Speculation has Pryor as Raiders QB


At least two purveyors of opinion have made a strong case for Terrelle Pryor as the Raiders starting quarterback when the regular-season begins Sept. 8.

San Jose Mercury News-Bay Area News Group columnist Tim Kawakami believes Pryor managed a difficult environment well enough and that his mobility provides a better chance for the Raiders to remain in games. His Web column can be found here.

Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter echoes some of the same sentiments and believes the Raiders in their current state would best be served by Pryor over Matt Flynn. His story can be found here.

As a side note, the story Trotter filed had lead paragraphs nearly identical to the ones I filed Thursday night on my final write-through for the Web and morning papers.

I think I’ll call Jim after Dennis Allen’s conference call (scheduled for 5:15 p.m.) to get me started.

Some teams have begun to announce their cuts to get to the 53-man roster, which must be done Saturday. The Raiders could do so if they desire once players are informed, or they can wait until Saturday and do it all at once. Either way, the guess is there won’t be a lot of hard information coming from Allen this evening.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRetribution

    Watson Nix Wisniewski Barnes Barron

    One center four tackles

    The Thing, Watson at LT
    The Hulk, Vehldeer at RT
    Captain America, Wisniewski at Center.

  • raideralex99

    RaidingTexas Says:
    August 30th, 2013 at 6:27 pm
    Report: Carson Palmer would rather play for less elsewhere than take paycut with Raiders


    Quitter. Just like he did in Cincy.

    “I’m not getting my way here, so I’ll throw a fit like a little baby until you trade me!!!!!”
    Okay lets not talk about Cincy …. they have the cheapest owner and everybody want to leave there after their contract runs out.

    Palmer agreed to redo his contract the first year with the Raiders … to me that’s a team player.
    Since Palmer was not Reggie’s man … the easiest way to get Palmer out of town and make him look bad to the fans was force him to redo his contract again and Reggie knew he would not. So now Reggie looks like the good guy trying to save the Raiders money but what he really wanted was to bring his guy Flynn here.
    The fans were on board with this because they knew Pryor could not beat out Palmer … now that Palmer is gone Pryor can get a shot at starting.

  • Raidernationdave

    Good God the Raiders sucked last year.


  • Bigmike34

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