Live chat: Inside the Oakland Raiders, Wednesday at noon

NFL writer Steve Corkran will answer all your questions about the Silver and Black.



  • The_Judge37

    That is a fear of mine. Breaking other teams slumps is exactly what we do. Hopefully that has changed now that we have guys who love the game of football and god.

  • Theghostronin79

    I think Houston is the next “Shore-up” contract…..Not Banner.

  • Papertiger

    Considering all the crap we heard about the team this off-season, 2-2 would be a fantastic way to end the 1st quarter of the year.

  • The_Judge37

    I just hope this last week doesn’t start another trend of blowouts like last year.

  • yes & yes, ghost

  • Papertiger

    cestrella : sea star

  • Theghostronin79

    Yeah Judge…..It drives me BAT-SH*T Crazy, when guys like Weeden, Tannehil, Fu*kin TEBOW…..Come in and have career days against us. Moreno pops 100 on us in one of his worst years.
    Time and again…..I’d came to expect it.

  • You would think after watching that game on Monday our front office feels the same way you do. I hope so we need one real bad!

  • Theghostronin79


  • JB

    So it’s the end of the half and SeaBass has a shot at a 67yd. FG. DA decides to have TP2 run another play. My question is WHY? Why not give SeaBass a shot at the record when he actually has a possibility of making it? I dare say we were more likely, in that game at that time, to score some points with the SeaBass attempt than with TP2 continuing to get slammed by the Denver D. What’s up with that DA?

  • you’ve got it backwards JLofty. Houston plays Seattle. SF plays St Louis

  • Papertiger

    Chiefs LB Justin Houston wins AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

    I suppose the Raiders didn’t really have a shot this time!

  • Were you listening to Flock of Seagull’s or Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners?

  • agree 100%

  • Seabass can’t nail one from 35. you want to try him from 67? yikes! field position matters. plus you don’t want to aggrivate his calf strain. this game is about team wins & losses, not individual accolades. We need Seabiscuit at 100% for the rest of the season, ya know?

  • There are a few folks missing like Oak JFB inonewordraider (I need him to argue with) and Mistic1

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Brahs, the Dawg has been working on new material for his upcoming solo hip hop album. It’s been very emotional going back to the days he used to run with the notorious Inglewood Eagles Street Gang (fly high, fallen eagles … fly high). And more tears were shed when he describes his past relationships in a rap format. But the artist must often lay his tender soul out for the world to connect with his passion. But for now I’ll probably hit up Olive Garden then take a huge sloppy, wet duece. WHUT WHUT N THE POOTBUTT

  • Al_istheRaiders

    another case of DA not trusting his players…

  • Theghostronin79

    teve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL 2m

    Terrelle Pryor is not at practice today.

  • R8drinOK

    That sucks…hope he recovers quick

  • Heck Legler

    I know this is late, but how sweet was that Chargers game?

    Also, still have my doubts that Pryor can pass well enough to be our long-term solution at QB, but how about his composure in the Denver game? His pulse must be 40bpm. The kid is caaaaaallllllllmmmmmm. In that way at least (plus the athleticism, obviously), he is special.

    As for the D, they didn’t look any worse that the Ravens against Peyton… speaking of which, the Semis are validated in their criticism of Huff. He was sucking a dog’s leg in that game.

  • The Beeeeech Dawg

    Triple 6 brah I don’t remember because I was too busy screaming in pain

  • Theghostronin79

    Porter is practicing…….TP ain’t

  • Theghostronin79

    At least Sio is practicing today

  • Theghostronin79

    Steve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL 25s

    Matt Flynn taking reps with first-team offense, as expected.

  • R8drinOK

    It was good to hear Gruden try to balance out the negative that’s been throw our way by the talking heads. I liked the story of Jano and Lechler using all the practice balls to see who could kick the most out of piled high stadium LOL.

  • If you thought Nightmare on Elm street was scary! Wait until you see Flynn in the pocket!

  • Papertiger

    From PFT:

    “The Browns’ defense did the same thing that every defense is doing against the Vikings, loading up to stop Peterson and daring Christian Ponder to beat them. So far that strategy is working: Peterson is averaging a career-low 4.1 yards a carry”

    4.1ypc with 8 in the box!? Remember when we all thought DMAC would be that kind of back?

  • at least we got Sio Moore & Tracy Porter back. Bob Griffin is going to have a field day against our defense if we’re not 100%

  • Live Chat is in 30 minutes. Cork is going to do one from Raiders practice? weird. just wait until you get back to the office man!

  • Flynn in the pocket = road kill….

  • JB

    It was the end of the half (like 8 seconds left) so field position irrelevant. Wasn’t aware he was injured. Had they tried and he made it, that might have been the spark we needed to reinvigorate the team and changed momentum. As it was, we had no chance against the Bronco’s that evening.

  • Papertiger

    2-2 is within reach!

    Let’s just hope RG3 doesn’t throw any slants on Sunday.

  • stormbringerSS


  • you didn’t know Seabass has been dealing with a calf strain since preseason? since when has a FG before halftime ever “sparked” anything in the 2nd half? you don’t risk injury to your kicker for some stupid circus act

  • Theghostronin79

    Nice avatar

  • stormbringerSS

    Have a permanent seat on the bench Turdell…your 1-3 losing record don’t cut it.

  • RealTruRaider

    I remember when he was in 2010/2011 or were teams scared of Campbell and Grads arms/accuracy that they didn’t stack the box those years?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Vic Tafur
    Fourth-round pick Tyler Wilson stands behind other #Raiders QBs at practice and simulates throws without a football pic.twitter.com/80de6XifMO

    Baby steps, I guess.

  • bcz24

    Has anyone actually ever WATCHED the 63 yarder by Seabass in mile hile? Trust me, it didn’t have another 5 yards on it. Not to mention, the trajectory needed to MAKE a 68 yard field goal makes getting it blocked about a 90% chance… you guys would have crucified DA if he attempted that it got blocked and returned for a TD.

  • RealTruRaider

    Sure doc

  • Papertiger

    Baby steps go well with Toddler hands, I suppose

  • Ty Wilson “simulates throws without a football” ?? LOL!! way to coach’em up Olson & Flip (sarcasm)



  • Matt Flynn with tendinitis = Darren McFadden with LisFranc #useless #turdburger

  • Theghostronin79


  • The_Judge37

    Word is he still having trouble gripping the air ball

  • seymour bush

    With the concussion that Pryor took there is no way he can get through the NFL mandated protocols in time for a short week. Bring on Matt Flynn. In front of a hostile crowd. A hostile home crowd.

  • bcz24

    If TP can’t go, I would literally run the Wildcat 50% of the time, at least. I would say Dmac is just as good a QB as Flynn. That pass to Reece was a thing of beauty.

  • Jayhawk_Raider

    It looked funny as hell when he threw it but it was right on the money, he even gave it nice a pump fake.