Moore says he’s OK after auto accident


Raiders linebacker Sio Moore was with the team when it arrived in Denver after being involved in an auto accident Saturday morning and being diagnosed with a concussion.

Moore was added to the injury report and listed “questionable’’ to face the Broncos Monday night at Sports Authority Field.

On his Twitter account, Moore said, “Talk about a scary morning man. Just thank God I’m safe and made it safely to CO.’’

Then he tweeted: “100 percent I’ll be in black with my squad.’’

The Raiders were disclosing no details regarding the accident.

Moore must go through the NFL concussion protocol, passing a battery of mental tests, to be cleared for action Monday night.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • sirblitzalot

    I don’t want anybody to get hurt but Denver’s year depends on Mannings neck, which is being held together by screws and metal plates. One good blind side hit, and this team’s season will come to an abrupt exponential decline. “No Superbowl for You!” The o-line has been doing well but mainly because of Manning hurry up offense strategy, which is designed to prevent him from getting hit. (more than exhausting defenses). I am sure the doctor’s warned Manning, “You better not get a whiplash!” IMO he is playing high stakes football. One good hit and he can be in a wheelchair. I hate to see that happen. No joke!

    Go Raiders!!

  • 0ak r8rs

    the Browns will have two first-round picks 3 second round picks they can move up
    and make Jacksonville a lot better team there trying to trade to of their wide receivers off to get more pics that are going to draft a new team


    Browns have 2 1st and 2 3rd round picks I believe. No 2nds.

  • Alshouldadraftedme

    Cleveland defense looks pretty solid and Hoyer learned a little as Brady’s understudy but good quarterback play and this team could be scary.

  • jumpnjiminy


  • Howdy.