Allen ‘confident’ Raiders did right by Pryor on Monday night

ALAMEDA — The NFL Players Association wants to find out if the Oakland Raiders followed the NFL’s protocol in the team’s handling of quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s concussion Monday night.
As first reported by Fox Sports, the NFLPA is reviewing the sequence of events that followed a fourth-quarter hit on Pryor by Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard. Pryor wasn’t examined for a concussion after the hit and remained in the game for two plays.
Raiders coach Dennis Allen on Wednesday reiterated his stance from a day earlier that the Raiders acted in a responsible manner.
“I feel confident that we followed the protocol and did what we were supposed to do,” Allen said in his news conference. “We all understand the emphasis placed on player safety specifically in this regard. We don’t ever want to put a player out there and put him in danger.”
Pryor did not practice Wednesday. Allen said Pryor still is undergoing tests as outlined in the league-mandated protocol for players that suffered a concussion.
Given cornerback Tracy Porter was cleared to practice Wednesday, even though he also suffered a concussion Monday night, Pryor’s concussion is more severe.
Porter cleared the initial phase of the testing, Allen said. There’s one more phase for Porter to pass before he’s cleared for full contact and to play in a game. Pryor hasn’t passed the initial phase.
“We’re going to follow it and do what we’re supposed to do,” Allen said. “Really, it’s a matter of when the medical personnel feel like he’s fine and he’s cleared to practice and play, then he’ll be out there practicing and playing.”
Pryor has not spoken with the media since his injury, per league rules. Players that suffer concussions aren’t allowed to speak with the media until they are cleared to return to action.
Pryor sent out three Tweets on Tuesday morning that sent mixed signals about his well being.
One said that he didn’t remember much from the Broncos game and had no idea which player hit him on the play in question. On two subsequent Tweets, Pryor said he was doing well and will be ready to go before long.
The NFL said earlier that it believed the Raiders did follow the right procedures after Pryor was injured. Allen said Pryor didn’t exhibit signs of a concussion when he spoke with his quarterback after the play.
“Obviously he took a good shot, they were reviewing the play,” Allen said Tuesday. “Terrelle came over, we were talking about the next play. He didn’t show any signs of any concussion or anything like that. We put him back in the game and then when he came over to the sideline that’s when our medical people took a look at him and decided we needed to send him into the locker room for further evaluation.”
Two plays after the hit and the series was over, Pryor was escorted to the locker room by Raiders medical personnel to get examined. He was later diagnosed with a concussion.

— BANG staffer Jon Becker contributed to this story


Steve Corkran

  • JOn Wooah

    Wow CWOOD knows its not good if FLYNN starts.. read his comment.. ” its a big blow to the TEAM” and thats FLYNNS former teammate WOW

  • JOn Wooah

    Mcgloin should start over flynn

  • JLofty

    I am HUGE Matt Flynn fan if he plays this week. Just hope his total $#itting of the bed in pre-season was tendinitis not suckinitus…

  • JOn Wooah

    You will see how PRYOR made something out of nothing with this OLINE..Terrible mismatching OLINE… Terrible WR’s who cant catch. U will see with flynn how hard it is. 2006 era all over again on offense.

  • I agree!!

  • RealTruRaider


  • JLofty

    Wonder what the penalty(s) are for the Raiders if found NOT to have followed proper protocol?
    Isn’t there a doctor who is in charge of that on game day? Someone in the booth?

  • JOn Wooah

    And lets get one thing clear. REECE had a defender who helmet 2 helmet hit him as well in the 4th quarter… he was hit on the 2 yard line. You could see he felt it too. Refs say nothing

  • JOn Wooah

    Aaaron Rodgers is 5-24 when trailing from behind. All the GB fans want to know whats up with him.. PLus Aaron rodgers seems like a Female C word that rhymes with BUNT. THINK ON IT.. Chewing out his coach like that. WOW

  • I agree we need to support anyone who wears the Silver and Black!

  • jumpnjiminy

    Pryor’s a professional…

  • Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl ring and a League MVP trophy, he might have earned the right to argue with his coach.

  • raider_39

    naa i think you mistaking him to the arizona first rounder that got hurt

  • JOn Wooah

    not according to the LOYAL fan base.

  • Taiwan_Raiders

    Like this new blog format so far.

    The loss Monday night was on Olson and Pryor. Can’t get that first couple offensive drive going, and it’s over. Simply put, Olson was just outsmart, that’s all. Especially disappointing is the run game.

    At this point no defense can stop PM with the way he’s performing. I thought defense did ok, with so many new starters. It does give us a chance to see how where the defense is at this point – which I believe is middle-of-the-pack type. Not elite, but not at the bottom either.

    Hopefully Pryor can be healthy enough to play, as he is progressing nicely. If not, Flynn’s up. With Flynn I guess DA will go more conservative which could be disastrous. Shanahan, even with a bad defense unit, will eat him alive. Best to gamble a bit early on and call some risky play.

    I hate to say this, but some Flynn corps on this blog has real asinine attitude and childish behavior, making it real hard to support Flynn. Feel bad for the guy. Lost starter job, twice, and only have the most idiotic fan supporting him. He really needs to take a lesson from Pryor on leadership and charisma.

  • I am so glad the fan base does not run the football operations…especially here in Oakland!

  • JOn Wooah

    Report NFL ‏@BR_NFL 23 Sep

    Terrelle Pryor has 281 yards on 19/28 passing with a TD. He’s looking like he belongs as an NFL starter.


    all behind Khalif barnes at LT.. PASHOS a guy wasnt even in camp.. Gurode at Guard. WOW… and WR’s who couldnt catch the ball. DMOORE drops another TD pass.

  • JOn Wooah

    Couldnt be any worse then DA coaching. I mean lets be serious for a sec

  • Do you really believe that one of us bloggers in this forum could be a better HC than Dennis Allen?

  • JOn Wooah

    This blog represents .00001 percent of raider nation. Yes they are smart raider fans that knew Zbs would suck and DMAC was not a Zbs runner. SO YES

  • Yeah we said that about Palmer last year but no body cared it was all his fault…..Now that Pryor is QB the fan base is starting to see that! Its difficult to play QB with a crap o-line.

  • Theghostronin79

    Everybody’s idea of “SUCK” varies from person to person….. But when the team is losing, Nobody is immune to the “SUCK” label. Having confidence in somebody, and supporting them are 2 different things. I don’t have confidence in Flynn, but of course will support.

  • JOn Wooah

    Palmer had VELDERE at LT… TP2 doesnt even have that

  • jumpnjiminy

    McGloin could be the real McCoy…oh wait, he’s on the niners!

  • I wanted to draft Star over DJ Hayden why nor make me GM right now?

  • JOn Wooah

    because u didnt put the time in. Start working.

  • Al_istheRaiders

    rock paper scissors to see who scored against the raiders defense…shrek has brought this team to a new low…

  • Palmer had a make shift O-line crap WR’s and wretched special Teams unit same thing the whole team was a mess. The only bright point was QB. Nothing has changed just your perception!

  • RealTruRaider

    And how is Palmer doing with the Cards again????? lol

  • jumpnjiminy

    Don’t get me started on that bum Palmer…!

  • JOn Wooah

    Terrible. Funny how TEAMs keep paying guys like FLYNN and PALMER wow. JOKE

  • And the rest of the fan base has?
    How would you even know this?

  • jumpnjiminy

    Choker/loser all the way!

  • Truth hurts!

    Sorry to be the one to show it to you.

  • JOn Wooah

    look up truth and see what it means. You fail to realize that.

  • turf toe

    Allen and Olson should be prosecuted for that ignorant, senseless play call.

    Allen says the concussion on TP will not change the offensive scheme. Remember trench warfare in WWl? Allen would have charged the German tanks on horseback.

  • Theghostronin79

    Hey, I wanted Star too……BAD…..He was there for the taking.

  • JOn Wooah

    FLYNN is to Qb’n as what this site is to blogging

  • Zymurge

    What we will see are a bunch of Pryor excuses when under Flynn the OL continues to block well and the WRs suddenly look excellent, making great catches, because they aren’t afraid of being telegraphed into suicide catches.

  • JOn Wooah

    Rodgers is 5-24 when trailing from behind. FRONT RUNNER. he is a SB winning front runner. I’d take the guy who fights from behind

  • You dorks wanted to put your head in the sand last year and blame everything on Palmer. Now that we have a QB you like you are seeing what a lot of us tried telling you last year and acting like its news.

    Who cares where Palmer is or how he is doing that’s not the point its only a childish retort from a person who has no logical response.

    The point is that we had these issues last year (bad special Teams, make shift O-Line, horrible Defense poor coaching etc) and you didn’t see it ….. it took a QB of your favor to see it.

    Don’t get all shllty with me just because I am the one pointing it out to you. Go back and look at the tape and stop worrying about what Palmer is doing now because it has nothing to do with the current state of the Raiders Organization.

  • You can blindly deny things all you want but the fact is that we had these SAME problems last year too.

  • spiff

    to say olsen and pryor was the fault of the game got me wondering. cuz for the life of me I don’t know what the defensive game plan was. every time Denver had he ball it would be 2nd and short or 3rd and short. yet our safeties played at least 5 yards past the first down sticks. first 2 games defense showed multiple looks before the snap. this game we showed manning what we were doing , and you know the rest. if you ask me tarver and allen called a bad game . coached scared. the run blocking didn’t help.

  • So you don’t like Aaron Rogers did you want a medal or a door prize not sure why that matters here on a Raider Blog?

  • Zymurge

    I watched them all. I also know that preseason is vanilla time where an OC doesn’t want to expose their audibles, which are their real secret sauce.

    Go watch some Flynn regular season highlights – http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Adud3fLmUJ8

    He audibles on at least the first three plays shown. I didn’t bother watching beyond that because it is so obvious that his best asset as a QB is between his ears. We will see a big difference in the way the plays are called and executed. It won’t be as exciting as Pryors playground antics, but will be more precise and surgical. More in the Manning style (clearly not as advanced of course) that takes a true football understanding to appreciate what is going on.

  • Davy Jones

    I see no one rooting AGAINST Flynn. I see PLENTY of people rooting AGAINST Pryor. Or to be more accurate plenty of POSTS under different NAMES rooting against Pryor.

  • Davy Jones

    I, for one, will be glad to see Flynn get his chance. And will happily root for him to do well.

  • spiff

    anyone know where frank middleton is…..?

  • 24

    Flynn, Pryor…It doesn’t matter. I’m rooting for either guy to do well. It never hurts to have 2 good QB’s. After watching what the Broncos did to the Ravens 49-27 (Manning throwing 7 TDs) and to the Giants 41-23 (Eli throwing 4 interceptions), we honestly didn’t do all that bad in comparison 37-21. Did we make mistakes? Sure we did but I think it’s pretty clear that the Broncos might be the best football team in the NFL at this point if not one of the 2 best.

    It’s crazy to say this but Manning, at 37, is having the best season of his career. Nobody can stop him right now. I’m not even mad. I think we did the best we could and I think we’ll hang with the Redskins, if not win. It’s sad that Pryor got hurt but like any other position, next man up. I think we can still win this game.

  • RealTruRaider

    Palmer sucks GET OVA IT