Wilson, Kluwe off the roster


The Raiders have apparently reduced their glut of quarterbacks and punters by waiving fourth-round draft pick Tyler Wilson and releasing punter Chris Kluwe.

The Raiders have not announced any transactions, but are expected to do so later Sunday. Profootballtalk.com reported Wilson would be waived, and Kluwe congratulated Marquette King on his Twitter account on winning the punting job.

Wilson performed well in offseason, non-contact workouts but was outperformed by Matt McGloin, an undrafted free agent out of Penn State. He becomes the second member of the draft class to be waived, along with seventh-round selection David Bass.

Bass was claimed off waivers by the Chicago Bears. Wilson, if he were to unclaimed, could be added to the Raiders practice squad. The Raiders paid Wilson a $491,000 signing bonus.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Violent Hands

    Just straight took our time on tough choices at qb and punter,good players will be joining this week to enhance the depth,players that were cut from strong rosters and you guys are here crying over low round picks getting shafted from a year2 rebuild,how many snaps would those rookies of taken this season ?

  • troll hunter

    OK guys lets get ready for week 1… stomp the colts

  • SnBG

    RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit Says:
    September 1st, 2013 at 2:13 pm
    Funny how Reggie defenders keep saying we have no money how are you gonna build the d line.. well the 5th pick in the 4th round would help

    also it would help if you took a legit WR like Quinton Patton who would probaly be a 1 on this team or Kenny Still who has been making play after play for the saints .. would help
    You can’t draft enough QBs. You keep trying until you hit on one.

  • SnBG

    You will see, Bass is going no where fast with the Bears. Just like a few other Reg castoffs.

  • SnBG

    Marley Bob Says:

    Once again.

    Forget Ty Wilson and his 4th round status as well as Davis Bass’s potential.

    * This is the big deal:

    What made the GM think he could trade a Punter for a Draft pick??.

    To my knowledge, nobody in modern NFL history has ever traded for a Punter.

    What was he thinking?.

    Maybe if it was Shane Lechler or the 49ers guy you could get a late pick.

    But Kluwe? who is nothing special or King who is unproven and had trouble holding?.

    Seriously, if we had the first Punter in NFL history worth trading for, why not just keep him and cut the other guy???…Don’t you think the other teams figured that out?….Oh wait, nobody in their right mind would even consider trading for our Punters.
    Marley, you’re wrong and second you’re nit picking. Nit picking has agenda written all over it.

  • mantus

    We’re ‘pot committed’ now. This is our team for this season. Support the Silver and Black, or go be another d-bag and buy a Kaepernic jersey. Stop bickering about things that are out of our control.

  • RaiderKenny24

    Bah! We are lauded the laughing stock again after this Wilson/Bass/Kluwe faux pa…it’s okay,Teddy Bridgewater will cure all for Oakland.

    Franchise QB’s can alleviate most/some of the personnel,GM,and coaching muck ups. Just ask the Pats,Colts,Saints,Falcons. Always in contention due to the fact they have Brady,Brees,Manning/Luck etc…

  • CDERaider

    Raideralex99 Says:
    September 1st, 2013 at 2:13 pm
    Cervantes74 Says:
    September 1st, 2013 at 1:58 pm
    For the record I was supporting Reggie hard core all the way up until he gave Flynn more money before he ever played a down.

    That was some BS.

    Then getting lower value for Carson than he did Flynn.

    Big time red flag for a GM.

    Icing on the cake has been cutting Wilson over McGloin and leaving Bass out there to be claimed while holding onto an extra punter and scrub QB.

    Those kinds of strategic errors can’t be tolerated.

    1. Not giving Hue at least a public interview
    2. Hiring a rookie HC with 1 year of DC experience
    3. Letting the rookie coach hire his own coaches, but I understand why.
    4. Going ZBS with DMAC
    5. Bringing in Knapp
    6. The Flynn trade vs the Palmer trade
    7. Wasting a pick on Wilson in the 4th round with so many other good players out there.
    8. Waiving Bass with an extra punter and qb on the roster only to then cut both guys a day later.

    The list is growing for RM.

    Another 4-12 or worse and DA is a gonner and RM might not be far behind.

    Well said …. No more free passes for Reggie … way too many mistakes.
    I know nobody is perfect everyone makes mistakes but when you make more mistakes than correct ones that is a F on any report card.


    The saddest part is RM is not going anywhere regardless of what happens loss wise. Mark has no idea what he’s doing and the only guys he trusted sold him RM and he gave him a long contract on that advice alone because he doesn’t know any better. RM is not going anywhere – unless Mark hires a Team President or sells the team – till 2017 when his contract expires.

    DA is very likely here next year regardless.. Team can’t afford to eat $6 million and pay another HC salary on top of that. He’s on year 2 of his 5 year deal and RM isn’t concerned about winning – he probably wants top 3 draft picks for the next 2-3 years to build through the draft. Busting on 3rd and 4th rounders sure ain’t going to help that cause. And Hayden better be legit, cuz we passed on pro bowl lineman for that kid. But get used to Reggie – he ain’t going anywhere for a long time..

  • RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit

    Bob McGinn ‏@BobMcGinn 46m Five – count ’em, FIVE – #Packers awarded on waivers to other teams. Talk about developing players for the rest of the league. It’s unreal.

  • RaidersAllday_LtsGeTit

    Howard Balzer ‏@HBalzer721 16m NFL teams assigned 45 players on waivers today. Leaders: Chiefs, Jaguars 7; Browns 6; Patriots 4