Raiders DC Jason Tarver breaks it down

Highlights from defensive coordinator Jason Tarver’ media session Tuesday:

On dealing with communication issues with so many starters out: On the back end, there’s more communication from linebackers to the (defensive backs) then there is to D-line. But what you want to establish is you want with the D-line, and we did some extra drills today and we’ll continue to do, is your fits, especially in the run game. You want to know when a guy gets singled how he’s going to fit that so you can fit off of him. So we do want to get Nick and Kevin and our starting linebackers behind our starting interior tackles

On Pat Sims getting up to speed with a limited amount of time left: Pat is a smart football player. I don’t think mentally he’s too far away from knowing his assignments. It’s more of a just getting reps . . . It’s about practice time. I’m not in control of all that other stuff. I’ll play him as many reps as I can based on the plan built by our trainers, our coach and our general manager.

How much Charles Woodson has left as a player: His burst surprises me every day. He’s an amazing athlete. He’s got a great feel for when the quarterback is going to release the ball and that’s still there. He’s practice all the way through camp and is still explosive out of his stance.

On how far Sio Moore has come: Sio was better in the second game than he was in the first game: Sio’s great thing is his position flexibility. Linebackers now need to be able to rush, drop, move, shed blocks, set edges, because of the spread offenses and faster offenses. The more you can do, the better it is. Sio has show those things in camp, in college and through the first two preseason game.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Vic Tafur ‏@VicTafur 23m
    @bjcorporations Allen said Lamarr Houston is playing Friday

  • the famous dr robert

    Ok. I’m taking a crap so I’m blogging.

    RaiderO and east—

    What happens Friday when Flynn produces 90+ again and Pryor is sub 75 again?

    When will u believe? Ever?

  • the famous dr robert

    24–“Give Chance a Chance”?

  • 24

    Dr Robert – Haha…good one!

    New Post!

  • RaiderRetribution

    #2 is Pryor’s jersey from college days at Ohio St. He wanted that number when he was drafted, but Hue said “No” because it was too soon after the jamarcus fiasco and he fans would hold it against Pryor.

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    the famous dr robert Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 10:51 am
    Ok. I’m taking a crap so I’m blogging.

    RaiderO and east—

    What happens Friday when Flynn produces 90+ again and Pryor is sub 75 again?

    When will u believe? Ever?


    This is NOT going to happen but, how would those percentages change, if Flynn ran with the 2nd team and TP the 1st?

    We can’t say because we won’t see it happen.

  • logic82

    Great analysis. I personally am biased for Clowney. IMO we do everything we can to get him. For him, even though it goes against everything I believe, I would do a CP type deal for him if I had to. (no 1st but definitely 3 or 4 picks from the 2014 draft. So yes I’d switch positions and give up my 2nd,3rd, and 5th for example.) He is just that dominant. We have already invested an ungodly amount of money and picks in QB’s. As good as Bridgewater might be let’s pass. Hayden, if they let him heal, will dominate (I hope) in the defensive backfield. Clowney will dominate on the defensive line. Veldy will more than hold his own on the OL. Houston will hold his own on the DL. We should be able to pick up one more top flight player either through draft or FA. We will have a nucleus of top flight players around which we can build a competing team. Raider type players. Not poor imitations of GB’s trash. That’s why I say 2014 is just too important to screw up. RM has got to be on top of his A#1 game.

  • logic82

    bcz24 Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Well I know many will say bench him/ cut him if he does. But these coaches better soon realize getting cut from the Raiders is not a detriment. Just about everybody we cut gets picked up if not immediately fairly quickly. Some may be looking to actually get cut/traded (DMAC?). This is what bothers me so much about this coaching staff. There just seems to be a lack of basic football SOP and sober coaching IQ.
    Totally disagree with this. 1. He didn’t play the 2 receivers off each other. He was asked 2 separate questions during the media window and answered them.
    2. Sometimes these guys need to be called out in public to get it through their head. If DMo17 quits on the team because of it, so be it… we don’t want that type of guy here anyways.

    You act as though players are never called out in public. It happens everyday. They either man up and fix the issue, or the are whiney pu$$ies and find new teams.
    Fair enough. IMO a player should never be called out in public. All that should be kept in house. Now maybe he didn’t intentionally play each player off the other but had he been a bit more mentally adroit- (I’m trying to be delicate here and not call him slow) he would have realized that either he was being baited by the reporter or that once he commented on Moore’s immaturity any comments about other players being more mature was off limits.

    And you are certainly right, however, about players quitting. If any player quits on the team they should be shipped out because they are by definition then useless to the team. But common sense and prudence says you can’t keep getting rid of all your players, particularly all your good players as a philosophy or motivational tool. This is called a pyrric victory at best and just boneheaded stupid management at worst.

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    Eastoaklandraider Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 10:17 am
    0ak R8rs Says:
    August 21st, 2013 at 10:14 am
    Lets not forget that he has 37 attempts. 37!! Small sample size.


    I’m not down on Pryors low QBR. Never mentioned it. Never my point. My point is that Flynn has a 90+ and if he maintains that throughout the year then it will almost certainly translate into wins. That’s all that I said. If you can’t agree w that? I couldn’t care less.

    C’mon its pre season you REALLY think his QBR will stay over 90? You really believe that, really?


    Never said that either. All I said was IF he can keep it there we will almost certainly have success. And w the little data we have available on both QBs right now, Flynn seems to have the propensity for the higher QBR. Therefore it follows that he has the best chance of maintaining that 90+ QBR. I never said he WOULD maintain it, or that we WOULD win if he did. I just said it was the more likely scenario.