Halftime: Colts 14, Raiders 7


The Raiders go into halftime trailing by seven despite having Terrelle Pryor throw an interception in the end zone and with Oakland not getting any points out of two scoring opportunities late in the first half.

With 2:52 left, the Raiders got a short punt from Pat McAfee and got the ball at their own 38. Pryor hit Mychal Rivera for seven yards, Darren McFadden gained 2, and then Pryor threw long for Marcel Reece on third-and-1.

Marquette King punted into the end zone, the Raiders made a stop after Andrew Luck’s first incompletion, and got the ball back at the 46 yard line.

This time, Pryor got the Raiders in position for a 48-yard field goal attempt, which Sebastian Janikowski pushed wide left.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderSam

    oh snap, its DHB….

  • the famous dr robert

    Not gonna

  • Chef Sac

    Hell Yes.

  • RaidO


  • C2E


  • The Big Banana

    Haha!! Fk u Luck!!!!

  • beach


  • Plunketthead

    did you see that? hahahaha

  • Whoknows


  • jonathaanv_

    Let’s go hunter!!!!!!!

  • 24


  • Marks hair


  • J Hill


  • fingers

    Fired up…

  • alex7

    Sims, Walker, Hunter, Roach making plays.

    Thanks Reggie.

  • morilla

    Hahahahahaha hah,,!,,,!!

  • Chef Sac

    D steppin it up!!!!!!

  • RaidingTexas

    Bring it, DA/Tarver haters. Bring it.

  • jesusraiderjim


  • Raider Riff

    The old #93 would have missed the QB (after jumping offsides.)

  • Ghost2Post


  • Chef Sac

    Crowd just got quiet…

  • zopi

    All right, much better defense.

  • R8derdiehard

    This is important down right here

  • Say what you will about DA, but this teams doesn’t quit.

  • fingers


  • Dhidee99

    Now do you believe we have a chance to win?

  • Al_is_theraiders

    Defense surprising the hell outta me! Keep it up!

  • 0ak r8rs

    Wow. We really have a game. I predicted it before preseason. Never thought this would happen after seeing preseason. Maybe that’s why it’s preseason?

  • jesusraiderjim

    A score for us here would be HUGE!! T.D.

  • R8derdiehard

    He’ll yeah

  • redshirt


  • RaiderKenny24

    Take over the game now Offense feed off of each other lets go TD NOW!

  • ElkGRaider


  • the famous dr robert

    This is a winnable game. So is next week.

    Need to get it done.

    Seabass is not happy and it’s obvious.

    Defense is stepping up.

  • DJ Johnny

    Raider NATION representing in Indy?

  • 24

    4 sacks for a Defense that couldn’t put any pressure on the QB during the pre-season.

  • RaiderFanMikeP

    this is nuts!! no way we are the 32nd ranked team!

  • Real talk f uck Andrew Luck.

  • morilla

    The defense looks much improved. Leaps and bounds over last years.

  • ElkGRaider

    How many people were yelling at the TV!?!?

  • RaiderRetribution

    Hunter was not letting go of Luck on that sack on 4th and 1.

  • Raidersfan727

    we really look like a team.

    Moral victory accomplished

    now to get the real deal



  • 0ak r8rs

    Raider Riff Says:
    September 8th, 2013 at 12:03 pm
    The old #93 would have missed the QB (after jumping offsides.)



  • The_Civilian_James_Trapp

    RaidingTexas Says:
    September 8th, 2013 at 11:58 am
    RaidO Says:

    This is Pryor’s team now. Haters stand down or go cheer for another team.


    I think the DA and Tarver haters can also fk off and go be donkey fans. Defense looked pretty good last series – with a bunch of castoffs and “tier 2″ guys.


    I have always loved them. Holla!

  • kellygreenninja

    WHAT is going on? Who is this team?

  • Raider Riff


  • Marks hair

    the defense is shutting my mouth right now.. great f****** job go Raiders!!!

  • 24

    Of course Janikowski isn’t happy…his bestfriend is gone. I’d be pissed too.