Raiders inactives vs. Colts


Designated as inactive for the Raiders against the Indianapolis Colts are quarterback Matt McGloin, defensive end Ryan Robinson, tackle Menelik Watson, guard Antoine McClain, defensive lineman Brian Sanford, wide receiver Juron Criner and tight end David Ausberry.

Robinson was kept over David Bass in part because of his ability to rush the passer. Pass rush will be vital today against Andrew Luck. Sio Moore (foot) is active and that’s a good sign. They’ll need him to provide something off the edge.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Whoknows

    Has DA and this regime given Pryor a fair shake at the starting QB job?
    Cork: NO.

  • spiff

    gannon in superbowl = matt Flynn today.

  • romania

    Maybe the plan is platoon. Pretty stupid.

  • Follow the B@uceman

    J Hill Says:
    September 8th, 2013 at 9:24 am
    So how about the owner talking about LA as plan B for a stadium???

    You guys need to do more research LOL…..there will be no team in LA in 2014

    Of course he will use LA as leverage to create sense of urgency….but a wildcard move happened Wednesday lol…..yall don’t know it….but I do!

    NFL doesn’t want Raiders in LA….do you know who the Mayor of LA is? If you do then you know what he said about the Raiders in LA again lol….John David Booty is a mental midget

  • Raiders for life

    ALRIGHT. Good luck today Nation. Might as well start drinkin.

  • spiff

    mark davis will sue the nfl and force the league to give more money to build 50,000 seat stadium in the town.

  • spiff

    11 minutes ’til armegaddon

  • jonathaanv_

    Is flynn really starting you guys? I just came on here for last thoughts and I read flynn is starting , my morning is ruined.. Lol

  • spiff

    i’m six shots in, let’s go raidersssssssssssssssssss

  • jesusraiderjim

    95.7 says its Pryor

    We will see in about 15 minutes

  • jonathaanv_

    Did DA ever say who the qb is? Or did he wait until today and wanted us to see who takes the field?

  • spiff

    pryor warming up … just win baby, let’s go.

  • spiff

    let’s go dmac, let’s go pryor, let’s go o-line, let’s go defense, let’s go…… rrrraiderssssssssss.

  • jonathaanv_

    Pryors only incomp. Was his int..

    Stick to short passes!!!!