Raiders injuries mounting, though coach Allen not overly concerned yet


NAPA — Running back Latavius Murray, wide receiver Conner Vernon, defensive tackle Stacy McGee and offensive lineman Alex Parsons on Tuesday joined the ever-burgeoning list of injured players.
It’s getting to the point where coach Dennis Allen conceded it’s becoming an issue. Well, yeah, given the injured players now stretches into double digits.
“Some of those injuries are starting to mount up a little bit,” Allen said, “and the day off tomorrow will be good for our guys. They’ve worked extremely hard. They’re out here battling, playing physical and doing the things we’re asking him to do.
“We can’t concern ourselves with the injuries. We have to keep moving forward. We have a team to get ready to play and we’re going to coach the heck out of the guys that are out here.”
The four added to the list Tuesday brings the number of sidelined players to 14, including the three that arrived at training camp unable to practice — defensive tackle Pat Sims, linebacker Miles Burris and offensive tackle Menelik Watson.
The other players unable to practice right now includes: offensive lineman Lucas Nix, nose tackle Johnny Jones, defenisve tackle Vance Walker, defensive lineman Brandon Bair, receiver Jacoby Ford and linebackers Billy Boyko and Kaluka Maiava.
On the bright side, the Raiders got back from injuries suffered in camp linebacker Sio Moore and wide receivers Greg Jenkins and Sam McGuffie.


Steve Corkran

  • M.Shorter
  • M.Shorter

    “Matt Flynn has been pretty consistent”

    If pryor can’t throw short or medium passes consistent then how do people except him to start.

  • Twocents

    It is just the start of camp and everybody is in panic mode. There is a long way to go, keep the faith.

  • Mistic1 Tha Supavillain

    so now the code language switches when talking about flynn vs pryor. These guys are very easy to decode.

    Notice how the talk of wilson has completely been silenced? the trib staff was all over the so called flynn vs wilson hype just a few weeks agoe …. what happened?

    now that pryor has easily dispatched with that notion through his outstanding camp thus far the focus has switched back to flynn.

    they cant write that he is the best passer, that lie has been exposed by pryor as well. now they use the phrase “most consistent”, yet this is nebulous and clever trick-nology

    consistent at what exactly? consistent at dink and dunk? consistent between the 20’s and stalling in red zone?

    regardless of what these spin doctors wording is looking to mask or obscure the fact remains that the qb that is “most consistent” at putting the ball in the end zone is the guy who should be on the field.

    flynn and wilson have no shot at trying to match pryor in that regard.

    keep your consistent dink and dunk 12 point a game offense, pryor is the truth and the cure

  • M.Shorter

    @ Mistic

    So your excepting Pryor to throw bombs all the time and get in the red zone with a few throws. He gotta get the to red zone first. What if defenses have 2 deep safeties. Pryors got to establish the short and intermediate passes and be “consistent” all around.

  • willy91137

    it is so sad to hear that the Denver Broncos starting center and backup center are both out for the season

    I just thought about it from nano second and I’m not sad anymore in fact I’m very happy

    all thay have to do now is find a center that can remember all that stuff; Peyton Manning wants to do

    be a center for Peyton Manning is not easy to do you can just bring somebody

    and have it be efficient. The Raiders just got better

  • DutchRaider77

    Pryor, who provided a spark when he started the season finale last year, is still far too inconsistent throwing the ball but can be a dual threat as a scrambler or runner. Pryor has worked hard on improving his mechanics, spending the offseason working with former major league pitcher Tom House, who has also coached Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

    “I found out that I was leaving my chest open a lot so it was making me late,” Pryor said. “So when I was coming down to throw with my left arm, my right arm was saying it’s time to go, the timing wasn’t right. He kind of helped me with that. It’s definitely helping shoot the ball a lot more and better. My thing looking in the mirror last year was I need to be more accurate.”


  • mgwiredog

    With all of these injuries across the whole NFL it seems to only confirm the rampant use of HGH & PED’s. Normal tendons can’t hold up to all of the strain.