Live game updates: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, Monday at 5:30 p.m.


Keep up with all the action as the Raiders battle their AFC West rivals Broncos in a Monday Night Football match-up.



  • raiderjhawk

    All I’ve heard all day, Chiefs going to the playoffs. Ugggh! Wish we had that Colts game back!

  • shutdown

    Comments in Philly about how Mike Vick looks his inaccurate worst when he tries to be a pocket qb.

    Was wondering if any of you could think of an example of a qb who, in the beginning used his feet to run or seemed most comfortable rolling out and who then developed into a really good pocket passer.

    As for Monday, I look for heavy Bronco rush from their left side, forcing TP to his left as he has not demonstrated a comfort with that.

  • raiderjhawk

    My seats at Arrowhead for the Raiders game on October 13th… scored from a vendor through work:

    Section 109, row 31. In the “touchdown zone” on the visitor side.

    I’ll have a two man black hole going, so watch for me on TV.

  • DJ Johnny

    DutchRaider77 Says:
    September 20th, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Ok gotcha. I just find it such a hassle going to Chicago games. I go to a lot of Milwaukee (miller Park) games cuz it’s so much more convenient.

    I usually root for whoever they are playing.


    Yeah the Bears tickets are $$$!

    I can get AWESOME raiders seats for the price of crap bears seats. Not sure a new stadium is really worth it?

    Bear fans on the radio, and the announcers etc. all think they’re “elite” now.

    They really have an inflated opinion of themselves.

    They think Trestmann is this genius now.

    1 SB win in ’85.

    The 72-0 victory over Washington was a long time ago.

  • theghostronin79

    Marks hair Says:
    September 20th, 2013 at 11:30 am
    go Bulldogs tonight go Raiders on Monday!


    Bet they do it………Boise ain’t what they used to be.

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post (again)

  • Some of you in here can’t look past “WHO” is behind this blog mess.
    I haven’t been here to voice a comment due to one individual.

    Some of you ask, is it really one guy who has all those handles, and if you pay attention to the time line and his bad English you will spot this and know it’s the same guy.

    I yesterday said, I’ve been on this blog since 2006 MR is easy to spot.

    He started with stealing our own blog names or handles when you would make him look like a fool which was often or when you would come hard at him and lo and behold later there you were on the blog and you were sleeping or at a game like myself once.

    So we got Registration, that didn’t stop the 24/7 blog mastermind as long as their was no moderator he was going to wreck havoc in his play yard this blog.

    Now a side note, I have a friend in the business who is a KC Chiefs Fan, dude lives in Missouri.

    He and I beat each other up over the teams we love. I was asking him one day were he goes for Chief talk or comments and he told me about his site. I told him were I go and he decided to check it out. I receive a email from him and he says to me Raider Duck use to be on our site all the time, and not surprising he would trash Al Davis all the time.

    So I checked out his site Chiefs Planet and guess what there was a former guy named Raider Duck who had many long visits and time on that site.

    My point is MR is on the computer 24/7 all day and night. His meltdown last night is a normal reaction to the years I’ve seen him blame others, someone has stolen his handle and retreat and blame others. The other classic is come out with DVRICK and ruin the blog, just mad and want to upset those on at that time, classic MR.

    His favorite is blaming others or guessing who his handles are and then saying others who are doing the same thing, this is his most used feature. When you have him cornered he crys like a puppy looking for love and then some person in the blog will say to the effect,” it can’t be him he is ok or smart, knowing his handles got caught with the person who challenged him.

    I want to comment about Raiders, not read racist crap and worry about religion or politics which MR brought up often. His life has to be sickening to sit in front of a computer and be on this blog all day and night Monday thru Sunday.

    I;m glad for the new format, maybe just maybe we can have conversations on Raider playes or moves without being called a Retard or Puss or Dick from him.

    You tell me guys and girls who would want to comment on those conditions and most good guys and gals have left due to that BASTARD.

  • depcharger

    can you say blow out?

  • Alshouldadraftedme

    This game is gonna be awesome, Pryor rises to big games…I think.

  • Alshouldadraftedme

    With the Giants getting handled the Broncos victory looks less and less impressive. There is hope I guess.

  • This is definitely cyber space.