be what it is, which isn’t very good.
    Finally! I’ve been trying to say that along. Without the big dude in the middle all else will be sht

  • SnBG

    00tt00 Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 11:08 am
    kelly is a disrupptive force…when he wants to be…….DA is a bad coach and can not draw it out of him…..belichick will
    No he won’t

  • Star or Milliner.
    Pass on the pass rushers and Floyd unless we trade down.

    Star and Milliner are my top 2 players that don’t play OL.

  • SnBG

    Myth #1, Coach Allen and Reg are lousy because they took an 8-8 team and messed them up
    In 2011 and 10 the West sucked. No West Div team was better than 8-8. The Raiders won against a crap div and where an illusion that would have crumbled anyway. Undisciplined and little talent

  • dr_robert

    I swear it’s nothing but idiots in here.

    According to one of the best coaches in the nfl, kelly is one of the best in the league.

    U guys don’t understand how it works.

    The run defense has sucked cuz of the horrible linebacking, especially in the middle.

    Kelly and Seymour were and are considered by the nfl (and me) as top notch players.

    I guys have this simplistic idea “it all starts with dline doctor”.

    Kinda. They have a job to do. The lbs have a job to do.

    Quit watching the ball. Quit yapping with ur head full of booze and weed.

    The DT’s were fine. They disrupted. They took on double teams and stood their ground. Meanwhile McClain was letting backs run right past him.

    Why do u think the defense miraculously got better the minute he was replaced by a stiff like Gaither?

    Honestly, it’s like a remedial math class trying to tell a calculus professor why he doesn’t get “‘rithmatik”.

  • DKnight007

    Seymour Bush Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 10:54 am
    Werner doesnt have the quick burst or pass rush moves to be a top flight RDE in the NFL you moron. Left Tackles will whip him. He is better off going against RTs who are of slower foot and he can play run well and that in most cases is the strong side for offenses

    Werner DOES have a quick burst, but I do agree Werner would be better off on the left side. Remember tho, he was pretty outstanding and is another one of those guys who has only been playing the game for a very short time.

    If Werner is plugged at the RDE spot, then he needs to used more wide and set up more in a pass rushing stance instead of setting up in a hold the edge stance.

  • DKnight007

    Werner has similiar play and style as Jared Allen, just needs to be coached up more to rush the passer and be more explosive and use his power accordingly.

  • DKnight007

    Trading down and getting Werner would be a nice move.

  • I can’t believe the amount of posters that fail to entertain the obvious; the amount of bad contracts, underachievers & malcontents left over from the previous regime.

    This had to be done. Anyone with an amount of vision could see this. It’s only the delusional denial cases that can’t seem to grasp the fact the aforementioned undermined the Raiders quest to 1( become competitive in the long term, 2) entertain the possibility to remain in Oakland with 3) the possibility in obtaining backing from the league in obtaining a new stadium, the only way the Raiders can remain in the bay. . .

    So, the Raiders may even approach an 8-8 season this year. . .but it’s the long term success of the Raiders that has led to this purging of the roster & the bad contracts (and bad personnel decisions; admit it, folks. . .) that have put the fate of the present Raiders where they currently are. . .

    Regggie has only done what had to be done. . .anyone else would have done the same in his stead. . .it will be NEXT YEAR before the Raiders will approach respectability & beyond. . .give Reg a chance, y’all. . .

    That being said players like Flynn, Porter, Roach, Carter, the recent DT’s Reg has cajoled into joining the Raiders that will become the leaders for the Raiders going forward. . .hopefully Moore will learn from his forgettable 2012, DMAC will finally realize his vast potential, Jacoby Ford will escape his injury marred career & Reg will draft Eric Fisher (and hopefully Howie’s son) & solidify the Oline. . .that will pay dividends for going forward. I hate to think of the past two years as “throw away” years, but y’all have to pay the fiddler for the dance the night before, as they say. . .& that is where we realize the Raiders of the present as currently residing. . .for bad or for good. . .

  • dr ice 2012

    Another good move by the gm.Sign these guys for 1 year the ones we want sign to longer term.we r figured to be 69 million under the cap according to nfl network times r finally looking up.god knows its about time

  • dr ice 2012

    Dolphins looking to trade up they have the 12th 54th and 77th hmmm. 12th and 54th tempting

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/Eternal Optimist