Ranking AFC West teams in NFL draft


Every other team in the AFC West these days is chasing the Denver Broncos, a team many view as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
The Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers combined for an 0-6 mark against the Broncos last season, but they outdrafted the Broncos and gained some much needed confidence moving forward.
Here’s a team-by-team look at how the four AFC West teams fared, from best to worst:

1. Chargers – New general manager Tom Telesco and first-year coach Mike McCoy made a great first impression by finding sure-fire starters with their top three selections: offensive tackle D.J. Fluker, linebacker Manti Te’o and wide receiver Keenan Allen. There’s work to do yet, but the aforementioned trio qualifies as a nice start.

OT D.J. Fluker
LB Manti Te’o
WR Keenan Allen
CB Steve Williams
DE Tourek Williams
QB Brad Sorensen

2. Raiders – It’s hard to go wrong when you enter a draft with as many glaring needs as the Raiders had this year. Sure enough, the Raiders landed four players that likely will be starting by season’s end, at the latest: cornerback D.J. Hayden, offensive tackle Menelik Watson, linebacker Sio Moore and one of two tight ends selected in the sixth round. This draft class becomes one for the ages if quarterback Tyler Wilson, a fourth-round flier, develops into a long-time starter.

CB D.J. Hayden
OT Menelik Watson
LB Sio Moore
QB Tyler Wilson
TE Nick Kasa
RB Latavius Murray
TE Mychal Rivera
DT Stacy McGee
WR Brice Butler
DE Davis Bass

3. Chiefs – Finding a starting left offensive tackle makes any draft a raging success. That’s about all the Chiefs can count upon with a draft class littered with questionable selections. Tight end Travis Kelce and running back Knile Davis figure to make the roster and contribute right away.

OT Eric Fisher
TE Travis Kelce
RB Knile Davis
LB Nico Johnson
CB Sanders Commings
C Eric Kush
FB Braden Wilson
DE Mike Catapano

4. Broncos – It’s difficult to find anything to get excited about with this draft class. Williams might develop into a solid run stopper. Ball might be the lead back the Broncos desire. Dysert might be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning. So much potential, too many question marks for the Broncos to feel too good about this year’s bounty.

DT Sylvester Williams
RB Montee Ball
CB Kayvon Webster
DE Quanterus Smith
WR Tavarres King
OT Vinston Painter
QB Zac Dysert


Steve Corkran

  • Mistic666 Says:
    April 29th, 2013 at 4:21 pm
    Teblow coming to oak. RM LIKES PLAYERS WITH FAITH in jeebus


    No way. He likes faith. But he hates distractions. All business in the building now from what I hear. And a good locker room is gonna be key w all these young guys. I know Tebow is a team player and people like him. But not everybody does. He’s a distraction, and a divider, whether he does it intentionally or not. I doubt he gave Tebow a second thought.

  • mistic666

    Teblow should go to the cowboys. Perfect

  • mistic666

    Pryor is tebow 2.0

  • SnBG

    It won’t take Hayden long to be the starter if they wait.I think it will turn out to be Porter and Hayden as the starters. With Porter,Jenkins and Hayden here DA will be able to mix up coverages with good success this year. I think we’ll be a 4-3 base team and when we switch to a 34 Pat Sims will play NT with Sio coming from OLB.

  • mistic666

    How long until Tyler Wilson is the starter? Week 5 6?

  • ONE I AM

    Here on the East Coast listening to Raider internet radio station.

    95.7 The Game. ok these guys are the Raiders so called new flagship station right?

    listening to them now and they seem like they have to give equal obligatory time to the whiners as far a coverage goes.

    I see they do the same with A’s and Giants also but I dont care about stickball.

    Is there a Station that lets you know that we are a station for the Raiders and dont care about the whiners manginas?

  • gangosix

    ausberry and gordon byebye

  • alzadoX

    you can’t rank a draft for at least 3 years

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  • RaiderGator

    Dang. That was suppose to be a smiley face. A big one at that.

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