Final: Broncos 37, Raiders 21


A game the Raiders hoped would cause skeptics to take notice instead turned into a showcase for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos Monday night at Sports Authority Field.

The final score was 37-21, but the game was essentially over after a nearly perfect first half by Manning against a helpless Oakland defense, much to the delight of a crowd of 76,978.

Manning directed the Broncos to a 27-7 halftime lead, completing 21 of 24 passes for 264 yards and touchdown passes of 2 yards to Eric Decker, 12 yards to Wes Welker and 13 yards to Julius Thomas to go along with field goals of 53 and 41 yards by Matt Prater.

In the second half, Prater kicked a 40-yard field goal and running back Darren McFadden took a pitch and threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to Marcel Reece on a rollout. The 70-yard scoring drive was set up by Oakland’s first takeaway of the season, a Manning fumble that was recovered by Jason Hunter.

Ronnie Hillman put the Broncos up 37-14 with a 1-yard run with 11:27 left in the game as the Broncos were able to run on the Oakland defense most of the night, making Manning that much tougher.

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was the most consistent thing the Raiders had going for them on offense, completing 19 of 28 passes for 281 yards and a 73-yard touchdown pass to Denarius Moore.

Pryor left the game after taking a hit from Wesley Woodyard while throwing a pass on the Raiders final drive, with Matt Flynn coming in to finish the game.

Following a fumble recovered by the Raiders, Flynn completed a pass to Marcel Reece to the 1-yard line, with McFadden scoring on a 1-yared run with 1:15 remaining.

Pryor’s touchdown pass to Moore, who ran 53 yards after the catch after catching a 20-yard pass, got the Raiders within 17-7 in the first However, the Broncos restored order with an 80-yard drive that took only 2:17 and ended in the Manning-to-Thomas touchdown pass.

On the first play of that drive, Manning found Decker for a 61-yard pass, with Mike Jenkins narrowly missing getting a hand on the ball. Decker, who had six catches for 113 yards in the first half, turned upfield after Jenkins hit the ground and ran to the 19-yard line.

The Raiders failed to get a first down until Pryor raced around left end for 23 yards on a keeper after a play-fake to McFadden. Only 47 seconds remained in the half and Denver had taken a 10-0 lead.

McFadden, who has three games of 100 or more yards against the Broncos in his career, found little or no running room, with 7 carries for 9 yards with a long gain of 4 yards.

It was the Raiders’ fourth consecutive loss to the Broncos, who have won their last 14 regular-season games, including wins by three touchdowns or more against the last two Super Bowl champions to start the season.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • the notorious dr robert

    it was the same last year.

    dmc = 216/707/3.3
    reece = 59/271/4.6
    ggodson = 35/221/6.3
    stewart = 25/101/4.0

  • alex7


    last year Goodson and Reece did just fine running the ball. DMac struggled.

    This year Jennings and Reece have succeeded in their few attempts. DMac has struggled.

    something to be said about this.

  • Crawfish Joe
  • Demon Raider

    The Notorious Dr Robert Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:05 pm
    Demon Raider Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:01 pm
    The Notorious Dr Robert Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 10:54 pm
    dmc = 3.9 ypc

    jennings = 5.7 ypc

    reece = 7.7 ypc

    the holes aren’t there?



    How many carries do each have so far?


    dmc = 48
    jennings = 6
    reece = 2

    we have seen enuff of dmc.

    let someone else do it.

    it was the same last year.

    dmc = 216/707/3.3
    reece = 271/59/4.6
    ggodson = 35/221/6.3
    stewart = 25/101/4.0


    Those are hardly any carries for the other two/ So tough to say that they’d be a lot better. Plus DMC is only averaging 16 carries a game which isn’t a ton for a starting RB.

  • the notorious dr robert

    pryor = #23 passer rating
    pryor = #27 passing yards
    pryor = #29 passing tds


  • TP2 is legit and official, the Donkeys had a difficult time chasing him! Pryor needs mega help! Dropped TD passes, and a running game that shows up when it wants to (did not help matters at all).

  • r8ter4evr

    I aint happy with a loss but we have what we have and we have to support our team TP was picked to start over Flynn and he is a work in progress but he is improving i will say it again Flynn is a career back up but i will support him if he is in their thats what real fans do

  • 0ak r8rs

    Ian85 Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 10:57 pm
    We lost Oak and he is the starting QB enough said QBs r judged by wins and loses u know that and we lost and bad and TP isnt exactly lighting up the scoreboard to say the least didnt u watch Manning now thats a NFL QB something Pryor will never be


    Ok. Now a debate. I judge QBs on wins and losses as well. Always been my biggest problem w Palmer. When Pryor has a decade of losing in the NFL, I’ll bash him too. But until then, he’s the best we’ve got. And he has gotten better every game. He got half the reps he needed in training camp. Here’s a guy that’s barely on the field for 2 years, manages to beat out Flynn in training camp anyway, and now has to start in the regular season w almost no reps w the ones the entire off season?

    They said it tonight. He has to worry about his mechanics, and his protections, and his footwork, and his sometimes porous offensive line, and his inconsistent (tonight, nonexistent) running game and the playbook and everything else.

    This game moves awfully fast at the NFL level. Even faster for a QB. Anyone that doesn’t look at Pryor in a vacuum and takes all the other factors into consideration, can see that he has HUGE potential. He’s nowhere near a finished product.

    But he could be better than manning, if you wanna stick w that unfair comparison after 3 games. Manning wins w his brain. Manning wins w practice and reps and film. There’s actually no reason not to think Pryor might be able to do that eventually. At least it’s no more unreasonable to think he could, as any other QB in the league could.

    Even if he doesn’t, btw, half as good as Manning is plenty to win a Super Bowl of you have a decent team around you.

  • the notorious dr robert

    dmc runs very scared.

    he grips the ball and hunkers down and kind of short-steps to the line.

    he looks afraid to run hard.

    injuries have sapped him.

    he’s a 3rd down back.

  • Dakota

    Well, that was about what I expected. Pryor look decent at times. McFadden up the middle doesn’t work Olsen!

    Our defense just sits there while manning looks them over and then snaps the ball and carves them up. Where is the pre snap movement? The couple times we tried it our defenders didn’t even get set!

    Routes take too long to develop for us.

    Woodson looked bad.

    I hate bronco fans.

    Who won the weekly pool?

  • ron69

    Why does anybody reply to these obvious haters Dr. Rob and Alex 7 (they might be the same sick person) let them hate all they want and if noone answer they’ll go away hopefully.

  • Watching the game on the DVR now after hearing parts and pieces on the radio. The TD throw to DMoore was actually not a very good one. And THAT’S WHY he scored the TD!

    Moore was running an in route. Pryor was looking downfield at I think Streater in his drop and then locked onto Moore. It wasn’t a full telegraph, but it was enough to get the safety moving for a big hit before he threw. The ball was neither zipped nor floated but he didn’t lead Moore at all. Moore was able to slow up on his in while the CB on him tried to jump the route to the inside and the safety came flying in based on the vector Moore was taking in order to remove his head. Both DBs ended up exactly where you’d expect an accurate QB to put the ball on that pattern and ended up tangling each other up. Moore, already slowed enough from watching the ball, was able to spin back and run through the field that the safety cleared out.

    Hey, it worked. Definitely not as designed. The fact is that a better thrown ball would probably have gotten Moore drilled on that. It’s a very similar pattern to the one that Butler got hammered on. Pryor is not at all good at leading on cross routes nor does he take enough time for him to notice if he’s throwing his man into deep kimchee. I think all the WRs know this from practice. Butler definitely heard footsteps and looked for the hit before securing the ball. Moore knew that he wasn’t likely to be well lead and slowed up before the DBs could react. Sometimes ugly just works.

  • alex7

    Flynn 9 TDs, 2 career starts.
    Pryor 4 TDs, 4 career starts

    Flynn 1 TD today, 1 minute.
    DMac 1 TD pass today, 1 throw.
    Pryor 1 TD today, 44 minutes.

  • 0ak r8rs

    The Notorious Dr Robert Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:08 pm
    pryor = #23 passer rating
    pryor = #27 passing yards
    pryor = #29 passing tds



    28th passer last week, as you enjoyed repeating 50 times a day.

    Now 23rd. Like I said. Getting better every week.

  • jonathaanv_

    Alex7 Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    you’re right that Flynn wouldn’t extend plays. Because he’d simply find the open receiver and get rid of the ball, saving his O-line 5-second holding penalties and actually giving the O some rhythm.

    Notice no play-calling issues on that last short Flynn drive. No crazy street ball. Just a solid pin-point pass and 7 points.


    Last post of the night for me..

    Flynn WILL NOT SUCCEED with the line we have. Pryor gets flushed out every other play and Flynn is gonna go down on all those plays. What makes you think Flynn will get the ball out quick? He’s not manning and doesn’t know his hot reads. It was obvious in the preseason that Flynn didn’t know the offense and that he isn’t flawless like the idiot rob thinks he is. Look at the int against the bears, he had all the time in the world and threw behind ford. If Flynn plays on Sunday we will lose BAD. Nothing against him but it’s the truth. I’m out if you want to reply get me the next time I post. I got work in the morning later.

  • nycraider

    LOL at those haters who said 1 game and qb rating means everything. TP2 6TH Best QB rating for the 3RD week in the NFL.

  • The Amazing Spiderman

    Well if Pryor is not able to play I’d like to see a young man by the name of Tyler Wilson come in.

    Tyler is a good kid with good ole fashioned homespun southern values and a country cannon for an arm.

    The kid just needs more playing time and we’ll see more of what made him a consensus 1st rd draft choice candidate before he was ambushed his senior yr.

    He stands in and fights like Stonewall Jackson.

  • It is a shame that the stupid officials did not call the helmet to helmet penalty against the Donkeys! If that was stupid Brady being hit that way, the helmet to helmet penalty would have been called, and the guy with the penalty would have been suspended at least four games.

  • r8ter4evr

    Honestly as Raider fans it is our right to voice our displeasure about the fate of our team but hating on each other is not gonna make this team better Peace Nation

  • the notorious dr robert

    new post

  • nycraider

    heres a news flash for the TP2 Haters. he wasnt the problem tonight. take a long look at our running game and defense if you want to blame someone for tonights game

  • ian85

    Nycraider Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 11:15 pm
    heres a news flash for the TP2 Haters. he wasnt the problem tonight. take a long look at our running game and defense if you want to blame someone for tonights game
    funny Palmer dealt with the same sh!t last year and u blamed him

  • Purvisman/Intrepid/Eternal Optimist

    the notorious dr robert Says:

    dmc runs very scared.

    he grips the ball and hunkers down and kind of short-steps to the line.

    he looks afraid to run hard.

    injuries have sapped him.

    he’s a 3rd down back.

    That’s what you want in a 3rd down back?

    That’s either a really flawed premise, or a really flawed conclusion.

  • RaiderKenny24

    fressssssh Says:
    September 23rd, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    “You win as a team and lose as a team and that should also reflect in the fanbase. Stop playing the blame game and actually accept the fact that the Raiders just don’t have the players, experience, salary to compete on a high level every week with every team. There is always going to be growing pains and inconsistencies with a young team and I’m haging a good time wating the development of the team as a whole. Rant over.”


    Right on Fresssshhh. Good post at #296…

    I lurked for a long time (since 2010) and only started posting recently after the Bears pre-season game a few weeks back.

    Yeah, there is a weird divide from guys who think one player (Pryor or Flynn) makes this team a Super Bowl contender. Bottom line this team is still in a full rebuild…year 2 of it. The roster talent from a team like Denver over the Raiders was on full display tonight,so Oakland just has to keep working try to get better (and healthy) every week, no “blow the whole thing up hyperbole” after losing to a stacked Bronco squad in Denver.

    This year is to find out who is gonna stick around for the future. While trying to win as many games as possible to turn around the 10 year long perennial loser culture mindset.

    As for the week to week play. All I wanna see is competitiveness,no “dogging giving up” and improvement from the young pieces that are going to stick around. It will be a fluid thing all year. I’ve seen that so far every week.

    I still think the SeaChickens have the better team mainly because of that secondary – over regular season master Manning. Plus the Super Bowl is in NYC in February this year. I saw improvement by Terelle,Moore,Butler,Rivera based on the game getting out of hand quickly.

    An article I posted on an all NFL chat/blog with mainly AFC West Team fans from the old Bill Williamson coverage on ESPN blog regarding the game tonight (pre-game optimism,not post game wrap up). Obviously my Raider bullet points did not all go the Raids way for a possible upset (though I did call the Manning go to plays that the Raids needed to look out for) but check it out at if ya like…


    …hope Pryor,Reece and Porter get healthy. And if not then next man up to get a win against a Redskin squad the Raiders can beat…Flynn,Olawale,Philip Adams, whoever.

    Go Raiders!

  • Raiders!