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The Raiders are getting into their regular-season mode three days before training camp ends.

They began preparations for the Chicago Bears Monday as they would if it were a regular season game. Practice started at 11:15, concluded after two hours and players had a post-practice lunch and meetings schedule as if it were September.

“We’re trying to get into the rhythm and flow of what we’ll do in the regular season and get guys to begin to get into their routine,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said.

— Defensive tackle Vance Walker, out with an undisclosed injury, was back at practiced but being eased in, Allen said. Same goes for wide receiver Jacoby Ford, whose strained hamstring withstood a strong workout the previous day and was cleared to practice.

— Cornerback D.J. Hayden practiced in pads for the first time. He didn’t deliver or take any big blows, but Hayden did intercept a pass in seven-on-seven drills.

“It felt like a normal practice for me, and it’s good to feel normal again,’’ Hayden said.

Hayden will start against Chicago, but Allen isn’t sure how long he’ll play.

“I haven’t put a number on it yet,” Allen said. “I anticipate him going out there and starting the game and we’ll see how he is from a football shape standpoint and see what he can do.”

Hayden will have a chance to get physical against the Bears, especially if lined up against Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

— The Raiders are holding fort for now with left tackle Alex Barron, right tackle Khalif Barnes and reserve Willie Smith for now, with Tony Bergstrom also getting time at tackle after being a guard for the better part of last season and through training camp this season.

Allen said it’s conceivable that rookie Menelik Watson, when sufficiently recovered from a calf injury that has kept him out for all but a few drills on a single day of camp, will get a shot at left tackle when he returns. Watson has just 19 games of football experience at Saddleback College and Florida State.

— If the Raiders game is blacked out against Chicago, it will be shown on tape-delay on KICU (Channel 36) locally at 10 p.m. If it is sold out, the game will be on live on KTVU (Channel 2). The NFL Network has an 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. slot for the game, but it would be blacked out in the Raiders local area.

— Right guard Mike Brisiel, recovering from a knee injury, went through warmups and drills but did not participate in team sessions. Wide receiver Juron Criner remains out with an undisclosed injury, as does running back Latavius Murray.

— The Raiders practice Tuesday and Wednesday in Napa, breaking camp after the Wednesday practice.

— Raiders Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown will meet with veterans Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the California Veteran’s Home in Yountville.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Angry Villager with Pitchfork

    Flynn 3-13
    Pryor 6-10

  • DJ Johnny

    They were talking Bears QB’s on Chi radio and one announcer asked the Bears beat reporter why they didn’t sign Jamarcus and the guy said that he had heard that Russell came in like he was already a lock for the team and was being critical of how they set up his workout and the things they were doing to try him out.

    If I could find a link i’ll post it.

  • Marks hair

    I don’t think we have enough linebackers to run a 34 base

  • DJ Johnny

    The jist of the thing on Russell was basically that he came in to the Bears workout coming off as cocky.

    That’s what I took from it.

  • DJ Johnny

    Guys, as dire as things seem/are the only solution to so many issues is the unavoidable aspect of WINNING.

    Things will change and change fast if and when that happens and not until then.

    NFLNetwork ran a piece called “Are the Raiders now a legitimate SB contender” when we were 4-2 and just acquired Palmer. That’s how quick things can change as far as image and the overall “take” on the Raiders.

    Al was right. “Just Win Baby”. That’s it.

    Raiders being good is good for the league. A legit “bad guy” is good for everyone.

    To be “legit”…WIN.

    Until we do…we’re screwed.

  • Myopinion

    Roach,burnett gaither,burnett jr b/u
    Moore,burnet,burnet jr,carter,bassrobinson olb
    Then add maiva, burris,clyton

  • DJ Johnny

    Trestman says Cutler get’s 1st half and part of 3rd quarter. McCown gets rest of 3rd and Jordan Palmer will battle it out w/ Pryor in the 4th to see who can home with the victory.

  • JLofty

    Congrats RRS. Awesome. Hope everyone’s healthy.

    If you want me to sub live draft for you I’ll volunteer to do it. You tell me your draft philo and i’ll draft accordingly….drafts are the funnest part.

  • DJ Johnny

    Let’s hope Pryor will outplay Carson’s little brother on Fri. nite.

    There’s a fun little side aspect for you.

  • Marks hair

    well you name some linebackers twice and you listed like three defensive ends.. you can line them up in a 34 but you’re still dealing with 43 lineman..

  • inonewordraider

    Marks hair Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 7:40 am
    Oaklands the kinda place kids get gang raped in front of a large crowd of “witnesses”… the city gives the fans their rep.

    this is bs mark

  • SpudRaider

    I don’t see the problem for running 3/4 defense being lack of linebackers. I see the problem is that you don’t have a fire hydrant for a nose guard. Only possibility is Sims who can’t make the field. Once these big guys like him start getting hurt their never the same. Look at his record in Cincy last two years. Injuries started popping up then. Don’t get me wrong when he is healthy he is what you need for 3/4.

  • Marks hair

    which part?

  • DJ Johnny

    I can see the derisive posts now if Jordan Palmer wins the game in the 4th quarter:

    “Pryor is so awful he not only wouldn’t beat Carson Palmer but lost the game to his little brother who never plays”.

    Am I wrong?

    We will see that post if that happens.

  • willy91137

    Well I hope the DJ Hayden is out of this game a live about how many games his team will win

    , afraid not many in less we can pick up a couple players between now and regular-season it don’t look good

    the reason McFadden isn’t running because the offense of line not pulling in going around end like they did with HU if Mark makes a change

    I think it would probably like to have Gruden back if Regge will go along withhim

    Jon Gruden would bring a lot of energy and put a lot of butts in seats

    he would come in here and build a fire under everybody a$$

  • J Hill

    Hunter Sims Houston

    Moore Roach Gaither Burnett

    Maiva and Burris need to get healthy

  • Myopinion

    mgee and bilukidi have the bodies, and dallas ran it with jay ratliff,i think
    Sims being out preseason my help us with those two getting major reps

  • J Hill

    Crawford Walker Houston

    Moore Roach Burnett

    Hayden, Jenkins, Woodson

    Branch Ross/Young

  • SpudRaider

    I think this whole thing w/ Gruden is BS. Name one head coach that won a Super Bowl for one team, then got a Head Coaching Job somewhere else and won another? There are no Pat Reily’s in the NFL

  • dplunk

    The bright Spot from last Friday’s demolition is that I’m sure the vets like CWood, Carter, T.Porter, and U Young pointed out to the younger guys that: “hey that was Drew Brees out there’, he can do that to any nfl defense on any given day.
    that being said: there were a couple of plays that was totally embarrassing for the D-Line of the Raiders. gotta admit Jack Crawford looks like he’s coming around

  • J Hill

    Crawford Walker Houston

    Moore Roach Burnett Bass

  • SpudRaider

    617 I agree with your analysis of those two as great up an comers, but they are suited for a 4/3. Sorry the only other dude on the team that is a “fire hydrant” is the Samoan from Wyoming.

  • J Hill

    Robinson Crawford Houston Carter

    Moore Roach

    Hayden Jenkins Adams

    Woodson Branch

  • J Hill

    Our run defense has been pretty solid.

  • J Hill

    I’m back drinking the Slot Smurf Kool Aid.

    DAMN, man I HOPE this kid can frickin stay on the field!!!

  • dplunk

    623..that’s a pretty solid “D”, If we’re up a couple of scores

  • Myopinion

    And mgee is the exact same size and build as sims, and hes just a rookie, bilu I agree may be too tall, but like I said look at dallas

  • The Big Banana

    DJ Johnny Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 8:11 am
    They were talking Bears QB’s on Chi radio and one announcer asked the Bears beat reporter why they didn’t sign Jamarcus and the guy said that he had heard that Russell came in like he was already a lock for the team and was being critical of how they set up his workout and the things they were doing to try him out.

    If I could find a link i’ll post it.


    Lol, smh

  • dplunk

    I will have my mind made up after Friday night if it’s worth my $300.00 bucks to purchase NFL sunday ticket on direct TV

  • guest123

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 6:39 am
    my baby daughter was born early this morning. 7 lbs 15 oz

    welcome to Raider Nation, Johnnie Lee!!

    #daddylovesyou #proudpapa



  • Myopinion

    Heres what I did maybe helpful.
    My contract was up with direct, I called and said if you guys are giving it free to new cust I wanna cancel and ill restart it with different name, they gave it to me free this year. And if they dont, go thru and cancel, then put in someone elses name.
    This only works if youve had it amd your contract is up.

  • DJ Johnny

    Looks like it’s virtually a lock that Flynn is our starter game 1.

    A question I have is what IF Flynn is horrible…has good stats but doesn’t score much if at all and then Pryor comes in and tears it up?

    Is this game the last of the “competition” or is Flynn set in stone regardless at this point.

  • SpudRaider


    Congrats !!! Build up a storage of Love now while she’s young, for when she hits 15 she’ll start depleting it!

  • “RaiderRockstar Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 6:39 am
    my baby daughter was born early this morning. 7 lbs 15 oz

    welcome to Raider Nation, Johnnie Lee!!

    #daddylovesyou #proudpapa”


  • Myopinion

    Look at the niners, smith was top rated qb, rhey were winning. Its never over

  • shutdown

    I don’t understand how year after year some of you guys start with the Gruden stuff. First, the guy is happy where he is. He gets a great salary for sitting in an office, interviewing qb draft prospects once a year and being a color analyst on weekly broadcasts. He gets respect from a tv audience as a former Super Bowl-winning coach and he faces no down side when he makes inaccurate predictions. He has a high reward, no risk job that allows him to spend time with family yet make lots of money and stay close to the sport he loves.

    Secondly, if ever a guy like that wanted to come back and was sought after, he would go to the team with the greatest prospects of winning.

    Third, while I liked Gruden, I never anointed him a coaching god–he had lots of talent on the team he first inherited and an owner willing to spend money on other free agent talents big name talents. The team had not yet been depleted of talent by bad decisions by Al, who still had his mind at that time.

    No one knows if Gruden as a coach would have continued to produce, even with a non-meddlesome owner. You need an ORGANIZATION that is run with sense from top to bottom (New England, Pitt) in today’s NFL in order to be contenders from season to season and you need a top QB, or star Rb and a couple of stars on D to do that, but above all else, you need an ORGANIZATION that has bright people in the right places and a plan and which STICKS to the plan, gives it time to take effect, which does take time.

    I’m not knocking Gruden at all, just don’t see why people think he’d be able to do any more with what we have than any other coach. I think what some of you guys hate is a quiet coach…you mistake screaming and yelling and “entertaining”, wise-crakcing guys as those who are necessarily better than others. That’s not true of coaches any more than it’s true of those in other fields. That was Gruden’s style; it doesn’t have to be another’s style in order to produce winners.

    Above all else, Gruden is not likely to return to coaching unless he gets booted from his present gig and no one else in broadcasting wants him. How likely is that?

  • The Big Banana

    It appears set in stone that Flynn will start with Pryor getting some playing time.

    As the season wears on, anything can change.

  • SpudRaider


    I had to look up the stats on these two, and your right what’s listed supports what you say. I just don’t believe Sims stats. If he is 6’2″ and 310. Then I’m 6’5″ 200 lbs

  • jesusraiderjim

    J Hill Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 7:19 am
    i never log back in.

    just hit refresh and I’m back in.

    missing posts reappear when you hit refresh too.

    Same here. J Hill

    Good job Rockstar!! Congrates Bro.

  • RaiderRockstar

    hey fellas,

    seriously … I want to thank you for all the well wishes and congrats

    it’s an honor to be a part of the Raider Nation and surrounded by you standup dudes

    9 hours until Dell’s draft. thinking I’ll try to make it, depending on who is here to visit us at Podunk Hospital, Tire, Pawn & Feed

  • Dakota

    545.RaiderRockstar Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 6:41 am
    blogging from hospital while holding her..

    not sure I can attend Dell’s live draft tonight?


    Get your priorities straight man!

  • Myopinion

    I agree thier bodystyles dont look the same, I checked too. Mgee actually looks the most like a short fat nt.
    Bilu looks more like sims to me

  • “Get your priorities straight man!'”

    You better listen to Dakota!

  • NICE POST shutdown!


    I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  • guest123

    I agree with what Dakota said about getting your priorities straight. Right now, fantasy football is sidebar. You need to ditch this place and focus on your family for awhile. Trust me on this.

  • Plunketthead

    guest123 Says:
    August 20th, 2013 at 9:25 am
    I agree with what Dakota said about getting your priorities straight. Right now, fantasy football is sidebar. You need to ditch this place and focus on your family for awhile. Trust me on this.

    that baby is not going anywhere
    Let that podunker play FF

  • guest123

    When women are resting up in the hospital after giving birth, they need to feel more than anything like daddy is centering on her and baby. Take care of your own needs, get plenty of sleep, eat right, time to pamper her, not play fake football hobby. There will be time enough for that nonsense later (and yes I like the hobby too)

  • guest123

    As a father of 4, I’ve been thru this. I’m just trying to save the podunker from himself. Call it paying it forward with some lessons learned.

  • dplunk

    631..L.O.L. sounds like a plan. ha ha..since i’m a die-hard I’ll probably get the ticket any way. the irony is: when I was stationed in Oakland / Alameda (USN)from 1986 -1990 the Raiders were located in LA.

  • RaiderRockstar

    some of you guys underestimate my ability to multi-task

    I just changed the 1st poopy diaper between blog comments. I held baby so mom could get a nap after being up all night

    you assume i’m a POS for talking to YOU PEOPLE??

    lol, family first man. i’m not neglecting anybody