Woodson intrigued by prospect of re-signing with Raiders


Veteran defensive back Charles Woodson is slated to meet with the Raiders on Tuesday, and Raiders coach Dennis Allen said he is hopeful of bringing back the player that once starred in a silver-and-black uniform.
“I want to do anything we can to help this team get better,” Allen said Monday. “So, we’ll see how that process goes.”
The Raiders reportedly already made an initial offer to Woodson, 36. The 49ers and Denver Broncos are the only two teams that Woodson has met with since he was released by the Green Bay Packers.
Woodson told the Maize and Blue News that he is open to finishing his career with the team that selected him with the fourth pick of the 1998 NFL draft.
“It would be a really big thing to go back to Oakland being that I played there really most of my career,” Woodson said.
Woodson spent his first eight seasons with the Raiders. He signed with the Green Bay Packers in 2006 and spent the past seven seasons there.
“I spent most of my career in Oakland and I still have a lot of friends there,” Woodson said. “I still know people in the organization. It would be a homecoming of sorts if it were to happen. So, we’ll see.”
The Raiders are in need of a replacement for released free safety Michael Huff. For now, Brandian Ross and Usama Young are the leading candidates to take over for Huff.
Signing Woodson would give the Raiders a proven player to pair up with veteran strong safety Tyvon Branch on the back end of their retooled defense.
Woodson earlier this offseason said he wanted to sign with a legitimate Super Bowl contender. He since has backed off that hard-line stance as a result of a dearth of offers.
Last week, Woodson left Denver without receiving a contract offer. As of now, he said he isn’t sure how things are going to play out.
“I don’t have any idea, really,” Woodson said. “I plan on playing. I have a visit set up this week with the Oakland Raiders, so I’ll go out there and sit down with the coaching staff, GM and all of that, and we’ll figure it out from there.”
Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn spent four seasons with Woodson at the Packers. He said he’s eager to see how things play out.
“Everybody knows he’s a great player, but he’s also a great man, a great teammate, great leader,” Flynn said. “The front office, Reggie (McKenzie, general manager) and them, are going to make the right decision (about) what they think is going to be best for us going forward.”


Steve Corkran

  • DaRaiders022

    Vic Tafur‏@VicTafur2m
    Kalif Barnes stops to sign autographs, push to the ground by some children when an ice cream man passed by.



  • xraided

    i thought Barnes was good at pass blocking for JaSoup in 2011 and was bad at run blocking? stands to reason why DMC had 7.5 ypc running left and like 3 ypc running right.

  • SnBG

    Hayden wills start, Watson will start,Sio will start. That’s a good draft. If McGee and Wilson turn out to be starters then this was a great draft

  • xraided

    Vernon has a great chance at starting if his route running and hands persist on being golden when the pads go on!

    Murray coming in when DMC is tired and the wildcard being Butler might be nice surprises as well!

    yea McGee is a huge wild card. if he cleans up his act and stuffs the run along side Pat Sims, then mission fvckin accomplished. low risk high reward

  • beechraider

    SnBG Says:
    May 21st, 2013 at 4:26 pm
    its just some of the questionable moves he has so far. causes for concern:
    1. signed Branch long term too much money
    2. signed Brisiel as a ZBS guy… to much money
    3. Seymour’s deal (altough he would have been getting paid regardless if he was on the team or not)
    4. let wheeler and desmond walk (although i agree they aren’t worth that kind money)
    5. apparently has no negotiating ability .. seeing as we only got the 2nd rounder from the fins in the draft (i agree that was the best deal on the board and we got out of Hayden at #3 because of it and snabbed Watson)
    Branch was good, don’t blame Reg. Branch will surprise this year.
    Second guessing on Briesel and he could still turn out good.
    Seymour was also pretty good so Reg thought. Could be a good leader and add STABILITY. Like Woodson.
    Had to let Wheeler and Bryant go. Cap. Can explain why if you want but I’ve talked about the flat cap already. Plus Reg didn’t think they where worth it.
    Disagree on his neg ability. He did his best to make a deal to trade for more picks. Dolphins called at the last minute.
    my fellow raider comrades. Thrilled the rebuild is happening, but unlike some, I can admit Sir reginald has made some mistakes. Seymour is his biggest, except for waiting until week 10 to announce the rebuild will begin. The dolphin trade wasnt his best moment. I ‘m just happy Sir Reginald is skilled at cutting salary. If he fails at rebuilding at least the next gm will be in excellent position. eventually we will return to excellence

  • Dr.Death ‏@26DrDeath 5m

    If I’m ear hustling correctly a raider rep just came out and told a security guard “he’s (Woodson) is going to be in there til 10or11pm

  • SnBG

    I like Vernon and Murry also and don’t forget Jennings. No one is talking about him much. Did pretty good. 4.2 yard a carry over his carreer.

  • jesusraiderjim

    If Woody is in there til 10 or 11 that means IHOP delivers, which in and of itself is AWESOME!