Woodson, McFadden transcripts



Q: Your observations have been during mandatory camp, how it’s going about business, is it similar to Packers, what do you see?
Woodson: Here, I really see, probably a new attitude from where they’ve been previously. You have a head coach who’s in his second year, and he’s trying to establish that winning mindset around here. Defensively we have a bunch of new guys who weren’t here last year and don’t know about the troubles from last year, so bringing a lot of new guys in, and just trying to set the tone for the guys out there on the practice field as far as our work ethic and making sure that every play you’re out there busting your tail and playing like you’re going to win every game. Because nobody’s going to give us a shot this year to do anything. But for us, if we come out and practice in a way that’s going to help us go out there and win games it won’t really matter what anybody else says. It’ll be about what we do out here on the field. I see coach Allen coming out here and emphasizing that every day. That it’s about this team, and it’s going to be how we work that’s going to determine how our season goes.

Q: You like being in that position, where nobody expects anything or does it even matter?
Woodson: For me, I’d rather be on a winning team, period. So for me, it really doesn’t matter the expectation part of it. It doesn’t matter the record, for me, I’m going to play hard regardless.But you don’t want players that have been around here, that haven’t won in a long time or had winning seasons and had the fan base excited about what you’re doing, you gotta establish that. I’m going to come out here and play hard regardless. But you want everybody to have that same mentality.

Q: Guys who helped you the most in developing into a leader, a mentor . .
Woodson: It’s just time. I’ve been around the game a long time now and seen just about everything the game can throw at you. I’m a little bit older now. You just see and you do things differently as you gradually get older within the game. The experience part of it is really what helps you out. It’s not one person in particular, just experience and I’ve done everything under the sun when it comes to being in the NFL, being an NFL player. So for guys that I’m around, guys will ask me questions all the time about different things, and I’ve done it all. So I’ll have some type of input about. That’s kind of the thing that catapults you into that leadership role is the guys know that you’ve been through it, whatever it may be, so it’s just time, and being around it and having done it and still being here and being around, and being able to talk to guys.

Q: How create chemistry here with so many new guys . . .
Woodson: I think initially, myself for example, guys want to see how you work on the field. They want to know, they want to see, myself coming in, going into m y 17th year, am I going to be a guy that’s going to sit on the sideline all the time and let everybody else take all the reps. That’s not me. And I think those guys see that, having me practice here the last couple weeks, I want to be out there on the field, and I’m going to run to the football and I’m going to try and make every play I can possibly make, and I think that part of it is the trust aspect of it. The communication part is knowing what you’re doing when you’re out there and being able to communicate with the other players and those players communicate back with you, and everybody knows what you’re doing, and once you do that, that’s where the chemistry comes. If we can do that as a team, we’ll be OK.

Q: College number and negotiations for old jersey number?
Woodson: Actually the `2’ looks very, very good. I remember coming out in ’98 and trying to petition to wear No. 2 and it didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll take another shot at it this time around. The 24, I think it’ll eventually work itself out so I’m really not too worried about it right now.

Q: Pay a premium . . .
Woodson: I really ain’t trying to pay nothing, but we’ll see what happens.

Q: Sixteen years, all the hits given and taken, physicality an issue, you hit the magic number and no more . .
Woodson: I don’t think you have any choice but to accept it if you’re going to play, you want to be an integral part of the team. For me, physically, I really feel great. I don’t really have any issues getting out of bed or anything like that. I really feel fresh coming out here and running around. When that time comes, I know I’ll feel it, and I’ll have to come to a decision, do I want to come out and continue to do it. But right now, it’s full speed ahead.

Q: You were drafted as a shutdown corner and now do so more how have you worked at your craft?
A: You go from being a shutdown corner to just being a shutdown football player. That’s what I’ve always been even though my role was to play corner I was always just a football player. Those that have watched me over the years, I’ve always tackled. I’ve always done whatever I could out there on the field besides just playing against one guy. Then over the years, it’s the experience thing that comes into play, and the game starts to slow down for you the more you play the game. You know what to expect out there on the field. Over the years I’ve learned how to better look at film and know exactly what I’m looking at. It’s not about spending a whole lot of time watching film but it’s about looking at it and knowing exactly what you need to get out of it for you to be a better player. I’ve been able to do that now for a lot of years.

Q: No reps at receiver?
A: I haven’t got there yet but let’s hold off on that a little bit.

Q: You weren’t known as a film guy, has that changed?
A: It’s changed. When I first came out we played man to man. Really the game was about not letting your guy catch the ball. That’s what I had to do. A lot of times you followed the guy around and that was it. If they weren’t throwing the ball at him, really what else could you do. Over time being put in other positions, playing nickel, moving around, playing dime, playing some safety, you got to see the game from different angles. That’s what kind of really egged me to get better at understanding formations, understanding situations, what teams like to do whether it’s in the red zone or backed up to their own 20. It’s helped me become a lot better player and make a lot more plays which is of course a lot of fun. I look forward to doing a lot of that this year.

Q: Chemistry with Tyvon?
A: It’s been good. We have some players back there. Bringing in Mike Jenkins, bringing in Tracy Porter, having Tyvon who has been here a few years, we have guys that have won games in this league, have been good players in this league. We know how to win. That’s helped us just really … I think so far we have gelled together really good just in the couple of days that we have practiced together. We’re all feeling each other out. Everybody wants to see how I’m going to come out here and work and practice and I think the last few weeks I’ve showed them what kind of player I am and why I have been around this long. That type of thing is only going to help us grow as a unit.

Q: What do you do the next month?
A: Work. I work. I work and prepare myself to be ready when training camp comes so I can hit the ground running. I’ll go home and I’ll be home with my family but a large part of it will be conditioning myself to the point where if we had to play a game July 27 I could play July 27 and not have to come off the field. That’s what I’ll do the next couple of weeks.

Q: Why was it important to you to jump right into OTAs and practice?
A: It’s another fresh start for me. I’ve been given an opportunity by the Oakland Raiders to come out here and be a part of this team. I wanted to come out here and be around the team. I kind of dangled out there in free agency for a while. There was always the thought that I may be done if something doesn’t come up or a team doesn’t come calling. Oakland gave me the opportunity to come play here and I wanted to be out here. I wanted to come out here and work with the guys. Talking to our d-coordinator and know what the scheme was and what they were doing. I was very excited about that so I wanted to come out here get those reps, especially mentally going through all those checks and make sure I’m staying ahead of the game once training camp comes around. That’s what I wanted to do.

Q: Weird being same age as some coaches?
A: It’s weird. Actually in Green Bay Joe Whitt our defensive back coach was younger than I was. The thing is, with Joe, Joe knows what he’s talking about so it’s easy to follow a guy and listen to a guy who knows what he’s talking about even though he may be younger and you’ve played in the NFL all these different years. Listening to the guys I’m around now, they know what they’re talking about so there won’t be any issue.


What do you do for the next six weeks?
“I’ll be here for a couple days then it’s right back to training. It’s something you can’t take much off of. Once you get in that shape, it only take three or four days to fall out of shape so you just want to keep it going and just stay on top of everything.”

Coach was talking about challenging you to be a leader?
“Just being one of the older veteran players on the team. It seems like just yesterday I was a rookie but now I’m going into my sixth year. Just trying to be more of a vocal leader instead of just going out there and leading by example, you have to be more of a vocal leader and let guys know ‘hey, come on bring yourself along’. Some guys might need a jumpstart to get going so you just want to pull them along and get everybody going on the right page.”

You feel comfortable being vocal when you see a player doing something wrong?
“I would say I’m more on the offensive side of the ball because on the defensive side of the ball I might not know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. I know on the offensive side of the ball I can tell if they’re not doing right and say ‘hey, come on, bring it along’ or something.”

How are things working out with the offensive line?
“Things are going very well with the offensive line. As far as the blitz pick up, the calls the offensive line is making. I feel like we’re meshing very well.”

But as for you, do you like what you see?
“I feel like everybody’s up to speed. Me personally, I feel like I’m up to speed with everybody. I know the blocks that they’re gonna make and where the holes should be.”

What do you see in Rashad Jennings?
“He’s a great guy. He’s out there hitting it hard like he’s supposed to. He knows his assignments and that’s something that you need from a running back, guy who know their assignments that they’re assigned to when they’re out there trying to block or even when they’re running the ball, they have to know the right reads to make.”

Q: Do you use your poor showing last season as added motivation this year or do you put it aside?
A: “It’s one of those things, there’s always going to be things that gets your blood boiling. But last year was last year. It’s something I put behind me. We’re moving forward, and I’m looking forward to a new season.”

Q: Are there things you learned that you should avoid doing?
A: “It’s just going out there and being more of a vocal leader. I feel like there was times last year, guys would like to talk a lot. It might have been at the wrong time when I was cracking jokes. I’m just being more of a vocal leader and leading for the younger guys.”

Q: Do you focus on this being a contract year for you?
A: “I know it’s there but it’s something that I don’t really think about. I just go out there and play football. I know if I go out there and take care of my business on the field, everything is just to follow.”

Q: Have we seen the best of McFadden yet?
A: “Not at all. You’ve seen a lot of glimpses, though, but I can promise you that you haven’t seen the best of him at all.”

Q: Surprised at how many balls you caught last season?
A: “It was one of those things, if you have to check it down to a running back, I’m always going to be there for if the quarterback decides to check it down to me. I’m going to be there for him.”

Q: What is your relationship like with the quarterbacks?
A: “I feel like all of them guys have been doing a great job. They come in there, they take control of the huddle, they get guys in the right position, they make the right reads they have to make for the defense. So, I feel like they all have been doing a great job. I’m just looking forward to the competition in training camp and getting out there with them.”

Q: What do you think of the Raiders defense so far?
A: “Man, just being out there with them, they’re going to present a lot of problems for people. Just seeing them out here in OTAs and mini camp, they’ve been moving around and flying to the ball. So, I’m looking forward to that.”

Q: What does Woodson bring to the team in terms of leadership?
A: “He’s a great veteran guy. A lot of guys look up to him. So, just seeing him out there and taking control, seeing guys look up to him on the defense.”

Q: Can you see yourself playing at Woodson’s age?
A: “I don’t think it’s the age that really matters. He’s the type of guy, he’s going out there and getting it in and doing what he’s supposed to do. So, it’s about how you go out there and handle yourself.”


Steve Corkran

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    Good Morning Nation!

    hope everyone had a great weekend.

  • guest123

    thoughts and prayers to the families of the 19 firefighters who bravely lost their lives in a wildfire in Arizona.

  • Just Fire Baby

    BART employees want a 5% salary increase + a 2% COLA every year, for a mandatory 7% annual raise.

    Oh….and they don’t contribute to their pension and want to leave it that way.


    Reason #3,491 why unions shouldn’t be allowed in the public sector outside of public safety.

  • guest123

    Houston Rockets set to offer Dwight Howard 4 year deal for $88 million after trading Thomas Robinson this weekend. All signs pointing to Houston getting D12.

  • guest123

    wow, BART employees are insane! Nobody gets 5%+2% COLA. The USPS is laying off people and shutting down Saturday mail. The US Government is in the middle of sequestering a lot of jobs, effectively cutting pay. And these nutjobs think they have a leg to stand on?

    Pathetic, toss them on the streets and re-key all the locks. Nice knowing you.

  • hwnrdr

    4804.Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 5:40 am
    BART employees want a 5% salary increase + a 2% COLA every year, for a mandatory 7% annual raise.

    Oh….and they don’t contribute to their pension and want to leave it that way.


    Reason #3,491 why unions shouldn’t be allowed in the public sector outside of public safety.

    They also want 10 -12 weeks of paid vacation…
    Dam…I want that too! LOL…

  • romania

    fire cork! hire Riff!

  • guest123

    They also want 10 -12 weeks of paid vacation…
    Dam…I want that too! LOL…


    me too. meanwhile on plant earth…

  • Just Fire Baby

    The lady that is the local leader, Josie something, makes 145K a year.

    That is more than any public official in the state of New Mexico, including ABQ mayor and Governor Susana Martinez.


  • hwnrdr

    That’s true JFB! And remember, there was also a lady just last month they had a story on that she was asked to retire, and had 2 years or maybe more worth of vacation and she was getting it like a paycheck sitting at home…and her pention grew while sitting at home!

  • guest123

    Monte Ellis is a front runner to land with the NY Knicks. Ha! Is Isiah Thomas still runnning the Knicks?

    They would have the only line up to score 100 pts a game and have the top assist man avg 4 a game.

    lol @ Knicks

  • hwnrdr

    4809.guest123 Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 5:49 am
    They also want 10 -12 weeks of paid vacation…
    Dam…I want that too! LOL…


    me too. meanwhile on plant earth…

    LOL, I know, right?

  • guest123

    2 years of accrued vacation time is rare. I know that it doesn’t exist in the state or fed govt’s. Usually the most you can carry over is 240 hours. So about 6 weeks. Sick leave drops off the books if you don’t use it, no matter if you have 1000’s of hours.

    I have never heard of sitting back in your home for 2 years collecting a paycheck. That does happen often though, but it’s usually some kind of permanent disability that’s needed to get those kind of benefits.

  • Just Fire Baby

    There is also some scheme they were doing where they took a day off work, but used a vacation day or something then went into work later that week and earned OT for “over” a 40 hour work week.

  • Just Fire Baby

    It is pretty common here in NM to “burn” your leave hours on the back end of their 25 years or whatever. NM allows you to buy “air-time” and the city lets you defer your hours into your deferred comp account and roll it over to the pension plan to buy the few months of work, all tax free.

    But they limit it 1,000 hours for general employees and 1,400 for public safety.

    Other entities run it even tighter capping at like 500.

  • hwnrdr

    Some crazy sh*t! Funny is they are public employees! 400,000 people ride the BART everyday! This week is gonna be hell!

  • hwnrdr

    4816.Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 6:07 am
    It is pretty common here in NM to “burn” your leave hours on the back end of their 25 years or whatever. NM allows you to buy “air-time” and the city lets you defer your hours into your deferred comp account and roll it over to the pension plan to buy the few months of work, all tax free.

    But they limit it 1,000 hours for general employees and 1,400 for public safety.

    Other entities run it even tighter capping at like 500.

    Right…but there was that story that I read last month! And the funny thing about it was that she was sitting at home, making more than the person that replaced her!

  • guest123

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 6:05 am
    There is also some scheme they were doing where they took a day off work, but used a vacation day or something then went into work later that week and earned OT for “over” a 40 hour work week.


    pretty fishy accounting. timekeepers don’t approve OT for cummulative workweeks equal to or less than 40 hours where I work. bad business.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Let me go get the exact verbage of the OT scheme thing they were doing, before KoolKell comes in here and calls me “sleezy” because I was off on one part.

  • guest123

    glad I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore. the traffic was already hell with the BART running. I can’t imagine it now.

  • hwnrdr

    Another bad thing…not everyone is union that works for BART…
    I feel sorry for those guys!

  • Just Fire Baby

    “BART also says the average employee takes off 40 unscheduled days a year, though that total includes long-term absences such as disability leaves or industrial injuries.

    But some of it, BART says, is due to an overtime policy that allows workers to call in sick on a scheduled day, then work an unscheduled day and get paid overtime. Union officials dispute BART’s estimates and say unsafe working conditions cause many absences.”

  • guest123

    quote of the day:

    “confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence”

    – Vince Lombardi

    this one goes out the Dennis Allen.


  • hwnrdr

    Anyways…I guess no football news…I mean, related to the Raiders!
    BUt hey…RIP Jim Kelly! No…not that JIm Kelly 🙂

  • guest123

    As an ex-employer, I used to have very little empathy for whining of employees. I made sure that working conditions were humane, wasn’t running any sweatshops or anything like that.

    But when someone complained about pay, I’d tell them this:

    “by coming to work today, you accept the benefits package that I’m offering. If it’s not adequate, then just don’t show up. I’ll replace you. You go on your merry way. Everyone is happy.”

    Pretty simple stuff. Improve morale through select attrition. FWIW, as an employee I put the same standard on myself. Don’t b**ch or complain. Quit if you’re so miserable. don’t whine.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Doesn’t look like I missed much, in reviewing the Sunday comments:

    -Al Davis bashing

    -the greatness of Palmer

    -Cable vs Jackson vs Allen

    -Ford & McFadden injuries

    -whine & complain about Steve Corkran

    -Scourge still misses Purvis. Dr Bob still hates Pryor. RM99 still hates “tits” and Duck still hates Christians & Republicans

    Did I miss anything??

  • hwnrdr

    Guest, I knew an employee that was pi**ed off for 3 years…but still came to work!
    But you’re right…towards the end, his work was getting bad and then he finally found another job!
    I still laugh about that guy til this day!

  • guest123

    Jim Kelly was awesome in “Enter the Dragon”. great character, loved the huge fro from the ghetto kicking the cops arse. RIP Kelly

  • RaiderRockstar

    Houston Rockets set to offer Dwight Howard 4 year deal for $88 million after trading Thomas Robinson this weekend. All signs pointing to Houston getting D12.

    Monte Ellis is a front runner to land with the NY Knicks.



    thanks (as usual) for the updates!

  • guest123

    Did I miss anything??


    you’re still in rewind mode. NBA free agency is here. drop us some knowledge from hoopshype or PBT when you get a chance.

  • guest123
  • RaiderRockstar


    Report: Knicks and Raptors have agreed on a trade to send Andrea Bargnani to New York

    Clippers and Raptors also discussing trade involving Andrea Bargnani

    Lakers fans, it looks like Mike D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere

    Phil Jackson to Dwight Howard: ‘I expect to see you get on board’ with Lakers

    Rockets continue to clear cap space, release Carlos Delfino and Aaron Brooks

    Kobe Bryant to be a part of Lakers presentation to Dwight Howard

    Report: Rockets trade Thomas Robinson to the Blazers

    Spurs extend qualifying offers to Tiago Splitter and Gary Neal, making them restricted free agents

    Report: Kevin Martin to draw interest from Thunder, Bucks, Pelicans, Timberwolves, Mavericks, Pistons

    Report: Chris Paul will accept Clippers five-year, $107 million offer

    Report: Pistons ready to make Josh Smith a big offer

    Report: Bobcats plan to pursue Al Jefferson in free agency

    Report: Pelicans making big offer to Tyreke Evans

    Report: Kyle Korver to Nets ‘in the bag’

    Report: Warriors put David Lee on trade block

  • guest123

    Miguel Cabrera (25 HR’s) and Chris Davis (31 HR’s) before the break, look like a modern day Sosa/Mcgwire.

    I thought the juiced ball era was over?

  • RaiderRockstar

    One dozen NBA free agents to watch (not named Howard or Paul)

    Josh Smith: He’s one of the best players in what is generally considered a down free agent class — 17.5 points and 8.4 rebounds a game. Nobody doubts that he is a good player, one that annually just misses the All-Star cut line. The issue for him as a free agent is simply his shot selection. This chart pretty much sums it up.

    Smith is very effective around the rim but loves his jump shot. Too much. Also, Smith wants a max contract. He likely doesn’t get it, the question is what will a team pay? He can be amazing if the fit is right, and that team will get some nights of good defense. The Detroit Pistons want him and another 4-5 teams are said to be interested. The question is, at what price? How much tax are you willing to pay for Smith and his penchant for jumpers?

    • Andre Iguodala: Part of the glue that led Denver to 57 wins. It’s not so much the 13 points a game and the and 5.7 rebounds, it’s the strong perimeter defense and the impressive finishing in transition. He has versatility. He’s the ultimate glue guy. He opted out of the $16 million to get the security of a long-term deal. But as our own Dan Feldman pointed out, the team that gives him four years (and one will) may regret that decision in a few years.

    • J.R. Smith: He’s the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year and a gunner without a conscience. He is perfect off the bench — he comes in and brings energy and shooting. But he is anything but consistent. The Knicks have only his Early Bird rights and are limited with what they can offer; the most is just above the league average salary (so a little over $5 million a year for at least two years). It is possible another team swoops in, the Suns, Bucks and Pistons are reportedly interested.

    • Andrew Bynum: He is the real test of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement: How much are teams willing to pay a guy that two seasons ago was one of the top three centers in the league (if not the best outright), but missed all of last season with a knee injury that is chronic? Under the old CBA somebody would have overpaid, but now… There are real questions about his passion for the game, but some team will take a gamble (two or three years at $9 million per?). You can bet that contract will have an out that they can cut him and not pay him if he can’t play due to a preexisting knee condition.

    • Monta Ellis: He reportedly turned down two years, $24 million and he is going to regret that. Ellis is an old school volume scorer — he scores a lot of points and shoots a lot of shots. Don’t expect efficiency (41.6 percent shooting overall last year, 28 percent from three). The new breed of NBA GM doesn’t want a guy like Ellis on the roster and he is going to fine a more shallow market than expected. That said, the Hawks and Mavericks are both reportedly interested.

    • David West: The steady forward who was a key to the Indiana Pacers success (within one game of the NBA Finals) is not expected to sign anywhere but Indiana. The Pacers will make a fair offer of around $10 million per season, but they are looking to offer just a couple seal as West, age 33. If there is any issue in Indiana, you can

    • J.J. Redick: His half a season in Milwaukee taught him he that he wanted out of Milwaukee. He’s one of the best pure shooters in the league and has worked to improve other parts of his game (for example, his defense is better than you think). He’s going to get a nice contract from someone who needs a two who can space the floor.

    • Kyle Korver: Another pure shooter in this draft, he’s older than Redick and not quite as well rounded, but when it comes to shooting threes he is good. The early buzz is the Nets want and are in the lead to get him.

    • Kevin Martin: The final sharpshooter on our list — he shot 42.6 percent from three last season for Oklahoma City, a team that could draw attention away from him. He has a very efficient offensive game, but he’s not going to give you much defense. He has a role in this league as the No. 3 guy on a good team, but we’ll see who steps up to pay him.

    • Al Jefferson: He is a genuine NBA big man who scored 17.8 points and added 9.2 rebounds per game last season for the Jazz. He’s age 28 and in his prime, so he should be expecting a big contract. And he’s going to get a big contract. But he’s a defensive liability on the pick-and-roll and really does his work in the post and on the boards and not much else. Someone is going to pay him then be frustrated.

    • Paul Millsap: He is a restricted free agent, meaning the Jazz can match any offer. It’s going to be interesting, he is a guy who comes in with almost but not quite All-Star numbers — 14.6 points on 49 percent shooting with 7.1 rebounds a game. He’s solid and efficient, a poor man’s David Lee kind of guy. He’s the kind of guy that a GM could decide he needs after missing out on his first choice and puts up a good offer that will leave the Jazz in a pickle.

    • Brandon Jennings: Another restricted free agent (the Bucks can match) who is going to get the kind of offer that will leave the Bucks in a tough spot. He’s a score first point guard (he did have 6.5 assists per game, to be fair) but he doesn’t score efficiently. He shot under 40 percent last season and he struggles to finish in the paint, which makes that amazing first step and quickness less frightening. I got the feeling someone is going to offer him a lot of money in hopes his game grows.

    • O.J. Mayo: Another guy who can score (15.3 points per game) but doesn’t do it efficiently and had Rick Carlisle so frustrated last year he called him out on a couple of occasions. He can score so he will land somewhere, but he’s not loved by GMs. The advanced stats teams are not going near Mayo but somebody will and they will get what they get with him.

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    I received an e-mail from Jon Becker.

    Steve & Jerry are both on vacation.

    Jon said he’ll try to post something himself, if they give him permission

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    A “happy July 1st post Raider Nation” would suffice.

    …only 10 more Sunday’s till NFL football returns.

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    Good morning raider nation 67 days till football 25 days to training camp

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^POUND THE ROCK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 11ANGRY MEN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    The Oakland Raiders’ quarterback play was so wretched at June’s mandatory minicamp that it led Gregg Rosenthal to describe their offseason as a “sliding scale of awfulness.”

    Could the Raiders have produced a more optimistic offseason storyline if they had lucked into the quarterback they originally were targeting in the draft? According to Les Pasquarelli of the National Football Post, the Raiders had planned to “jump on” Matt Barkley with their fourth-round pick only to watch the Philadelphia Eagles snare the USC quarterback earlier in the round. Tyler Wilson then joined the Raiders as their “fallback option.”

    Wilson made a strong impression early in offseason training activities, leading one beat writer to declare that the former Arkansas star was “not an ordinary rookie.”

    The consensus in May was that Matt Flynn could experience deja vu, losing the starting job to a mid-round rookie for a second consecutive summer. That talk has died down, however, with Wilson’s play tailing off in June and coach Dennis Allen anointing Flynn the starter “until the competition dictates otherwise.”

    Meanwhile, Barkley currently is viewed as the odd man out in the competition with Michael Vick and Nick Foles for the Eagles’ starting job. Had he slid 14 more spots in the fourth round, he might have been riding high as the clubhouse leader in Oakland.

    By Chris Wesseling (07/01/2013)

  • RaiderRockstar

    RRS 53 man roster July 1st

    QB – Flynn, Pryor, Wilson
    RB – McFadden, Jennings, Murray
    FB – Reece
    WR – Streater, Moore, Criner, Butler, Ford, Vernon
    TE – Kasa, Rivera, Ausberry, Gordon
    OT – Veldheer, Barnes, Watson
    OG – Brisiel, Bergstrom, Nix
    C – Wiz, Parsons
    DE – Houston, Carter, Hunter, Crawford, Bass
    DT – Sims, Walker, McGee, Bilukidi
    LB – Roach, Moore, Maiava, Burnett, Burris
    CB – Porter, Jenkins, Hayden, Hanson, Adams
    S – Woodson, Young, Branch, Ross
    K/P – Seabass, Kluwe
    ST – Cribbs, Condo, Jones

  • MikieG

    DJ Johnny Says:
    June 30th, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    rediaR Says:
    June 30th, 2013 at 10:20 pm
    5000 bottles of koolaide on the wall,
    5000 bottles of koolaide
    You take one down, crush people’s hopes,
    4999 bottles of koolaide on the wall…

    Ha. Good one.

    OMG So EFFING FUNNY! Totally LOL’ed

  • RaiderRockstar

    Looking at my projected 53 man roster (#4840)

    what players do YOU think have the best shot to make the team, and in place of who ???

    Matt McGloin
    Jeremy Stewart
    Deonte Williams
    Jamize Olawale
    Jon Hoese
    Andre Holmes
    Greg Jenkins
    Sam McGuffie
    Tray Session
    Isaiah Williams
    Brian Leonhardt
    Jeron Mastrud
    Alex Barron
    Willie Smith
    John Wetzel
    Jason Foster
    Lamar Mady
    Andrew Robiskie
    Brandon Bair
    Ryan Robinson
    Johnny Jones
    Kurt Tuaufa’asau
    Billy Boyko
    Kaelin Burnett
    Keenan Clayton
    Travis Goethel
    Eric Harper
    Chimdi Chekwa
    Chance Casey-Thomas
    Coye Francies
    Cory Nelms
    Mitchell White
    Shelton Johnson
    Reggie Smith
    Eddy Carmona
    Marquette King

  • Matt McGloin will make the team and Travis Goethel will not.

    You heard it here first!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Matt McGloin will make the team



    are we keeping 4 QB’s?

    if not, which QB is told to kick rocks?

  • guest123

    I would not be surprised if Pryor is told to kick rocks. I agree that Goethel should go too. I’m hoping there’s a spot for Chimdi, and I think T Jones is going to kick rocks too.

    I’m hoping Mark King wins and Kluwe kicks rocks.

    And I’ll take Jeremy Stewart over Rashad Jennings.

  • SnBG

    Good morning nation.


  • SnBG

    McGloin will not make the team and will go and play for the Hobbitville Trolls.

  • RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 6:26 am

    …and Duck still hates Christians


    I don’t hate Christians at all. Rather, it’s Christianity itself I can’t stand.

  • RaiderRockstar


    nice take.

    Chekwa > Jones
    King > Kluwe
    Stewart > Jennings

    none of this would surprise me!

  • RaiderRockstar

    McGloin will not make the team and will go and play for the Hobbitville Trolls.



    where can Jacoby Ford pick up an application??

  • willy91137

    After the first preseason game you will all change your minds I know I will 15 times probably

    I will let the people that get paid the big bucks to make those decisions

    they won’t just let Pryor walk if they don’t trad hem they will keep him

    maybe we can get somebody to give us a third-round pick for Pryor