Notes, quotes and observations from camp — Day 8


NAPA — The more you watch Terrelle Pryor, the more convinced you are that he has a legitimate chance to succeed as a quarterback in the NFL. On Saturday, his wide-ranging talents were on full display before 1,000 or so fans.
Coach Dennis Allen also took note of Pryor’s performance, in particular a long throw to rookie wide receiver Brice Butler on a post route.
The ball traveled 60 yards or so in the air and found Butler in stride at the goal line for a touchdown. The fans excitement began with a low rumble as Pryor released the ball, it built as the ball neared its intended target and reached a crescendo when Butler made the catch and landed in the end zone.
“That deep ball was a heck of a play and heck of a throw,” Allen said. “All Terrelle’s got to do is keep his head down and keep working. He has improved and he’s gotten better every day. And that’s what we expect.”
Pryor completed numerous other passes and even showed off his running ability from time to time, when called plays broke down.

— Left offensive tackle Jared Veldheer underwent an MRI on his triceps. The exam returned negative. Allen said he expects Veldheer back at practice soon. Alex Barron took Veldheer’s reps with the first-team offense. Veldheer watched practice while sporting a baseball cap.

— Wide receiver Jacoby Ford returned to practice after missing most of the past five practices. He said a sore tendon behind one of his knees caused him to sit out since last Sunday.
He said the injury just happened without his doing anything to cause it and that it’s nothing to worry about, unlike each of the past two training camps, when he suffered a broken hand and a foot injury.
“At first it was kind of upsetting, but it’s part of the game,” Ford said. “I’m doing everything I can to take care of my body in the right way. That last year, I really had no choice because of the foot surgery. I’m glad to get back from the leg. It’s something just real minor, so it was nothing for me to panic about or anything. It’s just like more nagging than anything and just a little bit frustrating. But I’m fine now.”
Allen said he’s eager to get a long look at Ford, especially given he didn’t get to see Ford for long last season before he needed a season-ending surgery.

— Barron also has received reps at right offensive tackle. However, it sounds as if Khalif Barnes is on solid ground in terms of keeping his starting job.
“I’ve been very pleased with Khalif Barnes,” Allen said. “Where he’s at, he’s done a good job for us.”

— Defensive tackles Vance Walker and Stacy McGee were part of a large contingent of Raiders that missed practice. Walker and McGee just returned to practice Friday, only to be back on the sideline a day later.
In all, more than a dozen players missed practice, though no one new surfaced on the list.

— Allen spoke for the first time since the Raiders signed Sebastian Janikowski to a four-year contract extension. Naturally, he’s thrilled to know that he can check kicker off his list for the next five years.
“That’s great,” Allen said. “He’s one of the best kickers to ever play this game, he’s a weapon for us. I’ve said anytime we cross the 50(-yard line), we’re nearing field-goal range anyway. So, it’s a huge weapon to have a guy like him who puts points on the board for you, so I’m glad we got him.”
Six other key players are in the position Janikowski was in until Friday; entering the final year of their contract — running back Darren McFadden, fullback Marcel Reece, Veldheer, defensive end Lamarr Houston, Ford and long-snapper Jon Condo.
Allen made it clear that he is interested in getting some of those guys tied up sooner rather than later, and certainly before free agency rolls around next spring.
“Well, obviously, I’m not going to get into any real negotiations,” Allen said, “but there are some players on this team that we would like to go ahead and shore up.”

— Allen said he hasn’t broken down how many reps players are going to get in the Raiders exhibition opener Friday night. However, it’s clear that presumptive starting quarterback Matt Flynn is going to get plenty of playing time, if not right away.
“Matt’s going to get some work in the preseason,” Allen said. “I don’t think there’s any question about that, so we want to make sure we get him enough work so that he’ll be ready to go when the regular season comes around.”
Flynn has started only two regular-season games in his five NFL seasons. Pryor has made one start in his two seasons. Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin are rookies. Therefore, Allen is faced with four quarterbacks that need as many snaps as possible.


Steve Corkran

  • Vic Tafur @VicTafur 58m
    “@RAIDERS: Raiders have signed LS @JonCondo to a three-year contract extension. pic.twitter.com/JZquURcMh4 >> locking up special teams
    BSJ may as well start drinking, early and often….

  • Pryor is still on the roster?

    Sorry I’m being a racist pos.

  • Raiders for life

    And yes, I’m completely aware of both Knapp’s unimaginative playcalling and Frank Pollack’s horrid, horrid, o-line coaching. The fact that the two banded together to drive Classic Wiz out of coaching only makes it that much worse.


    Duck, I had erased that from memory. You had to bring it up and now I am fkn pissed off again. Thanks lol

  • mcfadden20.

    Cutting back isn’t Mcfaddens best skillset and neither is patience , ZBS worked for other running backs to an extent, just wasn’t build for guys like McFadden , good riddance , it’s a new day in Raider land, I don’t know if it’s the kool aid or what, I see special things happening in Raiderland this year, ofcourse I predicted 11-5 but I’m gonna hold off on my predictions and let the games do the talking

  • Just Fire Baby

    Damn, A’s-Rangers is the one game the extra innings package only carries one broadcast (hometeam).

    Sorry A’s fans, Fosse is awful.

  • 0ak r8rs

    RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit Says:
    August 4th, 2013 at 1:03 pm
    But its ok the AGENDA is strong today with FLYN.. funny how leinart didnt get that AGENDA even though he has way more wins then FLYN


    I won’t speak for others. But I have 0.0% agenda towards Flynn. It’s really not Pryor vs Flynn vs Wilson to me. Well it is of course, because its a competition obviously. But just because you question one, doesn’t mean you’re sold on the other. I talk about Pryor more because I know more about Pryor. He’s been on our team for two years+. I didn’t see either Flynn game. Just highlights and YouTube video. I’m not always right in my opinions, but I do my best not to talk about what I don’t know. Especially here where people r lying in wait to tear someone to shreds for a mistake or miscommunication.

  • willy91137

    Ryan Baker undrafted free agent played for Miami for three years 6 ft5 302lb-28 years old

  • Breaking_Black

    Vic Tafur @VicTafur 58m
    “@RAIDERS: Raiders have signed LS @JonCondo to a three-year contract extension. pic.twitter.com/JZquURcMh4 >> locking up special teams
    Fuuuuuuuuuukkkk yeeesss!

  • Vic Tafur @VicTafur 2h
    One fan wearing full pads, jersey pants and Jerry Porter jersey. Or else Jerry Porter hasn’t aged well and wants to try out
    Somehow my mind is picturing a Bay Area real estate agent….

  • 0ak r8rs

    KoolKell Says:
    August 4th, 2013 at 1:08 pm
    Pryor is still on the roster?

    Sorry I’m being a racist pos.


    Thank you for the apology.

  • Just Fire Baby

    What’s with the A’s pitcher and his shades on his hat?

    I think that is illegal.

  • willy91137

    I’m going to watch the preseason games and by the first game of the season we will know who our quarterback will be

    and by the end of the year it may not be the same we are going into the twilight zone

    we have so many new pieces on this team you really can’t get a feel for how it will work out
    with the injuries we have right now not so good some of these guys have to step up
    and get on the field but we will see how it works out

  • xraided

    Follow The B@Uceman Says:
    August 4th, 2013 at 10:57 am
    Scott Bair said they plan to start Houston at RDE lol….oh boy Dennis Allen and Tarver are clueless…Hunter will be the LDE

    with all the injuries on the DL, it doesn’t look like it matters much anyway at this point … these guys can’t stay on the field… and when they’ll be on the field it’ll be at 60% health

  • xraided

    909RaiderLifer Says:
    August 4th, 2013 at 1:12 pm
    Vic Tafur @VicTafur 2h
    One fan wearing full pads, jersey pants and Jerry Porter jersey. Or else Jerry Porter hasn’t aged well and wants to try out
    Somehow my mind is picturing a Bay Area real estate agent….

    what the sh!t is wrong with people? GET A NEW JERSEY PLZ THANKS! fresh made from china $35

  • ArtilleryShell

    I hope QB Pryor shows me Friday he has the mechanics to take the job. Then we can focus on the defense next year, and get a TE

  • arklandraidas

    Nothing earth shattering here for most of you guys, but here is my opinion on the QB’s from a SEC football fan who watched 2 of the 4 closely and saw more than enough of TP. First off, Flynn: Should be no surprise that he was bounced as the Seahawks starter. He had a wet noodle for an arm at LSU. D McFadden looked better in the Wildcat than Flynn did at QB, no lie. If this guy starts a good portion of the season for the Raiders fans then you guys can start dreaming about 2014. T. Pryor torched my Hogs in the Sugar Bowl and made some unbelievable deep throws in heavy traffic. I was a doubter in his ability but came away a believer. I do question his football IQ and his willingness to put in the work to make himself a solid NFL QB. I’m obviously biased toward T. Wilson as he was raised down the road and I’ve watched him play since high school. He’s a good, hard working kid who gives everything and then some on the field. If he ever gets a chance to play in a Raiders uni he should win over some fans with his work ethic and his toughness. He can make all the throws: deep bombs, frozen ropes, touch passes, etc. and is certainly capable of making these throws consistently. The knock on Tyler would be how high his ceiling would be. As Raider fans I would be worried about having any of these guys as a starter going into the season. I suppose Flynn starts for now based on his scad experience. Pryor is obviously the most dynamic, and will make some big plays but will likely fail to complete a frustrating amount of routine plays. Good luck Raiders Fans!