Q&A with QB Wilson


The Raiders selected Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson with their fourth-round pick Saturday. A short time later, Wilson spoke with the Bay Area media via conference call. Here’s the entire transcript:

Q: What was your level of involvement and contact with the Raiders heading up to this?
Wilson : We had some contact, obviously, they were part of the Senior Bowl. I was on the other team. I was on the Detroit team, but definitely had some contact during the week there at the Senior Bowl and had a one-on-one interview with them a number of times during the week. I thought our connection was very, very good and I thought they were a team going into this that I thought was potentially very, very interesting and so it happened.

Q: How did difficult senior year prepare you for NFL career?
Wilson : Experience as far as my senior year?

Q: Yes, senior year, in terms of what you went through?
Wilson : You know, it as tough. It was a difficult situation. Obviously we were No. 5 in the country, a top five team in my junior season after a great year, went to the Cotton Bowl and you kind of go through a number of things, that test your character, test a lot about you as a football player, and I really love this game and I think that I’m going to be a better player because of it. You learn a lot during those kinds of years.

Q: Regrets about coming back for your senior year?
Wilson: Obviously, I think you, after things pan out you kind of look back and say, `Well, that wasn’t certainly business-wise maybe the smarter thing’ but I’m always, the way I approach it, I know everybody else looks at and probably questions my judgment, but my thought is I wanted to be the most ready, prepared football player that I could be and I thought the only way I could do that would be to go back to school for my senior season, and I think, regardless of what happened, and where you go in the draft, I think I’m a more prepared football player by staying in school. In that regard, I’m extremely happy that I’ve got an opportunity, and still have an opportunity to stay in the NFL.

Q: Did you think you’d go earlier, upset you’re a fourth-round pick?
Wilson : Well, I think it being such a different year in the draft, that I did expect to go a little bit earlier, but I’m so excited I think the situation, going into it, everybody said the situation is what is most important. It’s not necessarily what round or what slot or that, but it’s the situation and I think the situation in Oakland is perfect. My dad’s from the California area, he’s from Southern California , but there’s definitely a lot of family out there. You look at the organization, there’s a lot of tradition in Oakland with three Super Bowls. There’s a lot going on in the right direction. And I’m excited that I get to come in and compete, and potentially have a chance of playing on Sunday and leading the football team. That’s what I’m excited to do is get there as fast as I possibly can and start getting in the playbook.

Q: they have QBs with combined total of three starts, a new offense, so everybody starting off same page, do you look at this as chance to come in and start as a rookie?
Wilson : I think any competitor would agree that they want to play, they want to start, they want to come in and work. But talking to the coaches on the phone, they say, we want you to come in and compete your tail off, and that’s my approach. Wherever that leads me, we’ll see at the end of the day. Obviously we’ve got three pretty good guys in there and I’m going ot come in and compete like crazy.

Do you have an issue with concussions?
“I had the one last year, the Dr. Collins in Pittsburgh, who’s kind of the foremost expert on concussions. Very much cleared in his regard, and got his checkmark of approval, so I feel very confident. I played the remainder of eight games at Arkansas with no problems there, and took some pretty good licks. So I feel very good in that regard.”

Do you take too many hits?
“I think, one, it goes back to playing in a tough conference. And we had to throw the ball in order to be successful. During the two seasons that I was there, we kind of struggled running the football. So there were a lot of teams that were pinning their ears back and trying to pressure us a lot. Unfortunately, it was that type of a situation where a lot of times you had to sit in there and rip it, because of the situation we were in at Arkansas. As a quarterback you’re gonna have to take some shots and compete to give us a chance to win. I knew that. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I was able to take a hit. I think that’s part of my game a little bit.”

Looking forward to playing with Darren McFadden?
“No question. Grew up here in Arkansas as an Arkansas fan, and watched him do what he did for the school and for the university. Obviously he’s done pretty well out there. So anxious to get back there with him and build a relationship and see if we can’t work together.”

How much did former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino help your development as a QB?
“He’s a tremendous quarterback coach. It’s a quarterback university at whatever school he’s at. The practice is tailored around the quarterback position. So I think any quarterback who plays for him has an advantage on a lot of other quarterbacks from schools because of the knowledge that he expects you to know and the amount of pressure and substance that he puts on the quarterback’s shoulders. I think some years that’s really, really good, and some years it’s a little tougher. But I think I’m ahead of the curve in a lot of ways as far as a freshman coming in – or, I’m sorry, as a rookie coming in – because of what Coach Petrino kind of instilled in the quarterback position. So I’m excited to get in there and learn and figure out what we’re doing offensively. And I think we’ll be ready to go.”

Who did you talk to when Raiders called?
“I talked to Coach Allen. Coach Allen was one of the first people I talked to. As well as Coach (John) DeFilippo and Coach (Greg) Olson. Those were the first few guys I talked to.”


Steve Corkran

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    Raider Riff Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:31 pm
    Sir RaiderDuck, OMS Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:15 pm
    Come off it, Mistic. Go watch the SD game again. Most of Pryor’s completions were him aiming the ball and throwing a marshmallow. He can’t sling it full-out and consistently hit his guy.


    And without his mobility, the passes never would have been thrown. Any other QB gets killed behind our Oline last year.

    And that’s why you build lines so that your qb doesn’t have to run. Eventually, he’ll suffer an injury that makes the investment in him folly.

    Harbaugh is doing all he can to teach CK you only run for the sidelines when there’s a clear lane and you only do so IF we absolutely have to have the first down in an important game. He know the value of CK and guess what? CK can throw.

  • CDERaider

    Raids get 3 of the next 10 picks assuming Reggie doesn’t trade out ..

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    Da`Rick Rogers

  • Wouldn’t mind Barner at all.

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    Oh yeah t jones.
    Never mind


    Tyler Wilson ?

    Hard to evaluate the guy considering he was getting beaten on like a pinata, but…

    people claiming this guy has a cannon for an arm and is comparable to Brett Favre ?

    I’d like to see the tape that opinion is based on.

    I don’t see anything more than average arm strength, if that.

    Doesn’t mean he can’t be a good QB.

    Heck, I think Glennon has a REAL cannon for an arm, but don’t think he’s going to be good.

    But people claiming Wilson has a big arm are seeing something I don’t.

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  • PilagingJustForFun

    Go shorty it’s your birthday

  • Some center from Cal went.

    Not Cal-Berkely, mind you.

    California University in Pennsylvania, rather.

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    Trade down!

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    here we go

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    On the clock

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    How many more

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    Lions on the clizznock

  • Kruger

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    Tony Jefferson please!!

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    Raiders on the time peezy

  • Someone tell Casserly to pronounce “Oregon” correctly, please.

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    Did we trade?

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    Id be cool with Kruger too

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    Sir RaiderDuck, OMS Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:48 pm
    Someone tell Casserly to pronounce “Oregon” correctly, please.
    Lost cause.

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    Who we taking next ?

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    Thanks neezy

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    WR Rogers??

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    They have gone to commercial on every one of our picks

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    here it comes……….

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    They go to commercial every 2 minutes. Don’t take it personally.

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    Kasa TE

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    Nick Kasa Te

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    Nick Kasa

  • TE Nick Kasa.

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    Kasa–as I and many called.

    Good pick.

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    Nick Kasa > Ausberry > Gordon

  • TE Nick Kasa

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    Wow. TE, Colorado. Huge guy.

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    TE Nick Kasa

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    Kasa it is, I thought we might go with otten becuase rumor was we were very interested

  • Still hopping for my sleeper pick of Barrett Jones in this round.

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    wohoo!!!!!!!!! fireworks!!

    Super bowl baby!!
    Reg and DA are amazing 😉

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    Good blocker.

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    good pick

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    You ain’t got no ends in mi Kasa

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    It’s a shame a guy like Ausberry just couldn’t learn to block or learn the plays. Lazy or dumb, don’t know which.

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    What kind of hands does he have, anyone know?

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    Realtruraider Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:52 pm
    Kasa it is, I thought we might go with otten becuase rumor was we were very interested
    Still might. You never know. Three more 6ths and a 7th.

  • John@Waterfrontcomics Says:
    April 27th, 2013 at 12:52 pm
    Still hopping for my sleeper pick of Barrett Jones in this round.


    He was drafted rounds ago, dude.

  • PlunkforHOF

    I thought B Jones was picked long ago