Video: Rookie QB Tyler Wilson talks about transition to Raiders


Here’s a recent interview with Raiders rookie quarterback Tyler Wilson from Arkansas. He talks about the many things he’s dealing with now that he’s a professional.


Jon Becker

  • J Hill

    which is EXACTLY why D12 left and went to Houston!


    To win rings????

    Won’t happen with the roster they have now.

    They need to try and parlay Lin and Omar into John Wall or something.

    Try and position themselves to get another max player in 2014.

    They look like a 5 or 6 seed to me now.

    I would have taken the extra 30 million and recruited LeBron AND Carmelo if I were Dwight and wanted to win rings.

  • RaiderRockstar

    by the way, Melo was born & raised in Brooklyn.
    played his college ball at Syracuse …

    why the H would he decide to bolt for the left coast?

    stop listening to Steven A Smith and reading bleacher report articles!!

  • J Hill

    Dantonio won’t be coaching the Lakers in 2014.

    Not worried about that at all.

    You guys are NUTS if you think LA won’t be considered by Carmelo and his wife LaLa.


    And why on earth wouldn’t LeBron want to play with Carmelo?

    Because it’s LA and no one want to play in LA?????

    That’s unobjective and hard to respond to.

    Look at CP3. All of a sudden everyone want to play with CP3 and coach him? LA has nothing to do with any of this????

    Carmelo is going nowhere in NY. They are cap stapped and Amare is getting worse.

  • guest123

    Lebron’s a Miami lifer. No amount of money is going to sway him and LA can’t offer him more fame. Sorry Laker fans, that’s got as much chance of happening as North Korean missles striking Austin TX.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    J Hill Says:
    July 8th, 2013 at 10:25 am

    kobe is a locker room killer


    That’s babble, man.

    Alpha personality, of course.

    No different than Jordan and his antics with the Bulls.


    cant say that, jordan = 6 rings

    did pippin leave the bulls because of mj?

    I think your point about driving team mates is one thing, but kobe is driving them away, and that is different all together

    also jordan was phils right hand, kobe was phils headache

    not comparable

  • hwnrdr

    2755.guest123 Says:
    July 8th, 2013 at 10:36 am
    Lebron’s a Miami lifer. No amount of money is going to sway him and LA can’t offer him more fame. Sorry Laker fans, that’s got as much chance of happening as North Korean missles striking Austin TX.

    Really? That much chance huh? LOL

  • J Hill

    So Carmelo isn’t interested in winning?

    He’s just going to stay in NY and ride out 1st and 2nd rd exits for the next 3 or 4 years???

    Look at how these youngsters get down.

    LeBron and Carmelo will BOTH be FAs the SAME OFFSEASON.

    You’re really telling me they aren’t going to try to team up???

    Yeah, that makes no sense.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Dantonio won’t be coaching the Lakers in 2014.

    Not worried about that at all.



    Link? Source?

    why is he even HC now then? to piss off Pau & Kobe?

    if you’re gonna blow this up next year, why not start the rebuild now and let your green coach get a year of experience?

    Unless of course you think Phil Jackson is coming back , lol

  • J Hill

    did pippin leave the bulls because of mj?


    When did he have the chance too?

    Shaq didn’t run anywhere and was pretty bitter he got traded.

    Who did Kobe run off?

    Did you see Howard’s quote that 2 years ago would have been perfect timing for him to be a Laker?

    Did you see him say he’d still be a Laker if PJ was coaching?

    Don’t see the Kobe angle you’re pushing.

  • J Hill

    Phil Jackson is the owner of the team in a few months, why would he want to coach.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, “this thing” is already blown up.

  • bcz24

    if you paid to watch silva then you should be aware that has always been his style

    if you knew this about him before paying than you may have disrespected yourself
    Blah blah blah. I am clearly aware of his style because I mentioned it in another post (where I said he made a mockery of the sport in his last 4-5 fights that he clearly didn’t take seriously). He lost to a scrub opponent for the whole world to see, and I am glad it happened. If he grows a sense of class in the next few months and actually takes his profession seriously again, then I will be happy to see him, a world class competitor, back in the ring dominating opponents. Until then, I could care less if he ever puts the gloves back on.

  • J Hill

    Lebron’s a Miami lifer.



    That’s what Cleveland fans said.

    They lose next year, he’s opting out.


  • guest123

    Dwight Howard is a headcase. I was trying to say that to Lakers fans for weeks, and still even with some head nodding, they’d all line up in unison with the party line that he’d come back to LA when all is said and done. No way could he turn down $30 million.

    Now that he’s a Rocket, he’s still a headcase. LA’s trade was a gamble that backfired on them, but would have ended badly if he’d stayed. Either way, the L’s were Fckd.

  • guest123

    rejoice that the dwightmare is over!

  • RaiderRockstar


    just because LeBron CAN opt out, doesn’t mean he WILL

    why don’t I just throw out these “what if” scenarios like you?

    LeBron stays. DWade is shown the door. Melo joins LBJ in Miami, where King James has been to the Finals 3 years in a row, winning twice. stays with Riley & Spoelstra and a fan base that adores him

    that would also debunk your theory that this is Wade’s team because he got there first, lol

    sound good?

  • New post.

  • J Hill

    LA can’t offer him more fame.


    You can’t really believe that.


    Maybe not, but exposure???

    LeBron is signed by Nike, McDoanld’s, Coke, and other HUGE sponsors. How many commercials did you see them run during the playoffs??? NONE.

    NO WAY that happens if he’s playing in NY or LA.

    And you are OUT OF YOUR MIND if you think he doesn’t notice that type of stuff.

    I’ll ask you the same ? I asked you about Howard ….

    What do you think Carmelo and LeBron’s agents would want them to play?

  • redshirt

    Why do I get the feeling the host of that interview is more concerned with Tyler’s beef stick than he is with his 9 iron?