Halftime: Bears 27, Raiders 3


— The Bears outgained the Raiders 252-92 in the first half, getting 14 first downs to four for Oakland. Cutler completed 12 of 21 passes for 142 yards, a 32-yard touchdown pass to Forte and no interceptions. Forte also gained 76 yards on six carries before taking the rest of the night off.

— Running back Rashad Jennings got plenty of first-half work with McFadden sitting it out, carrying 10 times for 29 yards _ and 15 of those came on the Raiders’ first play from scrimmage.

— Tight end Mychal Rivera had the biggest play in the half for the Raiders, catching a 26-yard pass from Pryor on the Raiders’ last drive which resulted in a 50-yard field goal off the dirt by Janikowski.

— Tough first half for rookie linebacker Sio Moore, who was called for an illegal block in the back on a special teams play and on one blitz found himself completely walled off by left tackle Jermon Bushrod.

— Former Raider running back Michael Bush, who scored on runs of 1 and 10 yards in the first half, spent time talking with McFadden, Tyvon Branch, Jon Condo and Jacoby Ford during pregame warm-ups.

The Bears are coached by former Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, who hired Aaron Kromer and Skip Peete, also former Raiders assistants, to be his offensive coordinator and running backs coach, respectively.

— Return specialist Josh Cribbs, who has struggled in the preseason, mishandled the opening kickoff before picking it up and getting out to the 20-yard line. On the Bears’ second kickoff, Cribbs fumbled while in a middle return but the ball was recovered by the Raiders.

Ford got the call on the next kickoff, and exploded for a 62-yard return down the right sideline.

— Stefen Wisniewski was the long-snapper to Marquette King when the Raiders punted on their opening possession, with coach Dennis Allen making good on his promise to have someone other than Jon Condo do the long-snapping during the preseason.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • jtruraider702

    Wtf Famous Jackson just say?

  • Kirk

    Pryor did very little to earn the job tonight. It was more a case of Flynn not doing his job to keep it locked down. Everyone keeps missing the point that Pryor was pretty bad against the first teamers when given the chance.

    If anything, McGloin did more to EARN an elevation in status than anyone else. He is light years of ahead of where Pryor was last year let alone in his rookie season. He projects way better than Pryor does, yet he’s not even part of the conversation.

    Pryor started against San Diego last season and threw for two touchdowns and ran for a third.

  • Cervantes74

    Kirk Says:
    August 23rd, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    So in 3 games…

    TP 6 scoring drives, 1 TO, 1 sack

    Flynn 2 scoring drives, 4 TOs, 9 sacks and too many punts to count.

    It’s not close folks. It’s not close.

    The game is still about scoring.

    It’s amazing that some people don’t get this.


    They do. It’s just Doc Sybil and his 4 computers around the desk. Zymerge is Roberta is Alex is MR is Sullivan44 is…

  • RNOraiderFan

    Pryor didn’t do anything to win the job? Um 25 yard run around a bunch of defenders for a TD? A 28 yard bullet to a 4th string TE right down the middle between two defenders? What game were you watching?

  • jtruraider702

    This blog is why not a single one of us is actually employed by an NFL team

  • 0ak r8rs

    Try Some Reality Says:
    August 23rd, 2013 at 11:14 pm
    What is this dark side exactly and the fact that it’s aligned with the Houdini supporters? LOL. Some of you are a real trip.


    No. A bulk of the Houdini supporters r the dark side. Not him. And not you, for whatever that’s worth. Most of the guys that support Pryor don’t support Reggie or DA or much of anything else it seems. I’m looking for consistency from this team. An I haven’t lost faith it’s gonna happen. Most of the Pryor supporters seem like they wanna tear it all down, especially of that’s what it takes to get their “guy” in. I don’t have a “guy” in this argument. I just don’t like the attitudes of alot of the Pryor brigade. When Pryor does poorly, or when he does well.

    That’s my opinion. I’m not even saying they aren’t fans, most of them, even the real hateful ones. But they aren’t the kinda fans I wanna be aligned with. Just because we all like the same team, doesn’t mean we all have to get along. I’m good w that. Why aren’t you?

  • 2romes

    What has Reggie done that is so likable. Any GM can come in an slash prices. Can he slash the price while keeping the raiders competitive? He for sure does not want TP to start . Will Reggie take credit if Pryor pushes his way through to the starting lineup?

  • JB

    What did Flynn cost us? I think it was a 4th round pick & if so, we got taken once again. RM has some Green Bay colored lens in his glasses. He needs to throw those away. Put simply, TP2 has earned the right to start. I don’t think RM and/or DA will do what’s right and give TP2 the nod. They really should try to trade Flynn to another hard up team while he has any value at all left. It may already be too late for that.

    Right now I’ve got TP2 as our best QB prospect. I don’t thin he’s the long term solution but he’s certainly a better choice than the other QB’s now on the roster.

  • jtruraider702

    I don’t mind differing opinions on how we as a whole feel about the team. Its ok I think for me to say that the criminal element needs to cease. Losers need to stay home on the couch

  • jtruraider702

    Fight in your hood if you want, just keep that sh*t out the stadium